Try Not To Kill Yourself By Using A Gas Generator Inside A Building

The CPSC is reminding people not to use portable gas generators inside, even if the windows are open. Even if the building is just a garage and the garage door is open. Believe it or not, this can kill you.

Portable gas generators, often used by consumers to restore power to their homes and businesses in the aftermath of a storm, produce high levels of deadly carbon monoxide (CO). CPSC warns consumers that generators should be used outdoors only, far from doors, windows, and vents that could allow CO to come indoors.

“Carbon monoxide is an odorless, colorless poison gas. It is an invisible killer,” said CPSC Acting Chairman Nancy Nord. “While generators can come in handy after a storm, using one indoors can kill you and your family in minutes.”

Gas generators inside = bad. Thanks for the safety tip, Nancy.

CPSC Warns of Dangers at Home in the Aftermath of Tropical Storm Fay [CPSC]

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