Used coffee grounds can absorb fridge odors, make your hair shiny, and exfoliate your skin. Here’s a list of 11 ways you can put old coffee grounds to use. [Life Hackery]


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  1. cerbie says:

    Awesome. Smelly, but awesome.

  2. tom2133 says:

    Good to know about the coffee grounds seeing as how baking soda needs to be changed monthly now.

  3. Trai_Dep says:

    But you’ll taste burnt! Err, dark-roasted.
    My tip: have your significant other do this, then skip your morning Joe and simply lick them clean.

  4. shorty63136 says:

    Yeah, I don’t think I’d use coffee in my hair though. I’d be rinsing for forever trying to get all of it out of my curly hair and then that would defeat the purpose entirely since water by itself dulls hair.

  5. ssaoi says:

    Really works on Fire Ants. I was picking up the giant bags for free at Starbucks and covering the fire ant mounds. took about a week and the ants leave.

  6. spazztastic says:

    I’m not sure that offee is a better smell for my fridge. At least the mold smells like everything else in the veggie drawer.

  7. Elvisisdead says:

    OK- the fireplace trick is absolute bunk. And, Lifehacker should be offended.

  8. Robobot says:

    Lifehacker…y? Well that’s original. Nice compilation of coffee facts though, I’ll give them that.

    If you cook with stinky things like fish you can use coffee grounds to remove the smell from your hands. Just scrub with it mixed in with your soap for a while. Some botique soap makers sell soap with coffee grounds already in for this exact reason. (Plus it smells amazing)!

  9. hhole says:

    Seeing the coffee ground story I was completely stoked to head upstairs and try out the new coffee ground solution. Outcome…overall a big fail.

    Shorty63136 hit it on the head. I used about the same amount of water that a small 3rd world nation uses to rinse the last bit of ground out of my hair. Aargh…I just rubbed the back of my ear and found another ground. Yeesh.

    As a facial and foot scrub it was fine but as a body scrub I don’t recommend it for anyone past the body hair level of “smooth”. Again, so much water to get off so few grounds.

    Overall, I vaguely smell like the days when I was a barista. Best to leave the past in the past in this instance.

    Past the body I really don’t think I’d put grounds on a pet just because coffee is toxic for them and I’m not sure I could prevent grounds getting in their mouth. Plus, with all the hair, I have no clue how many lakes I’d have to drain to get Hungry the Cat clean.