Do You Want To Save 10% By Opening A Target Visa? Just Kidding!

Reader Nancy says that Target rejected the 10% coupon she received for being a Target Visa card holder. When she asked why, the cashier told her it had probably been used, but had no more information.

I went to use my coupon, which was not expired, and was told it was invalid. The cashier said it was probably used already. Since I knew I hadn’t used it, I asked them to tell me when/where it was used. They couldn’t tell me for sure why it was rejected, just that the computer wouldn’t accept it. Long story short, no one at Target nor the credit card company could tell me when I had supposedly already redeemed this particular coupon.

Basically, it was their word against mine and the Target did not have to bear the burden of proof. They simply reject the coupon and I’m out the 10% I would have saved on my purchases for that day. Maybe they should put this in the fine print of their ads to solicit Target credit cards? They always ask if you want to save 10% today by opening up a Target Redcard.

That’s how they get you. They just asked if you “wanted” to save 10%. Ha! Get it? Ok, we’re just kidding.

Put on your negotiating pants and calmly tell Target that you’re going to cancel your account, transfer your balance, and buy everything at Walmart from now on if they don’t send you another coupon — one that works.

Here’s some contact information for Target’s CEO just in case the negotiations don’t go well, but we sincerely hope it doesn’t come to that.

(Photo: What Rhymes With Nicole )

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