PayPal Refunds $50 Defraud, Sics Collections On You

Last year, fraudulently took $50 from reader Adam’s Paypal account. He disputed the charge, Paypal agreed it was fraud and returned the funds, and Adam closed the account. Now all of a sudden Paypal’s internal collections agency is calling up Adam and making rude and insistent demands that he pay this $50 immediately.

They didn’t care about Adam’s explanation, they just wanted his money. True to form, all of Adam’s attempts to contact anyone at Paypal to resolve the issue were unsuccessful and unanswered. So far, though, the debt hasn’t appeared on his credit report.

So here’s what Adam, or anyone in an similar position should do. Here’s a sample letter for making them prove they own the debt. If they can’t come up with anything and keep contacting you, here’s a sample letter for telling them to drop dead (and stop contacting you).

(Photo: irina slutsky)

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