AARP Really Really Needs Members

Adam’s mom recently received an AARP invitation, which is not surprising since she’s nearing fifty. But we think AARP may want to pass a better filter over the address lists they’re buying, because a few days later Adam received the same invitation. Maybe AARP is trying to expand to seniors and their admirers—sort of like a backwards NAMBLA.

Adam writes:

I’m beginning to think that AARP is getting desperate for members. Roughly a month ago, my mom who is only 47 received a letter from AARP offering her a membership already. I looked at their website the night that we got that letter and from what I can tell, you have to be 50 or older to join.

Now let’s fast forward to today. I just brought in the mail and the attached letter was sent to me. It is IDENTICAL to the one that my mom received but this time it is addressed to me. There was even a “membership” card included with my name printed on it. Now you are probably wondering how old I am. As of today (August 26) I am 20. I’m not even old enough to purchase alcohol but yet AARP wants to sell me a membership.

(Photo: Getty)

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