Contact Enterprise CEO Andy Taylor

I’ve always found Enterprise to have stellar service, but if for some reason you should have an issue not resolvable at the branch or through regular customer service, here’s the contact info for their CEO Andy Taylor.



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  1. beavis88 says:

    Wish I’d had this number when they said I dented a fender on a rental, then tried to bill $2000 worth of other (non-fender) repairs to my insurance…

  2. rinse says:

    Wow, I’ve always found just the opposite — I’ve only had terrible Enterprise experiences. I tell anyone renting a car to stay away! of course, they may be better now, but I wouldn’t know since they’ve lost me as a customer forever. :-/

  3. JustaConsumer says:

    Enterprise has always worked great for me.

  4. kittenfoo says:

    Is he the same Andy Taylor that was the mayor or Mayberry, North Carolina? ;)

  5. sjaguar says:

    I have rented from Enterprise several times. The service is usually okay, but the vehicles are not always up to snuff.

    I was driving from OH to PA on a business trip and needed a rental. They had forgotten to fill the tank with gas. It was not a huge deal as I did not have to bring it back full.

    Halfway into my trip, I stopped at a toll booth. The window did not want to roll up. It wouldn’t have been too bad had I not be driving in December. I eventually got it to roll up by pulling the window up and pressing the button at the same time. The next day, I went to clean the windshield, but found it was out of wiper fluid.

    Again, the issues were relatively minor and I did receive a significant credit on my bill.

  6. msbask says:

    I’ve only rented a car once in my life, and damaged it when I ran over something while driving.

    Enterprise couldn’t have been nicer. I initiated a claim with Amex and gave the info to Enterprise. A few weeks later I got a notice from Amex that they had paid $386, which seemed really reasonable.

  7. Pro-Pain says:

    Hit and miss. Period.

  8. fairywench says:

    Ooh, this is a great post! I recently had a terrible experience at Enterprise. I’m gonna raise some HELL now!

  9. jwissick says:

    Been to enterprise once. Will NOT go back. Ever.

  10. god_forbids says:

    Could a current ERAC employee please confirm (or post) if non-internal addresses can still send to all employees at a GPBR/area/GP with the branch/area/group code? I think it would really help people get stuff solved if a whole area heard about it when someone messed up ;) Tho I know admin can still do recalls word always got around fast enough …

  11. louise says:

    Am currently battling with Enterprise over supposed scratch and small dent that happened “AFTER I turned in the keys! They picked me up at the auto body shop and said I could return rental there when picking up my car. They led me to believe this was a service they offered to their customers and was standard procedure. No one told me they’d hold me responsible for what happened between my dropping it off and their picking it up. So be careful when dealing with them.

  12. bigough13 says:

    Just emailed Mr. Taylor over an issue I have just had with his company. Don’t know if he received it personally but I can tell you the email is correct, if you feel that compelled to email the CEO.

  13. SignedOn says:

    I cannot agree about Enterprise. We have noticed (in our office and neighborhood) that the company pushes full “coverage” even offers incentives to get that then slaps us with a damage claim, and we are now certain that the time they take to look the vehicle over upon return is spent in damaging it. Sure insurance pays them – corporate pocket lining but not under my name and policy they don’t. No more Enterprise on my expense account. I don’t even damage our own cars!