Quickly Get A Live Rep With Dial-A-Human

Dial-A-Human.com is just like Gethuman.com, offering a cheat sheet of secret codes to bypass annoying phone-trees and get right to a live operator.

While their databases are basically the same, I did spot a few differences, so if you try the combo on one site and it doesn’t work, check the other’s.

Bonus link for iPhone users: check out Dial Zero, a free app pre-programmed with the codes to directly dials human customer service reps at over 600 companies.

Dial-A-Human [Official Site via Wendy’s Web Search Blog] (Thanks to Steven!)
Gethuman [Official Site]
DialZero [Download.com]


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  1. RhodyDave says:

    I’m glad there’s a place to get these numbers, but at the same time it’s really sad that so many companies seem to treat their life blood – the customer – like an annoyance. I’d like to see companies start something called CUSTOMER SERVICE, and make commitments to providing helpful, intelligible customer service reps that we get when we dial ONE phone number, not after wading through dozens of prompts.

    If companies realized how important simple HUMAN interaction is to customers, they would do it. Instead, we have to deal with the “push 1 for…” hell we have today. Maybe if these companies put more into providing real service, they’d see better business results and happier, more satisfied customers. It’s really not difficult.

  2. organicgardener says:

    Great! Except the website seems to be down already!

  3. organicgardener says:

    Take the hyphens out of the name and it’ll work.

  4. Ben Popken says:

    @organicgardener: Whoop, fixed, thanks.

  5. wordsmithy says:

    I’ll stick with dialahuman.com. Those flashing things at gethuman are making me ill.

  6. Darascon says:

    Where was this list 2 hours ago :( Just had to suffer through DTV’s annoying automated system, which doesn’t recognize 0 as a dial out, and nothing I said would connect me.

  7. tripnman says:

    @Darascon: Not having ever called DTV, I’m not sure if they use voice recognition prompts and whether or not that is what you are referring to. I have found that with AT+T and BofA, if you let loose a profanity filled tirade it will quickly connect you to a live person. That operator probably has advanced warning that the inbound caller is evil, so I go over the top nice when they answer. Good times.

  8. dragonfire81 says:

    @Darascon: I had the same problem with virgin mobile, I had to play a game of trial and error with the automated system to get to a person.

  9. Nick_Bentley says:

    This rules, places try to save money by shifting the cost of a person routing it to having you spend 20 minutes on hold going through a not-so-smart system.