Best Buy Questions Your Ability To Plug In A Computer

Mike’s friend gave Best Buy $200 to install anti-virus software and an HDMI input, but Best Buy somehow sent him home with the wrong power adapter. Mike works in IT and knows how to feed and bathe himself, but Best Buy insisted that he had the right adapter and that Mike had to be “doing something wrong.” Guess how this ends…

So my friend goes in and decides to buy a new HP Pavilion Media Laptop. Not only do they push anti-virus protection and an HDMI input on him, they charge him over $200 for it along with $300 warranty. So his $800 laptop is now $1300. He ended up waiting almost 2 hours for them to ‘install’ these two components on top of this. While this may seem bad enough, the real story comes later.

He’s my roomate and decided to buy this PC after his old notebook died. He came back, unopened it and began to download all the things he needs. He then calls me over and seemed confused because he wanted to plug it in and he couldn’t seem to find where to plug it in. I started laughing because it seemed like something so simple. I go over and low and behold, the plug is wrong. It seems weird to me that a brand new PC would have the wrong AC adapter. He immediately calls Best Buy (1 hour before closing) and explains that he has the wrong adapter. Not only does the sales rep insult my friend, but he insists that it’s not the wrong plug and we’re doing something wrong. Now I work in IT, I think that I can PLUG IN A COMPUTER. Then he says “Well you can come in but we close in an hour.” Thanks a lot.

So we go in and go right up to the Geek Squad desk and explain the situation. As soon as my friend pulls out the adapter, the guy takes it and gives us the correct one. He then says, “Yea, we put the wrong adapter back in. We put the wrong adapter in two other computers and one, we forgot to put an AC adapter in at all. So I’m not surprised.

Best Buy might actually have a workable customer service model if, you know, belated honesty made up for gross incompetence.

(Photo: Jared Harley)


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  1. dragonfire81 says:

    Well at least they fixed it quickly. Usually Best Buy CS is a huge ordeal.

    • bassboost says:

      @dragonfire81: I cannot remember one instance in which Best Buy actually said, okay, we’ll fix your headache for you. Nothing I’ve ever bought from them, except for my Macbook so far, has come without some sort of nightmare or another.

  2. Eldritch says:

    I need a new laptop… and suddenly I don’t think going to Best Buy is a good idea now… Shit, where do I buy a laptop then? I don’t want a Mac…

    • Sorshha says:

      doesnt matter where you get the laptop… it just matters how you take in their sales pitch.

      NIB is how you walk out…

    • @Eldritch: Dude, you’re getting a Dell!

    • jpdanzig says:


      I have always had good experiences ordering from Gateway, but now that they’re part of Acer, I don’t know if the quality of their products and services will suffer.

      The pre-Acer Gateway laptop I bought last year for something like $950 is the best computer I’ve ever owned. It runs XP Home Media and seems to be as stable as can be. I can see why people didn’t want to upgrade to Vista.

      When you order from Gateway, the computer also comes pre-loaded with your choice of software. The machine is truly ready to go right out of the box.

      You can order from Dell, but myself I’ve heard too many horror stories over the years about Dell hard drive failures. Though I know all hard drives will inevitably fail, I have NEVER had a hard drive failure on a Gateway, and my last Gateway desktop is still running beautifully after ten years. (Now I’m probably destined for imminent disaster…)

      I also hear good things on this board about the New Egg online store. I like J&R as well, and you might check B&H Photo.

      Happy hunting! There is NO reason to spend hundreds more on a Mac, and why would anyone want to emulate the smug Mac dork in the commercial any way?

    • ajlei says:

      @Eldritch: I went to Fry’s Electronics for mine, but when the salesguy started trying to sell me on stuff I just told him I knew what I was doing and what I was looking for, and he said “oh.. okay” and didn’t try to hassle me or anything.

      Costco has some pretty decent deals on laptops, too, at least last time I was in.

      • gatewaytoheaven says:

        @ajlei: Sounds like you talked to me. I don’t try to financially annhilate my customers, no matter how much commission I could make.

    • TVarmy says:

      @Eldritch: I’d recommend NewEgg. I propose you find a nerd and befriend him if you aren’t tech savy, and have him set up your new laptop, say, reformat it and do a clean install of XP and just the apps you use, plus an anti-virus, anti-spyware, and other essentials. Or a small tech shop in town might be willing to do it.

    • animeredith says:

      @Eldritch: Don’t know if you’re still following this thread, but just in case… is a great smaller company that deals exclusively in laptops. They let you customize the laptop specs, add or take away components, they usually come with a 1 or 3 year warranty (depending on the model), and best of all- 24/7 tech service that is not located in Bumfuck, India. My boyfriend bought his laptop from them and once had a problem with it. It went from MD to NV, was fixed and back in his hands in four days!

    • mejimmy says:

      I am sure you can find a local computer store, which will build you your laptop, and in the end will work out to be the same price, if not cheaper, and it will have all the features/only features that you want.

      For that reason I would never even think about buying a computer/mac from a big box retailer.

    • ephdel says:

      @Eldritch: buying from Best Buy is fine so long as you keep the transaction simple. Avoid Geek Squad at all costs. buy what you want, and learn how to service it yourself, that way you don’t have to throw down top dollar for bottom rate service.

  3. Sorshha says:

    and they got him with the intstalls lol

  4. cmcd14 says:

    I am still confused as to why anyone would buy a computer from Best Buy or even let them touch your computer. They have no idea what they’re doing and the employees could care less about your PC. Unless it has porn on it.

    • There's room to move as a fry cook says:

      “I am still confused as to why anyone would buy a computer from Best Buy”
      What is the alternative? In my city the only options are Best Buy, Circuit City, Walmart and buying online.

      • goodywitch says:

        @cmcd14: Because it’s on sale, and has all the basics that a normal person would want. I’m currently typing on a computer that I purchased from best buy. Just run CCleaner, and don’t expect to go back for any help. Ever.

    • blkhrt1 says:

      @cmcd14: Oh you are so so so wrong.

      Just because you’ve heard single stories about porn-surfing Agents doesn’t mean its company wide. Where do you work? Someone you know could be surfing porn at your job, in your group, wherever! And if you’re unemployed, then well, I’m sorry. Actually I’m not, because pending some disability or medical excuse, you can still work. And here’s a simple solution. If you’re unhappy with Best Buy, stop shopping there. They’re obviously better than any other store so if you choose to go to Circuit City, Fry’s Office Max, Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Lowe’s, Red Lobster, Chili’s, Piggly Wiggly, or freaking 7-Eleven, Best Buy will always be better than them.

    • mergedwarrior says:


      Only reason anybody should buy from them is because of the dreaded exclusives… I really want to buy a Gateway 7811FX.

      They’re the only bastards who have it right now. :(

    • DangerousLiberal says:

      @cmcd14: Word. Buying computers from Best Buy is the same as looking for gourmet cuisine ideas from McDonald’s. Except the kids at McDonald’s are smarter, and only upsell to supersize, not to pre-voided warranties.

    • Joelsnug says:

      @cmcd14: the “$300 warranty” actually works and covers parts and labor PLUS accidental damage and the $200 in installations is $129 for the Anti-virus/Anti-spyware $80 for the cable I assume, the software is incredibly useful for protecting you from virus’ and the cable is going to be expensive of coarse, it IS a retail store. Don’t be so quick to bash and flame what you don’t understand, it’s very easy to hate something so big, but when it comes down to it, every store is different and I’ve had different completely experiences from stores 30 miles from each other

  5. Fallom says:

    What kind of beta lets an electronics store clerk push $500 of worthless upgrades on them?

  6. Nighthawke says:

    If that were face to face, I think that someone might have gotten a punch to the mouth.

  7. jabbox1 says:

    “Mike works in IT and knows how to feed and bathe himself”

    I doubt it.

  8. Fallom says:

    I’d recommend that your friend take his laptop back and get a full refund but if he was foolish enough to get overcharged $500 in the first place he probably “wouldn’t want to bother the employees.”

  9. madanthony says:

    Doing tech support is often trying to find a balance between customers who have legitimate problems and customers who really don’t know how to do basic things. I’ve run into people who have done a variety of inexplicably stupid things, including a woman who couldn’t understand that she needed to charge her laptop because, after all, it was “wireless”.

    Obviously BB should have handled this better, especially since they screwed up, but there really are people who don’t know how to plug a computer in.

    • ReidFleming says:

      @madanthony: You can find some of the best Computer Stupidities at ‘Rinkworks’. Granted, some of them are quite old but the collections is extensive and, for those of us in the sys-admin trade, provide hours of diversion: []

  10. ikimashokie says:

    Eh, they tried to tell me that a hardware problem was because I hadn’t turned on the volume in the systray, so this isn’t at all surprising.

    I still feel kind of bad for the guy, he looked like he was going to cry, and I wasn’t all that mean. Just in a “no! bad csr!” and whacking him on the head with a newspaper sort of way.

  11. ShabazOSU says:

    Friends don’t let friends buy laptops from Best Buy.

  12. Byzantine says:

    It’s the New American Business Model: Blame the customer every time, despite the fact it might actually be the company’s fault.

    I’m glad it worked out though, however, employees should be sanctioned somehow for this behavior.

    • ShawnD says:

      @Byzantine: “employees should be sanctioned somehow for this behavior”

      Are you kidding, I use to work at a Best Buy and if you sold add on services the management could care less how pissed off you made the customer!

  13. rworne says:

    OK, so where did my mental abilities break down when the article said Best Buy installed an HDMI input?

    This makes about as much sense as the Chewbacca defense. There are HDMI input cards (PCI) for full-size desktops, I never heard of one for a laptop.

    • Dyscord says:

      I would have told them that I could get a good antivirus program for free and if I wanted HDMI input, I’d buy a model with it built in. No one would touch my computer until I unpacked it myself.

      And correct me if I’m wrong, but I could have sworn that new PCs came with antivirus trialware? All computers I’ve bought since 99 have come with an antivirus trial bundled with all the other crapware.

    • Zimorodok says:

      @rworne: I was about to post the same thing. HDMI output maybe, but input? Is he so anxious to plug his Bluray player into a 15″ laptop screen?

  14. reknight says:

    Yah, rworne, I’m wondering that same thing… I”m not doubting that there is a HDMI card out there for laptops, it’s more then likely so you can plug into you TV and show movies, but I am doubting that somewhere like BB would carry it.

    And Antivirus software install? Will people please learn about the nifty “new” feature from Windows 95 called autoplay? You put the CD in and it “autoplays” the install application. You’ve just saved yourself $100.

    Good times

  15. grouse says:

    He works in IT, yet let Best Buy install antivirus for him? OK.

  16. IssaGoodDay says:

    To echo others… HDMI INPUT on a laptop? wtf mate… Output I can understand, but unless he got a 19″ behemoth “desktop replacement” with a super HD screen (not likely for $800+idiocy), there’s no reason for it.

    • Overheal says:

      @sourc3: Well my HDMI out came on my pavillion as standard and so far I’ve used it loads for hooking into my 42″ HD Home Theatre system when I play TF2… so yeah, it has its uses.

  17. Fawkes says:

    First: How do you “unopen” a laptop?

    And secondly: How, in good conscience, do you let your roommate pay $200 for an HDMI cable and AV software unless you’re out to spite him?

  18. Mykro says:

    First.. What kind of friend who works IT lets his friend go to Best Buy?

    Enough Said

  19. ngoandy says:

    I’m wondering why Best Buy needs to touch the AC Adapter.

    You’d think they would have one of every power adapter on the workbench. That way you don’t have to constantly fuss with getting cables out of bags and such.

    • puyro {who was banned for "junk comments" what? says:


      Where would Best Buy get all those A/C adapters?


      Impossible to get a full refund at this point because there’s a 15% restocking fee for opened laptops. Also, he wouldn’t get a refund for the services that have been done. :/

      • Onouris says:

        @puyro: Wow, restocking fees are illegal here in the UK.

        • hotmeatinjections says:

          If you go to a place like Sam’s Club, we actually have a 180 Day Return Policy on Laptop and Desktop computers, and we usually have great clearance deals.

  20. eelmonger says:

    Just gotta go with everyone else and wonder wtf an HDMI input is doing on a laptop and why anyone would pay extra for it. For $800 he isn’t getting a screen capable of 1080p and VGA should be good enough for anything else (it’s actually fine for 1080p too) and you definitely don’t want that high a resolution on a 15 inch screen. HDMI output would make a lot more sense.

  21. puyro {who was banned for "junk comments" what? says:

    Oh, and I actually just bought a new laptop direct from Lenovo/IBM. Yay for labor day sales + 10% off coupon + free shipping. :D

    And I actually work at Circuit City and wouldn’t buy a laptop from there or Best Buy…. or any other B&M for that matter. Every computer I’ve owned I’ve ordered online. xD

  22. theycallmetak says:

    This whole thing smells fishy. As has been mentioned before, it’s news to me how one ADDS an HDMI INPUT on a laptop. Even if it were an HDMI output, it’s not something you can “ADD” on.

    The fact that the IT guy can bathe himself and brush his teeth doesn’t mean he can plug it in.

    Also, I’m not saying they didn’t get the right adapter but an IT guy and his friend unopening a laptop with HDMI input added on by Best makes the whole story suspect.

    • mmmsoap says:

      @theycallmetak: I agree. Physically changing parts on a desktop/tower is trivial, but notebooks are so tightly packed with their components that really, anything done outside of the factory is suspect. GeekSquad could absolutely be installing useless software, but I call shenanigans on them cracking open a brand-new, working laptop for any reason. Not saying that they didn’t get the right plug (that’s pretty believable), but the OP’s creds are certainly suspect.

  23. dvdchris says:

    I also don’t get the whole ‘install an HDMI input’ thing either. A laptop either has it or it doesnt.
    And once in a while Best Buy does have some good prices on laptops. Just don’t let them open the box.

  24. alyssariffic says:

    I hate to side with best buy here, but it makes sense to assume he’s doing something wrong. I work with tech support at a technology oriented university, and I’m amazed at some of the stupid questions that we get asked (example: My laptop has wireless, why can’t I go to another town and connect to the school’s wireless network). I can only assume the questions you’d get asked by the average person would be worse.

    Now, Best Buy sucks for accusing him of lying and giving him the wrong adapter in the first place, they should have just apologized, asked him to come in, and if he had the right part and was doing it wrong show him what to do, but it is understandable to think that he might be missing something.

  25. The_IT_Crone says:

    HDMI… input? Really? This all sounds so… fishy.

    I have to side with Best Buy, because having them switch adapters has to be uncommon. I guarantee they’ve had the “I can’t plug in my laptop because I’m putting the cable in the phone jack” call hundreds of times.

  26. Bruce says:

    Friends don’t let friends goto best buy.

  27. Scoobatz says:

    It costs $300 for a warranty on an $800 computer? Holy moly.

  28. outsdr says:

    I bought a custom laptop here:


    And I have been quite pleased with the machine.

  29. clevershark says:

    I recently steered a friend of mine away from buying a computer at Best Buy/Future Shop (they’re both owned by the same holding company in Canada) and this really gives me the feeling that I’ve prevented a friend from getting screwed.

  30. EdnaLegume says:

    i’m still highly annoyed they used the word “unopened” when they OPENED the laptop.

  31. quagmire0 says:

    Sorry, haven’t ready any responses yet, but I couldn’t get past the fact that ‘someone in IT’ had Geek Squad install antivirus software for them. :o

    • JoeLikesRamen! says:

      @quagmire0: The IT guy was the person’s friend.

      • t325 says:

        @Jagged Toaster: But still….I’m an IT guy and am more than happy to help friends out with computer troubles for nothing more than a beer just so they don’t waste their money on shit like Geek Squad. The fact that an IT guy would let a friend do this doesn’t seem right to me.

  32. t325 says:

    I bought a Dell Inspiron at Best Buy last weekend (I know, Dell and Best Buy, but I had my reasons) and they tried to sell Geeksquad setup to me. It’s a fucking laptop, there’s nothing to set up. You take it out of the box, plug in the power cable, and it’s setup. Unless they wanted to click a few buttons to go through the Vista setup wizard for me. Either way, sounds like a ripoff, especially considering the fact that the very first thing I did when I got it home was wipe the hard drive and install Ubuntu Linux on it and get rid of Vista.

    • blkhrt1 says:

      @t325: The dumbass who sold it to you (And I say that term sarcastically) Should have asked what you plan on doing with it, which you probably would have replied “Putting Linux on it” and they should’ve just said, “Well enjoy your laptop, peace” and left you to talk to someone more interesting.

      • doctor_cos wants you to remain calm says:

        @blkhrt1: The place that is “obviously better than any other store”:
        1. Told me that if I upgraded my own RAM it would void the manufacturer warranty, so I should buy the SERVICE PLAN.
        2, Would not hold a PC for my mom for 45 MINUTES so she could ask me about it, but had no problem holding other PCs for people who had ‘friends’ who worked there. My mom walked right the f*ck OUT.
        3. SERVICE PLAN = we’ll “call someone” to come look at it, who will be some moron with the money to be an ‘authourized’ tech, but won’t know a laptop from a DVD player.
        4. TRYING TO SCARE PEOPLE INTO BUYING THE SERVICE PLAN. I have seen these pond scum telling (older) people that they can’t “in good conscience” let them leave the store without an extended warranty.

        I believe your mom has finished washing your blue shirts, so you can go.

        • blkhrt1 says:

          @doctor_cos: ACTUALLY, I wash my own shirts and have for 10 years, so thanks for being a moron. Secondly, if you DO take your computer apart you void the warranty because you aren’t an authorized repair person. Best Buy is. Case in point. A person should never be “forced” or “scared” to buy one. That’s treachery.

          And again, before you know who I am, don’t run your mouth.

          • doctor_cos wants you to remain calm says:

            @blkhrt1: Upgrading the RAM. In a LAPTOP. “Voids the warranty.”
            “Authorized service center” my Aunt Edna. Their (lack of) expertise is well documented on this site and many others.

            And the ‘treachery’ you refer to occurred at your mecca, BB.

            Thanks for the ‘moron’ comment. You can’t back up your allegory with facts, revert to name-calling.

          • MrEvil says:

            Odds are the HDMI cable the friend got sold was a $100 monster cable. Seriously, have any of you seen what these HDMI cables retail for at the box stores? I’m glad I have friends that work at Best Buy because their price for a $100 cable is $5. One friend bought an HDMI cable just so I can bring my XBox 360 over.

            @blkhrt1: Actually, under federal law, merely opening the system up cannot legally void your warranty. The manufacturer has to prove you caused the damage by opening it, and Laptops are not hermetically or hydraulicly sealed. Also, in the case of upgrades of modifications the manufacturer can only void the warranty if they can prove that the upgrade/modification did damage. Read the Magnusson-Moss Warranty Act.

            The problem is, salespeople like you and at all the other big box stores and all the direct reps for the computer companies themselves sell this line of BS weather they know better or were told by a superior at the company.

            I know for a fact Dell does this, but what’s hilarious is that Home & Home Office said an aftermarket memory upgrade would void the warranty, this before my employer’s sales rep (was shopping for discount) said “no problem”.

            Of course, I buy Dells simply because I would be the one working on them under warranty.

  33. Blue_Van says:

    Hey I work at the big blue box and two things
    1.I would have held the door open as long as it takes this guy to get there. Everyone makes mistakes but you have to do work to make up for it even if it means staying late.
    2.Even I question the HDMI port… we don’t even stock that in my store…

  34. scoutermac says:

    Next time use Bestbuy is only good to have around if you need something right now.

  35. enderx says:

    Wierd – it’s only those who are either in the IT field, or have a computer science/engineering/programming degree that need tech support, but of course – they already know everything, so it must be something super-duper complex and special.


    • speedwell (propagandist and secular snarkist) says:

      @enderx: Speaking as someone who works as a database admin supporting IT people and engineers (software, oilfield, mechanical)… you’re partly right. It’s not that the damage started out complex and special… it’s that they tried to “FIX” it, totally screwed the pooch, gave up, turned their back on the problem until they couldn’t ignore it anymore, then ran screaming to Mama Speedwell that they needed it yesterday.

  36. friedduck says:

    Save your roommate some time–return it now before it’s too late!

  37. nintendude says:

    As much as Best Buy tries to push these AV software installations and whatnot, I’m invulnerable to them. I got my laptop by walking in, asking for one, then walking out. They did ask me for insurance, which I now regret to decline because it’s a laptop. Anything can happen. Although nothing has yet.

    I did get this laptop free. My old desktop had Best Buy’s insurance. After four services made to fix broken hardware in the desktop, I was able to return it (hey, I even got the $160 rebate back, so I earned money) and get a new computer, so I chose the laptop. Free, pretty much. Sweet deal.

    Never called up Geek Squad for the hundreds of software problems I’ve had. Most of the time they’re solvable and a result of my own actions because I do too many things than just email, pay bills, and noob stuff.

  38. blkhrt1 says:

    OK, 3 things wrong here.

    First, he unopened the laptop. What the FUCK is unopening? That’s not even proper grammar.

    Second, he let Geek Squad do something that his big IT job can do so he shouldn’t be bitching.

    Third, your comment about the customer service person who answered the phone is not any factual evidence that can be proven. For all we know, they probably just said that basic answer they tell every moron who calls saying they can’t plug in their computer, or can’t turn their TV on with the POWER button, or who can’t find that damn “intarwebz” plug while trying to hook up their “linkskees rooter”. Get over it, and get your plug.

    BTW, if you want to sit there and do all the services yourself (Which you could have easily said no to) you could have, but you chose to pay. Customer stupidity never fails. But at least you bought the SERVICE PLAN, not warranty, because it’s not guarantying that something will not fail. It’s guarantying that if something DOES fail, they’ll repair it or replace it.

  39. doctor_cos wants you to remain calm says:

    And I have had the pleasure of working with some fine IT people. They are above average in intelligence and share my somewhat obtuse sense of humor and irony.

  40. racordes says:

    IT friends don’t let friends buy pcs at Best Buy.
    IT friends NEVER let friends pcs near Geek Squad.

  41. Pro-Pain says:

    After the Best Buy are idiots part, this story really didn’t make sense to me…

  42. sam54321 says:

    Whoever the sales person was is an idiot. The new hp laptops come with a HDMI output from the factory. Its part of a hdtv push from the manufactures. The sales people are pushed to sell services including the service plan and in store services. The fact that they put the wrong power adapter back in the box comes from the fact that they normally have 2 people setting up computers and one of them is running a register while one is running in circles between 20 or 30 computers. See if you can figure out how I know this.

  43. lorenjfisher says:

    I refuse to buy from best buy or future shop. I used to work for future shop.

    It’s pretty scary but the only department that actually turns a profit at all for the company is entertainment.

  44. mariospants says:

    ” anti-virus protection and an HDMI input for over $200 along with $300 warranty” instantly marks you as a chump in their eyes. They can do what they like with you at that stage.

  45. katbron says:

    Here is my experience with Best Buy – they had a Dell laptop advertised and I didn’t want to go in their store – but I did want the really good price on the Dell – better than anywhere else online at the time. So we go to the website and it wants us to specify a color. We don’t care and when we try to select a color – there isn’t one offered and the site kept rejected our order. So we couldn’t get it online. I called the store and asked if I could purchase over the phone and she said no we don’t take phone orders. I said that I couldn’t get there until later that afternoon and wanted to make sure they still had one – I had my credit card ready to pay – still no. I finally asked for a manager and he said he would hold one for me. Maybe they need better training of the support staff?

  46. E-Tech says:

    I would have probably assumed it was the right charger, since it’s a new laptop specially if you just called over the phone without me seeing the actual product.

    I would have just automatically driven to the store, calling them over the phone was a waste of time.

  47. blkhrt1 says:

    You were quick to jump to assume my age without knowing the facts, so who’s more proper?

  48. willparry79 says:

    Oops, looks like this article is also titled incorrectly. It should read: A Best Buy Employee Questions Two Men’s Ability To Plug In A Computer.
    For someone who works in IT, I think he’s forgetting how stupid people are. Also, it would be helpful for some of the people who participate in this excuse for a blog to practice empathy and realize that Best Buy customer service has to deal with a bunch of stupid assholes (Like the ones who read this elitist website). People aren’t perfect, and I can assure you that even though they’re wearing the Best Buy shirt, they’re not making that much money. Retail is the bottom tier of the job chain, but everyone here seems to have no problem finding all sorts of horrible flaws with customer service and retail now days. Why don’t you all pick on someone your own financial size?

  49. mazda3jdm says:

    I worked in the geeksquad and i cant say this happens alot when we are busy

  50. t0fu says:

    not to sound cynical, but if Mike works in IT, Mike knows better than to buy a laptop from bestbuy.

  51. Amsterdaam says:

    I just bought an HP Pavilion Laptop from best buy this weekend for 649, HDMI already included. You just have to cut the BS with the sales guy. I told him I know computers, I don’t want geek squad to install or modify anything, I just want the laptop. Another sneaky thing they do at my location is make you pay for the computer at the Geek Squad desk so they can try to pitch you again. Just tell them straight up you don’t want anything and they’ll back off.

  52. BrianDaBrain says:

    I’m genuinely surprised by this post. I mean, I thought the Geek Squad dude would have tried plugging the adapter into all the available ports, just to make sure Then he tells the customer it’s a manufacturer mistake before refusing to supply the correct adapter.

    Congratulations, BB, you exceeded my expectations… for whatever that’s worth.

  53. Oranges w/ Cheese says:

    Best Buy’s whole warranty deal *seems* like a good idea, but I wouldn’t trust it because their service is so shitty. My friend just “traded in” her laptop for $800 worth of credit, which is pretty nice because she got a brand new laptop from it, for $300 – the price of a new warranty for the new computer.
    The tech even told her, in 2 years when the warranty is about to expire if she wants a new computer, just to pour coffee on it.

  54. HeatherAtSupport says:

    What a nightmare! I work for a remote tech support company, – if you think they might have messed up the AV install as well, drop me a line. We’d gladly have a look and make sure your system is all good to go gratis. Of course, we can’t do much about incompetents giving you the wrong plug. ;)

  55. Anonymous says:

    On 1/19.o9, I went to Best Buy, my computer was not working.
    The person in charge opened my machine and said that it was burnt out (confirmed by is helper)
    I had only the option of buying a new one.
    In order to get rid of my old one, I ask a friend what I had to do to remove the files. He look at my computer, clean it et it’sworking perfectly. I went back o the store, the manager
    , without any excuse said that he will tell de shop.
    What kind of store is that, I will never buy in it again.

  56. masterasia says:

    $200 for something I could have done in 15 minutes is bologna.