WHH Ranch Company Uses Shredded Checks As Package Cushioning

A Texas cannery has been using shredded checks from the local bank as packing materials for the past twenty years. The WHH Ranch Company claims that Michelle McBride of Kansas is the only customer to ever complain about the checks, which plainly displayed routing and account numbers for hospitals, medicare, schools, businesses, and personal accounts.

“We didn’t piece any of this together. We just taped it to hold it together. None of this has torn through at all,” Amelia McBride said.

“You get the wrong people get a hold of this information, oh my gosh! They could have a heyday with this one box,” Michelle McBride said.

“I was just in shock. I just couldn’t believe that they’re using shredded up checks as packing material,” Amelia added.

The McBride’s contacted the company that shipped and packed the peppers, WHH Ranch Company.

Owner Bill Hamzy says the family owned and operated business has been using shredded paper from the same Texas bank for years.

He says the McBride’s are the first to notice the problem and one he will fix immediately.

It’s great that WHH Ranch agreed to stop packing goods in shredded checks, but what sort of insanely reckless bank was handing them out to begin with?!

Packing material poses threat to customers of one Texas bank [KTKA] (Thanks to Aaron!)

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