Do You Want To Save 10% By Opening A Target Visa? Just Kidding!

Reader Nancy says that Target rejected the 10% coupon she received for being a Target Visa card holder. When she asked why, the cashier told her it had probably been used, but had no more information.

I went to use my coupon, which was not expired, and was told it was invalid. The cashier said it was probably used already. Since I knew I hadn’t used it, I asked them to tell me when/where it was used. They couldn’t tell me for sure why it was rejected, just that the computer wouldn’t accept it. Long story short, no one at Target nor the credit card company could tell me when I had supposedly already redeemed this particular coupon.

Basically, it was their word against mine and the Target did not have to bear the burden of proof. They simply reject the coupon and I’m out the 10% I would have saved on my purchases for that day. Maybe they should put this in the fine print of their ads to solicit Target credit cards? They always ask if you want to save 10% today by opening up a Target Redcard.

That’s how they get you. They just asked if you “wanted” to save 10%. Ha! Get it? Ok, we’re just kidding.

Put on your negotiating pants and calmly tell Target that you’re going to cancel your account, transfer your balance, and buy everything at Walmart from now on if they don’t send you another coupon — one that works.

Here’s some contact information for Target’s CEO just in case the negotiations don’t go well, but we sincerely hope it doesn’t come to that.

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  1. JN2 says:

    Target bashing in 4…3…2…

    (well deserved in my opinion)

  2. TideGuy says:

    I love it when they ask me if I would like to open a Target credit card and save 10% when I buy a 20oz Diet Mountain Dew. One of these days I’ll take them up on it and save . . . 12 cents

    • bohemian says:

      Lowes did the same thing to me with a $20 off of $50 purchase coupon last spring. New coupon they said I already used it.

      @TideGuy: What is even worse is if the person in front of you says “yes”. Then the cashier whips out the credit card app. and the person starts filling it out AT THE REGISTER.

      • mbz32190 says:


        Well where else would they fill it out at? They can’t save money “today” if they don’t fill it out in the store. When my father applied for one in line, they closed down the lane and opened up another one.

    • Anonymous says:

      @TideGuy: They never ask if your purchase is under I thing 25 dollars. Also I feel bad for this woman because the Target where she was at showed very bad guest service. Our store would have honored the coupon even if it didn’t work, and we had such a problem finding out why. We had a similar situation where the machine said they could not use the coupon with that card (yes it was a regular target card as well) So after contacting tech support we just gave up on them (tech support) and created a 10% coupon for the guest.

  3. Antediluvian says:

    I was always under the impression that those offers were to “save 10% today” not giving you 10% towards a future purchase. But since I’ve never applied for one, I don’t know that for certain. Did the OP say how got the coupon in the first place?

    Or maybe there’s an unscrupulous cashier using the coupons for those “friends and family” discounts.”

    Regardless, Target’s managers should have sucked it up and offered the 10% off.

    • kmiles says:

      @Antediluvian: I have a Target Visa that I never use. The day I got it, I received a 10% off coupon for that day. However, if you use it enough, you build up points and receive 10% off coupons every so often – I suppose more frequently if you use it a lot. Those are also only good for one day.

      • BlondeGrlz says:

        As a former Target credit-card pusher, I can verify kmiles and cf27 are correct. The day you apply (and you must be APPROVED, using fake info won’t get you anything) you get a coupon good for that day’s purchases.
        You also must use your Target Card to make the purchases, even though you can turn right around and pay it off at Guest Services. Maybe the 10% off coupon was rejected because she was trying to use a different card? Although a cashier should have known that.
        The other possibility is that she was trying to use the “online” version. When you earn a new discount from using your card they send you both an in-store and an exclusively online 10% off coupon. I’ve gotten then mixed up in the past.
        Either way, if she was buying a bunch of stuff and had a coupon Target should have just grabbed an extra one and let the lady have her discount.

      • Antediluvian says:

        @kmiles & @cf27: Thanks for the clarification — good to know. I still probably won’t be getting a Target card any time soon (I’m happy enough w/ my LLBean card for the free shipping, and Costco-Amex for the rebates), but now I’m more interested in considering it. Gotta figure if 10% off at Target is better than 1-5% back on AMEX stuff. Although the AMEX travel discounts are pretty impressive and I was not expecting them.

      • Nicholeigh says:

        @kmiles: what is even better is that you have to use your Target card to make the purchase. I tried to use the 10% off with my debit card and they told me that I have to use the Target credit card in order to use the 10% coupon. Ugh! I said forget it.

    • cf27 says:

      @Antediluvian: If you have a Target credit card, then for every $2000 you spend on it ($1k if it’s all at Target), you get a coupon good for 10% off all your Target purchases in a given day. She’s saying that she tried to use the coupon, but it didn’t go through.

      It sounds like she bought the stuff anyway — I would have said “Fine. you’re not giving me 10%? I’m not buying any of this stuff” and walked out.

  4. timmus says:

    If Target really wants to play some hanky panky with their coupons, they could just do like Office Depot and Office Max and have 7 lines of fine print excluding practically everything in the store except water and staplers.

  5. GreatCaesarsGhost says:

    Jeez, like 10% would have been such a big deal. That’s the employee discount everyday, I think they could have spared it.

    • maruawe42 says:

      Target employee 10% discount applys only to cash or gift card purchases. You cannot use the discount when purchasing with a credit card..FYI

      Target has to pay the credit charges and woud lose money
      if they let employees purchase with a credit card.

      Some managers make it hard to use the discount in the first place esp.for dependents using the dependent card.
      Making it embarassing to try to use it..

      • imaLttlGrl says:

        @maruawe42: You can use your employee discount if you have a Target visa, Target check card, or Target card, a gift card that you did not purchase with your own non-Target credit card or debit card, when writing a check, and when of course, paying with cash. Those are the options that Target employees have when using their discounts.

        So we can use credit cards, as long as they are Target issued.

  6. Ninjanice says:

    I didn’t realize target’s profit margins were so thin that they couldn’t afford a 10% discount!

  7. Well, IIRC, Target can pull up your last 30 days receipts if you use a CC. Couldn’t they do the exact same thing w/your TARGET credit card, and verify that you did not redeem a coupon on a order?

  8. noncomjd says:

    I has a Target card that I used maybe once. Went into a Target went to use my Target Card and it was rejected, no explanation no anything. Got home and called them, they canceled my card because I never used it. It would have been nice to give me a heads up.

    I still rarely go into one, most of the things they sell aren’t of a very good quality.

    • DeliaLicinus says:

      @noncomjd: Actually that’s pretty standard for credit card companies. If you don’t use the card, normally for a year, they cancel the card, and most do not notify you.

  9. ElijahDProphet says:

    I agree with the above comments. When my wife and I signed up for a target card it was solely for the same day 10% off (what is up HD tv?) and then we paid it off immediately. Nobody mentioned a coupon that would be valid on a future purchase.

    • Major-General says:

      If you are prompted while checking out for a Target card, you would save 10% on that purchase, and get a coupon for 10% off anything else you buy at Target that day. The coupon will already have printed on it the day the coupon is first used.

      If you just walk up to a cashier and apply, then you get a coupon for 10% off a future shopping day. Also, you get a shopping rewards coupon, which is 10% off one day’s purchases when you earn 1000 points/10 prescriptions from the pharmacy paid on you’re card.

      Simply put, the OP doesn’t provide enough information to determine which 10% coupon was rejected. Furthermore, the cashier has no clue as to when the coupon was first used unless it has been dated.

      And finally, I can take a Target card or gift cards with rewards coupons, but not cash. That isn’t even a payment tender option.

      (Statements are personal and do not reflect the Target Corporation nor are expected to be policy positions. Legal stuff about posting online, blah.)

      • dorastandpipe says:

        Major General, you CAN NOT pay with gift cards if using a Target Visa Rewards coupon. I have tried and have been declined every time! I can ONLY use my Target Visa card with a Target Rewards coupon.

        By the way, your coupon is good for a whole shopping day. So, if you have to go to another store to get something not in stock at the store you are currently at, you can still use your discount. (Or, what I used to do, search the clearance at 5 stores in one day for the best discounts.)

        I used to be a big Target shopper getting a rewards card every month, but once corporate shipped my hubby’s job to India (IT job, not a call center one) I have barely used my Target card or even shopped at their store. Want to know why sales are down Target? You let go perfectly good people and now none of their families will shop with you!!! In my family alone, that is 37 people that changed their shopping habits to other stores.

        • sam says:

          @dorastandpipe: Yes, you can. Most of the cashiers just don’t know how to finsih the transaction correctly, mostly because it’s a hidden option and requires doing some subtraction in your head. It’s one of the few occasions where the POS doesn’t “know all” in the store.
          If you desire to use a Gift Card with your rewards discount, present it to the cashier first and tell them to find out how much is on the card. Then tell them to subtract that from the total by paying with it *first* with the gift card. After that, your new total will have the amount of the gift card subtracted, ready to be put on a Red Card. After all, the only stipulation for paying for a transaction with a rewards discount is that it must be a “Target Tender”. As far as I know, a gift card is a “Target Tender”.

          @Michael Belisle: That’s $5, not 10%. And for those that did legitimately receive the coupons through the mail directly from Target, those same individuals were sent another letter letting them know that the previous coupon should be discarded and to kindly use the included $5 Gift Card instead.

          And to the OP: Simply call Target Credit Services (number on the back of your card) and explain to them. They are based in Minneapolis and competent. With my experience with them they are able to apply the 10% discounts to past Target purchases- and do so very liberally.

  10. Zulujines says:

    The post said the coupon was not expired…but don’t stores usually take the coupon from you when you use it anyway?

    I’ve been avoiding Wal-Mart because it’s always dirty, crowded, and miserable and I’ve been told Target is a better choice. But I find the bright red decor unsettling and it seems their customer service is even worse.

  11. Scoobatz says:

    Put on your negotiating pants and calmly tell Target that you’re going to cancel your account, transfer your balance, and buy everything at Walmart from now on if they don’t send you another coupon

    Does this really work? I’m always tempted to tell the store manager that I’m going to take my business elsewhere, but do they really care? And, am I really never going to shop again at Target, Best Buy, Circuit City, Lowes, Home Depot, Walmart, Costco, Genuardis, Acme, … and all the countless other stores that pissed me off at some point in the past?

    • dragonfire81 says:

      @Scoobatz: They don’t, big box stores have so many customers they could really give a shit less if one leaves.

      This applies to most big operations.

      A mom and pop shop might take you more seriously since every potential customer loss could be damaging.

      However for the most part the “I’m shopping/going to take my business elsewhere” is an empty threat.

    • roguemarvel says:

      @Scoobatz: Does telling the manager you will never shop there again work?

      As someone who has worked at both corporate and mom and pop places I can tell you, depends on the customer.

      If you are being a big pain in my ass and making a big stink about something I can’t do anything about or are just being a big bitch then good riddance. I don’t want you in my store.

      If you are truly getting screwed over and are trying to be nice (but still upset) I will bend over backwards to help you. Especially if you threaten that because I don’t want to lose a good customer.

      Of course I’ve run into more of the first then the second.

  12. evilcharity says:

    Target doesn’t take the coupon because it’s good for a whole day’s worth of purchases…once you use it, if you say forget something and go back later that day you can still use the coupon.

  13. QuillanAcestes says:

    Scoobatz- The manager could probably care less about you shopping there,
    but from what I know about store credit cards, you bet your ass they
    care if you threaten to close that card and transfer the balance. Since
    many of these employees face disciplinary action if they don’t offer
    every single customer a credit card, I’m sure corporate wouldn’t
    take too kindly to an email from the OP saying “I’m cancelling my card
    because manager X at store Y was a douchebag”

  14. dragonfire81 says:

    I guess that should say MOST big box stores have so many customers…forgot about K-mart. :P

  15. Snarkysnake says:

    This is bad for the Op but there is a bigger story that is flying under the radar with the Target Visa,and that is the “sign up under this set of terms and conditions and as soon as we can,you will get a new,disadvantageous set of terms and conditions”. I signed up for the card once and got my 10% off a large purchase. Paid it off immediately. So far,so good. Then the completely new terms and conditions contract rolls in. I read it and it was a shabby way to treat a customer. Just a word to the wise : That 10 %off is like cheese in a mousetrap. Beware.

  16. mythago says:

    So you get 10% off that day in return for signing up for a credit card with 20%+ interest? Ouch.

    • katiat325 says:

      @mythago: yeah, I agree. As a student, I was happy to have store cards, you know, to build credit. But seriously, why does anyone even buy into this anymore? So you save 10%, but then you pay 24% interest — 22% if you’ve been a good customer. It’s not worth it.

    • Scoobatz says:

      @mythago: Actually, the Target credit card (at least the one we have) carries a 9.9% interest rate. I would consider it one of the best store credit cards around. Regardless, you should only buy what you can afford and pay off the balance each month.

      Personnally, I hate credit cards, but my wife convinced me this one was necessary — and I agree. As a homeowner with two kids under 4, we do a lot of shopping at Target. As a result of using the card, we get tons of coupons in the mail. We also use their pharmacy. Every ten presciptions filled (and, that’s pretty easy with kids) awards us a coupon for 10% off everything the next time we shop.

  17. PeanutButter says:

    last time i was there, they said i was pre-approved to open a target charge account. i’m 15 years old.

    • Dyscord says:

      @PeanutButter: That’s happened to me once when I was 15 (26 now). I got asked to sign up for a credit card. Possibly because I looked older. *shrugs*

    • EdnaLegume says:

      @PeanutButter: why would you give them your social security number if you’re only 15, and seem to know you shouldn’t have credit cards at your age? Target doesn’t “pre-approve” you simply by being in their store.

      I wonder if they didn’t accept it because of the recent target coupon scam that went round and they wouldn’t accept a certain type of coupon? Maybe ALL 10% coupons got blocked.

  18. TexMan89 says:

    For the last two years Target has been my summer job. I cannot stress enough how miserable that store really is. The whole store revolves around one thing, signing people up for Target credit cards.
    The Cashiers are being yelled at by the GSTLS (a worthless semi-management position) who are being yelled at by store Execs who are being yelled at by the store manager who is being yelled at by corporate and district to get people to apply for red cards. I would always say how sad of an existence it was for the managers, some were recent college grads, to have to go to work everyday with the main priority being signing people up for red cards. One manager told me I should try to be a Target intern and then Management and I laughed in his face. In my years at Target I signed up one customer Target credit card and the person asked me, I never asked because I felt it was just a terrible feeling to be screwing someone over like that.

    Thank god I am in College.

    • imaLttlGrl says:

      @TexMan89: That’s unfortunate. I have worked at Target for 3 years to get through school and I love it. Maybe it is just at the store you work for. At my Target, we are not yelled at to get red cards. We are given positive incentives and rewards for when we do get people signed up for one. Some examples are getting to choose out videos or cd’s from the store, candy or snacks, getting to pie our LODs and Team Leads in the faces with whip cream pies, things like that. Maybe you should switch stores if there is one closer to you.

      The rewards cards can get annoying, but if you sign up for a credit card without researching it first you might be getting what is coming to you. In this case though, there is no telling what actually happened at the store or with the discount, but it would have been nice for the people working that day to give her the discount. I don’t know what it is like at the store she shopped at, but one thing I am noticing with all of these Target posts lately is that every Target is different based on who is working that day or who the management is.

  19. BWoodle says:

    I bought a $1200 TV at target and opened a card to save $120. The credit limit they gave me was $500 so I put the rest on my bank card.

    With the opening of a new account they also gave me a coupon for 10% off my purchases for the rest of the day. The salesman told me that I could use a debit card at the front of the store to pay off my balance and then charge it up again, getting the 10% off.

    Later that day I went into the store and paid off my balance on a debit card (instant funds transfer, right?). When I got to the register with my $200 worth of stuff, they told me my card was at the limit and I couldn’t charge anything to it. The cashier actually put me on the phone with someone at their corporate office (or call center) who proceeded to tell me that they changed their policy so that transactions will not clear until the next day.

    This combination of circumstances means it is impossible to use the “10% off for the rest of the day” coupon that they printed off when I opened my account… I bent over and took the beating, but I have shopped at target a lot less since that event.

    The interest rates on the card are extreme. I wouldn’t think of actually using this thing, but I guess the $120 I got off my TV was nice…

  20. lilspooky says:

    Quick note, Walmart owns target.

    • Snarkysnake says:


      “Quick note, Walmart owns target. “

      Quicker note, no they don’t.

      Target (Formerly Dayton- Hudson Corporation,name changed in 2001 ) Trades under the ticket symbol TGT and reports no shareholdings by WalMart Corp. (The U. S. Justice Department would probably never allow this).

      WalMart trades under WMT,has a market capitalization of $230 Billion and doesn’t have enough cashiers.

      Glad to set the record straight.

  21. emt888 says:

    “I love it when they ask me if I would like to open a Target credit card and save 10% when I buy a 20oz Diet Mountain Dew. One of these days I’ll take them up on it and save . . . 12 cents”

    I worked at Barnes and Noble for a few years and I asked a guy who was buying a 50 cent newspaper if he wanted to purchase a membership card for $25 to save 10%…and he did!

  22. parad0x360 says:

    The 10% coupon you get for opening the card is suppose to be valid only the day you open the card. The whole point of it is to get people to get a card and put whatever their purchase is on the card right that moment.

    Ahh who knows, complain enough and you should get your 10% just fine.

  23. Did the coupon perhaps look like

    Exhibit A
    10% off
    toy purchase


    Exhibit B
    10% off

    There are signs at my Target showing a that they’re no longer accepting a online toy coupon that people edited to make into an anything coupon. It’s possible that this is that coupon.

  24. scoutermac says:

    Correct me if I am wrong. But normally when you use a coupon dosn’t the retailer keep the coupon? Most keep the coupon so it can be redeemed by the retailer. So obvioulsy the coupon could not have been previoulsy used or it would not be in hand.

    • LightLeigh says:

      @scoutermac: “Correct me if I am wrong. But normally when you use a coupon dosn’t the retailer keep the coupon? Most keep the coupon so it can be redeemed by the retailer. So obvioulsy the coupon could not have been previoulsy used or it would not be in hand.”

      Most of the time, yes, but not for the Target 10% coupon. It’s good all day, and you can use it for separate transactions, so they give it back to you.

      I was offred the 10% off at Christmas a few years back, and had about $300 worth of purchases. They transfered the transaction to customer service where I applied for the card, and was approved (to my surprise) saving me $30.

      Since then, I use that card for most of my daily expenses, and pay it off each month, and I usually get a new 10% off coupon every couple of months. When it comes in, I make a big shopping trip to my local Super Target – I stock up on groceries, buy a pre-paid phone card, and even get my prescription for 10% off.

  25. webdoyenne says:

    I’ve had a Target credit card for some time; this is really the only discount-type department store convenient to me, and so I shop there a lot. Always use the card, since they contribute a small percentage of your sales to the school of your choice. I always pay the card off every month in full…not sure exactly what the interest rate is, but am assuming it’s like virtually all department store cards…the kind of number you see in those types of transactions where “Big Louie” will come around to break your thumbs if you don’t pay up.

    Every time you spend a grand, Target sends you a coupon card for 10% off purchases on any single day — e.g., you can use it all day long, but it expires after that day. Never had a problem using these.

  26. gc3160thtuk says you got your humor in my sarcasm and you say you got your sarcasm in my humor says:

    I say cancel the card anyways and shop at Walmart. I don’t hate Target cuz I work at Walmart, which I do, work at Walmart I mean, I just hate Target for its fake bourgeois and also their customer service desk is evil too. . OMG I actually spelled bourgeois correctly LOL

  27. SherwinNinja says:

    After wasting a year and a half of my life in the electronics
    department of target there are a couple things I can say to target red

    1. The employees understand how annoying it must be to be asked about
    that stupid credit card every time someone bought something. My
    electronics department used to joke about how annoying it probably is.

    2. It is shoved so far down the employees throats to ask about a red
    card (credit card) every darn time. I know when I was working there,
    there was actually a screen on the computer that you had to clear
    before finalizing a transaction reminding you of the ‘red card’.

    3. The computers don’t give a reason for it being rejected, so how
    would the average employee know why it was rejected? In my own
    personal experience working for target, 9 times out of 10 it turned
    out that the customers significant other had used it already ( mind
    you this is after a 20 minute ordeal ). The other 1 time the 10% was
    almost always just taken off the bill by the LOD (manager).

    4. The interest rate is sky-high, so I would never suggest anyone to
    get one of these cards even if it means saving that extra $30 on the
    P.O.S. Target T.V. you are purchasing.

  28. Tonguetied says:

    They refused to give you a discount that you thought was legitimate and you paid for it anyway? Why continue the transaction?

    Refusing to pay and making them back out the purchase would have brought a manager over to void the sale. Whereupon the odds are pretty good that he/she would have overridden the cashier and given you the discount.

    Otherwise if they still didn’t just let them restock the shelves and take your business elsewhere.

  29. bashthem says:

    About 3 weeks ago at officemax. A coupon my mother received in the mail that week was rejected at cash register. The checker didn’t know why. When the checker asked the manager he looked at and first said it was expired. But wait it just came in the mail and the exp. date wasn’t until the end of next month. Then he came up with the fine print reason. In the fine print it would work on sonthing we didn’t need even though in the big print it should have covered the item we were trying to purchas. He said in the fine print that only select items in the big print catagory were actually covered by the coupon not the entire catagory. So we just walked leving almost $300.00 worth of merchandice on the counter and in the cart. because of a 10% off coupon scan.

    I told him it was to complicated to buy anything from office max if you had to get a microscope and a lawyer to figureout the fine print.

    They had a cart full of little stuff to restock from all over the store. it will cost them more in time to restock the merchandice then the coupon savings.

    Recovering BestBuy Officemax rebate scam victom.

  30. LolitaHeretic says:

    I have worked at Target for over 3 years now and I understand about
    Red Cards. While i do think they’re a rip off (24% interest if you
    don’t pay on time) The 10% is actually a great deal, especially since
    every $1000 you spend at Target or $2000 you spend else where gets
    you a new 10% coupon. So if you buy a TV with the initial 10% and it
    totals to $1000 bucks you already have a new 10% coupon coming your
    way. However, more than likely it isn’t an error. You had to have
    used it before or it be expired for it to not work. You can try to
    blame it on computer error but the odds of that are slim (but possible).
    Whoever this person is who believes they got jipped should think back
    on the day they applied. Try to remember because once you get
    approved and the temporary card prints out you have the option to use
    the discount immediately or wait until your coupon card gets sent to
    you in the mail. You cannot use both. So if you use it immediately
    the one you get with your real credit card is already void. You can
    only use the discount for one entire day. I believe you just didn’t
    realize that you already used it and that maybe you figured you could
    use it on two different days. But if you complain enough usually the
    GSTL or ETL will allow you to get at least some sort of reparation.

  31. scooby66 says:

    For the record, the coupon I refer to was received via mail – a Target rewards program 10% off one day shopping pass. I use a pre-tax flex spending account for daycare which comes out of paycheck. I have to pay daycare first and then get reimbursed from the flex acct. I used to charge daycare each week and pay it off every month when I get the flex funds back. I have earned quite a few of the 10% reward coupons. Never had any issues until this one. I love shopping at Supertarget – good sales and good in-store coupons, combined with manufactuer cpns and the 10% I was saving over $45.00. During this visit I spoke with every manager I could hunt down and got the same story – “we can’t override the computer to give you the discount”. I used their phone to call the Credit card company (number on back of card) and they insisted their was no way to track by purchases to see if a target coupon had been used. I spoke with a supervisor at the credit card company and got the same story. I was in the store for over 3 hours (shopping & trying check out). Had to pick up my daughter from school and couldn’t waste any more time with Target so I left the store without purchasing the cart full of stuff I had picked up. Since I got laid off my kids don’t go to daycare so no more coupons for now. Makes me mad that it’s their word againist the customer but they can not prove anything. I kept asking them to show me when/where I used it but nothing. (I realize I could have used it already but I doubt it since I am strategic when when using it -coupons, sales etc.) but hey Target just prove it to me and I won’t feel jipped.

  32. Tweeky says:

    I know there is one bug in the system for using these discount coupons. If you go in to use it, the cashier scans it but then for whatever reason you never complete the sale and its voided, the fact that the coupon was used is not voided and it will become invalid after that day. I’m not sure if they have fixed it recently but it was a problem in the past.

  33. Nishita says:

    I work at Target and just feel like clarifying some things about the the 10% rewards because I can totally understand how people get confused about them and the Target cards. Most cashiers don’t explain things in full as they should. It’s even worse if you went through this with some 16 year old that doesn’t know anything about credit cards or someone that was just a back-up cashier at the moment because they’re even less informed about all this.

    If you apply for either Target credit card (store card or VISA) and are approved while filling out the application in the store, you immediately get a coupon for 10% off shopping day for your purchase(s). One day. You do *not* have to use it that precise day (the cashier should ask you again if you want to use it right now or save it for later), and the coupons expire in 30 days. (If you’re not approved on the spot, you’ll get the 10% off coupon in the mail if you’re approved after further processing.) Every time you use the card, you rack up points that earn you more 10% off coupons. Generally it’s 1 point for every $1 you spend at Target, and once you hit 1000 points you get another 10% off coupon. There are other ways to accumulate points/rewards faster (pharmacy rewards, bonus points on certain items every once in a while), but I won’t go into it.

    If you use your coupon, either the one you receive after being approved or the one you earned and received in the mail, the cashier should give it back to you because you can use it multiple times that day. Again, you can use it for one day up until the end of the expiration day. Can’t use it to make a purchase today and then use it again a week from now, etc. (Also, if you use your 10% coupon right away upon opening a card, the coupon printed at the register will have the date printed right on it saying that you used it that day.)

    Furthermore, you have to use the Target card when using your 10% because your coupon is linked to your card. If you don’t insert that Target card, it won’t let the coupon go through, and you can’t use a 10% reward with a Target card other than the account you used to earn it. So if you have the Target business credit card and personal Target credit card, you can’t use your own personal 10% off coupon with the business one and vice versa. Contrary to what others have said, you can use other forms of payment (cash, check or Target gift card only) when using your 10% but you still have to charge at least part of it to the Target card. It’s best to ask the cashier to charge a certain dollar amount to your Target card and then give it to them to swipe manually and then go ahead and use a gift card, etc.

    I hope this helps someone!

  34. Anonymous says:

    As an employee of Target, this website is pretty amusing. Shit happens—-and cashiers are there to cashier, and do what they’re told. They can’t look up credit information (which would be illegal to keep such records and allow that kind of access) .

    Here’s how the Target visa card works–it’s random, at least that’s what we’re told. But chances are, it asks you because you shop there a lot with another check, debit or credit card and the system knows you haven’t used a Target card. So, this little window pops up and tells the cashier to ask you, even if you’re only buying a candy bar and pop. Cashiers are encouraged to get at least 1 person a day to sign up.

    You get a 10% off IF IF IF IF * you are approved that day in store. They print out a temporary card on receipt paper that you can use until you get the plastic one in the mail. The next 10% of you get in the mail with your card is usually ONLY for ONLINE PURCHASES! There is not a way to scan those, nor key in a code, because it is for ONLINE USE ONLY.

    The 10% is a good deal if you’re planning on making a big purchase, like lets say, a grill or patio furniture. Because why? You can apply, get approved, PAY OFF THE CARD THE SAME DAY AT GUEST SERVICE and then call and cancel the card. If you’re one of those people who don’t like using credit. Take advantage of the system, really.

    You keep earning a point for each dollar you spend at Target, 1/2 point for each dollar spent anywhere else, because you can do that with a Visa card. When you get 1000 points, you get another 10% off. You can also sign up for Target to donate to a school of your choice, this isn’t something you’re charged for. Also, every 10 perscriptions, you can get a 10% off card. But you have to sign up for that one online or call.

    Its really not that hard if you just read, pay attention, and ask questions. If you aren’t getting clear answers, ask for a manager. Chances are, someone is at least trying to help and they’re just trying to earn a living. Unless you’re an LOD–Team Members aren’t paid nearly what they should be for dealing with some of the people that shop there.