Friday Consumerist Flickr Pool Finds

Here are five special photos that readers added to The Consumerist Flickr Pool this week, chosen because they’re both neat and could possibly be used in a Consumerist post. Our Flickr Pool is the place where Consumerist readers go and upload photos for possible use in future Consumerist posts. Just be a registered Flickr user, go here, and click “Join Group?” up on the top right, and start hitting “send to group” on your individual photos you want to add to the pool.

Title: “08-16-08 The Damselles 11”
By: CharlieChu

Title: “You Can Only Take So Many”
By: soraxtm

Title: cart
By: donbuciak

Title: DEviaetpost (1 of 1)-10
By: soraxtm

Title: “Sucks to be this guy”
By: emilybean

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  1. OPRAH says:

    LOL to the last image title.

  2. digitalhen says:

    i can totally read that guys credit card number…

  3. mazda3jdm says:

    thats a Mazda 6 on fire lol made in the usa

  4. Ghettoshark says:

    The credit card seems to belong to a “Dennis Kim”.

  5. Starfury says:


  6. loudguitars says:

    GAH! The Prozac in the eye one is not what I needed to see before I’ve had any caffeine this west-coast morning.

  7. Ugh, Girl + tattoo = FAIL

    • chiieddy says:

      @terekkincaid: What’s wrong with a girl having a tattoo?

    • @terekkincaid:

      Yikes! Judging girl by seeing 3% of the work = Fail. And, maybe gay?

      (Not that there’s anything wrong with that!)

      • @JimmyShakerDay: Haha. Not gay, just not into hookers.

        • SybilDisobedience says:

          @terekkincaid: You’re entitled to your opinion, but generalizing all tattooed girls as “hookers” is ridiculous. I’m a quiet, drug-free, gainfully-employed, full-time student in a committed relationship for the last 5 years. I also have 3 tattoos. They’re discreet and reflect my artistic sensibilities, and while I respect others’ opinions about tattoos (including those of some of my own family members!), I resent being called a “hooker.”

          • @SybilDisobedience: @Nicholeigh: Ooh, so testy. Actually, “hooker” was in reference to those particular 3 girls. Just deal with it. (Though in a way, you are using your body as a billboard, so you are just prostituting it, but that’s a separate discussion entirely).

            • Shaggy says:

              @terekkincaid: If having a tattoo on your body is prostitution, then so is wearing anything with a logo on it. By that definition, almost everybody in the U.S. is a prostitute.

            • RogueSophist says:

              @terekkincaid: Dude, what decade are you living in? Tattoos (on women and men) are as common as earrings where I live, and no more “prostitution” of one’s body than wearing a hat, or clothing. You might have a point (might) if it were routine for people to be paid by corporate sponsors to be inked with corporate trademarks or other advertisements, but that doesn’t happen very often, unless I’m the one living in another decade. And before you tell me that by wearing earrings I am simply prostituting my ears…don’t.

        • Nicholeigh says:

          @terekkincaid: Hooker? I find that rather insulting, a girl has a tattoo therefore she is a hooker? Where is the logic there? That is akin to saying a man who wears a knecklace is a drug addict! I too am drug-free, employed, in a 5+ year relationship and not a hooker….I have 2 tattoos.

    • DogRidingRodeoMonkey says:

      @terekkincaid: I, on the other hand, was all giddy about three cute ladies, only to click on the post and find that vomit inducing eyeball pic.

    • Dave J. says:

      @terekkincaid: Hmm, strange, I think Girl + tattoo = Total Hotness.

  8. chiieddy says:

    The Prozac one made me throw up a little in my mouth. Please don’t use that!

  9. Okaasan says:

    Did you see *WHERE* the burning car was parked? Now that’s scary!!!!

  10. krispykrink says:

    Good God! First pick looks like my ex-wife when we were in High School. Pic 2 is what I looked like during marriage.

  11. BSAKat says:

    Those gossiping ladies in that first picture? Those are my kind of ladies.

    • battra92 says:

      @BSAKat: Those gossiping ladies in that first picture? Those are my kind of ladies.

      Hear hear! Except for the tattoo which is a huge turnoff for me. Otherwise Va Va Va VOOM!

  12. DashTheHand says:

    That first picture sends me urges of a Three Stooges triple face slap.

  13. KatieKate93 says:

    Nice Orton on the shopping cart pic :)

  14. I’ll let George Carlin (allegedly, hard to source it) do the talking:
    I like a tattoo on a girl. It shows she’s willing to do things that she’ll regret terribly in the morning.

  15. digitalhen says:

    nice to see Consumerist took the picture down of the credit card :)

  16. Go Charlie.

  17. CharlieChu says:

    @terekkincaid: For the record, none of the girls in that photo are prostitutes. They are musicians in a Los Angeles band called The Damselles.

    I know, it’s hard to tell the difference between three girls dolled up to evoke 60s groups like The Ronettes and The Crystals versus destitute and desperate individuals who sell their bodies for money and drugs.

  18. Wubbytoes says:

    That Prozac picture is horrible.

  19. Shannon says:

    I’m a woman w/ a 3 tattooes and I must say all three are tasteful, and yet I’m NOT a hooker. Except women with stupid flower/bug tattooes, those are lame & them little fairies…. ugh

  20. Shannon says:

    Oh garsh, did I just type woman w/ a? Sure did.

  21. Ben Popken says:

    Please don’t feed the trolls.

  22. weakdome says:

    For everyone who thinks the femme trio from the first pic look hot… Here’s an alternative view of them:

    • battra92 says:

      @weakdome: I still stand by my Va Va Va Voom comment. They also have a Rolleiflex on their Myspace page. That makes them infinitely cool in my book.

      I love Rolleiflexes

    • DamThatRiver says:

      @weakdome: I still think they’re hot.

      Also, that laundromat photo is the coolest photo of a laundromat I’ve ever seen.

      • weakdome says:

        @DamThatRiver: I thought it was especially funny that they were singing under such prestegious signs as “restrooms” and “men”.
        I was just showing the amazing contrast between what a good photographer and makeup artist can do, and a more real-life photo looks like :)

        • battra92 says:

          @weakdome: Believe me, as an amateur photographer I understand completely.

          It also works both ways though. Put a camera in the hands of a novice and no matter how many MP or how great a lens (or whatever film you use) you can make a gorgeous woman look like crap.

  23. Caduceus says:

    You’ve got a little something, right… right… right… Oh, you got it.