Pepperoni Hot Pockets Recalled For Containing Plastic

What’s that tasty new flavor in your Hot Pocket? Maybe it’s plastic! Nestlé is recalling over 200,000 pounds of Hot Pockets after some pieces of what they suspect is a testing device turned up in the product.

The recall is for 54-ounce, 12-pack cartons of Hot Pockets Pepperoni Pizza with the following printed on the sides of each carton: “8157544614D,” “EST 7721A” and “BEST BEFORE JAN2010.”

If you have some of the recalled product, spit out that plastic and call Nestlé Consumer Services Center at 1-800-350-5016.

“215,660 pounds of Hot Pockets recalled” [Lexington Herald-Leader] (Thanks to Dariush!)


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  1. nicemarmot617 says:

    That would taste different from a normal hotpocket how?

  2. Methusalah says:

    @nicemarmot617: More flavor.

  3. badhatharry says:

    Have you had one?
    A) Of course they contain plastic,
    B)I’m relieved that’s all they contain.

  4. sir_pantsalot says:

    They are supposed to stay good in the freezer for a year and a half? The entire thing must be made of plastic.

  5. wiggatron says:

    Mmmmmm! Is it HDPE, PC, or maybe soft soft and sumptuous PVC?

  6. snoop-blog says:

    “what are the instructions to those damn things anyways? (reading box) remove from box, place directly in toilet…”

    – Jim Gaffigan

    /God Pocket…

  7. alice_bunnie says:

    Darn, joke already made. :p I was going to say, hard red plastic… pepperoni. Clear rubber- Cheese, same taste. :p

    I have to go check the industrial size Hot Pockets out in the freezer now. Kiddie Chow may have to be returned. ;p

  8. snoop-blog says:

    Sorry but I have to post this vid here

  9. BoomerFive says:

    Best before Jan 2010?!?! They better be ALL plastic!

  10. dbg1970 says:

    exactly. Personally, I make a habit of avoiding year-old baked goods.

  11. Lucky225 says:


  12. myabloodyvalentine says:

    i actually thought this was an old recall. i remember seeing a sign at my grocery store in the freezer section more than a month ago… maybe it’s a new and improved hot pocket – with even more plastic.

    diarrhea pockettttt

  13. crashedpc says:

    Crap, no wonder my mouth bled everytime I ate a HotPocket. I thought it was cuz my body was rebelling against me for eating one.

  14. admiral_stabbin says:

    ‘Tis a shame! That’s 215,660 pounds of waste that narrowly missed the dumps in the first place…now it actually has to go directly there.

    I’ve always envisioned hell (if it exists) to have a “Pocket Buffet” (i.e. lean pockets, hot pockets, breakfast pockets). 20 yards long of sneeze-shielded, room temperature…pockets.

  15. savvy999 says:

    ah, Lean/Hot Pockets: By design, those mofos get nuclear-fusion hot on the ends, yet stay ice cold in the middle.

    What other single product gives searing 2nd degree burns, and then cooling refreshment, in the same 3 bites?

    Now we know– it’s the shredded Space Shuttle heat tiles inside.

  16. WiglyWorm must cease and decist says:

    @BoomerFive: Beat me to it. that’s a really… gross… shelf life for a pastry stuffed with meat and cheese.

  17. dorianh49 says:

    @admiral_stabbin: You’re way off. There would be no sneeze guard.

  18. MercuryPDX says:

    Hot Pockets…. the car radios of the communal freezer:

  19. DoubleEcho says:

    What a waste of delicious tongue-searing goodness. Send those recalled Hot Pockets to me, it’s just plastic!

    So hungry….

  20. se7a7n7 says:

    @snoop-blog: snoop bloggy blog, you beat me to it.

  21. Triborough says:

    Back in February, we found a piece of plastic found in can of Annie’s Non-Chicken Noodle soup. I called and e-mailed the company and sent them a photo (see below). They were quite happy with the photograph which showed the lot number of the can, a piece of plastic and a ruler to show size.

    They sent a FedEx envelope to send it to them. I got some coupons for my trouble. I’d have just been happy with a replacement can.

  22. Triborough says:

    @Triborough: Replace Annie’s with Amy’s above.

  23. dohtem says:

    For anyone that’s ever heard Jim Gaffigan’s Hot Pocket bit, this is doubly hilarious.

    “Death pocket!!”

  24. trucha says:

    @Triborough: Why can’t they just call it noodle soup?

  25. BiZarRroBALlmeR says:

    At least the plastic is low fat and no calories and will probably pass through the digestive system quite harmlessly.

  26. JustinAche says:

    Tell you the truth, I eat a Lean Pocket most every day. I have a good microwave (no cold or hot hot spots), and they rarely last the 12 days in a box, much less a year.

    Though I do get all the Hot Pocket jokes, and I saw Gaffigan live…loved it!

  27. The_Legend says:

    I just ate a Plastic Hot pocket today and dammit, they snuck some pepperoni in it!

  28. Diet-Orange-Soda says:

    Maybe this explains why my Lean Pocket turned into a rock-solid mass of burnt.

  29. legwork says:

    I’d prefer plastic over some of the decomposing yuck I’ve found in those things.

    Ham Hot Pocket? No thank you, maam. (freaking urp)

  30. Zeniq says:

    I legitimately enjoy Hot Pockets.

  31. zonk7ate9 says:

    @savvy999: LOL, so true I used to live off those things when I was in 6th grade, and you hit the nail on the head with that comment.

  32. TechnoDestructo says:

    So…when is plastic going to start showing up in seafood?

  33. tmed says:

    Dammit, now I have that stupid jingle in my head.

  34. Mr_Mantastic says:

    When I was in college and bought frozen meals like that, I had to use scissors to cut them after microwaving. I graduated on to cooking myself.

  35. Elvisisdead says:

    Wouldfolks who eat hot pockets actually ever figure out there was plastic in there?

  36. GamblesAC2 says:

    @dorianh49: Hell (no pun inteneded)the snot and saliva might actualy make the Hot pokets taste better!

  37. Irashtar says:

    First reaction to the choice of picture for this article for me was, “Free icehouse pieces with hot pockets, rock on!”
    Also, they’re made of Crystal Polystyrene, not plastic.

  38. BuddhaLite says:

    @Irashtar: LOL. Not exactly the thought I had but it’s nice to come across someone that knows what icehouse pieces are.

  39. A testing device? Is that a fancy way of saying plastic fork?

    The company thinks the pieces might have come from a small, plastic testing device that is used to test the sensitivity of metal-detection equipment…

    Okay, now I’m even more confused.

  40. Raziya says:

    Hahahahaha, I love that Jim Gaffigan skit.

    But yeah, Hot Pockets…filled with plastic?! Ew.

  41. lauy says:


    You are exactly right! They recently recalled some of the new Chicken Spinach Artichoke variety for the SAME reason!


  42. @wiggatron: it’s always been PVC, but market conditions have changed, and consumers are no longer willing to consume something laced with BPA

  43. GothGirl says:

    Who the hell buys a 12 pack of Hot Pockets????

  44. badhatharry says:

    @GothGirl: I’ve heard they’re popular with people who are planning on engaging in weekend-long marathon WOW sessions.

    All, right, me.

  45. Green Goth Brit Chick - AlternatEve says:

    … see, I use cereal for sessions like that. Coco Pops especially.

  46. Meathamper says:

    What’s the difference? I thought they all had plastic in the first place.

  47. iaintgoingthere says:

    What if you don’t have the box to check the numbers?

  48. drjayphd says:

    @iaintgoingthere: Is your digestive tract mostly intact?

    Then you haven’t been eating any sort of Hot Pockets. :P

  49. DerangedRoleModel says:

    Now only if they add actual chicken…

  50. ThatSaabGuy says:

    And if you DON’T know what Icehouse pieces are (or Treehouse, as the case may be), check it here:


    Yaa for games!