Some poor soul is trying to live her life strictly according to Oprah’s advice. “Clearly, I need to work on deepening my relationship with footwear,” she says in her latest post. Painful, but interesting — particularly because she’s also tracking what it costs to live by Oprah’s rules. [Living Oprah]


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  1. Botticelli711 says:

    I live my life according to the consumerist

  2. Angryrider says:

    I live my life my way or highway.

    …If Oprah can influence so many people, why can’t she just run for President…

    People buying Rice Cookers just to steam a few measley carrots? Only Oprah’s followers would do such things!

  3. Sevarious says:

    This lady would be better off Living Biblically for a year. At least a lot of that advice has withstood the test of time. Then again, that book has already been written.

  4. Canino says:

    Is there a link to something showing the ongoing cost without having to slog through the whole site? I can’t find it.

  5. girlwithoutahero says:

    @Canino: No kidding. Two sentences in and I alreaddy see far too much awe and not nearly enough cynical use of airquotes.
    Epic fail.

    I will continue to live my life according to the seven deadly sins.

  6. DamThatRiver says:

    Peg Bundy would have liked this idea, though she’d be too lazy to do it herself.

  7. thelushie says:

    @everydaybrogues: I didn’t get that impression at all. I read through the first page of postings. She is critical of the hypocrisy that is Oprah. Live simply but encourage people to buy, buy, buy.

    @Sevarious: That was a great book.

  8. Triborough says:

    After she foisted Dr. Phil upon us, she became truly evil. I would never trust any other product, good, service, or anything else she endorses.

  9. craftykate says:

    @everydaybrogues: I really like her site (Living Oprah’s, not Oprah’s!) She’s not star struck, she’s actually quite analytical and thoughtful and shows a nice sense of balance. It’s an interesting experiment! Sure there are many other people and beliefs she could follow, but I like the idea of someone sifting through everything that Oprah declares (and she declares a lot) and getting to the bottom of it all.

  10. leftystrat says:

    Has anybody urine-tested this woman?

    Even with (mis)managed behavioral healthcare, this should be grounds for some time at the Happy Place.

  11. Mercurywaxing says:

    According to the New York Times she is a performance artist. In this case the performance is her life, and she’s getting scads of publicity out of it.

    Now, the question is when will she be on Opra? (answer, never, because she points out when things are a little ridiculous.)

  12. SadSam says:

    I read an interview with this woman and she is planning on writing a book. I would guess she came up with the idea after reading all the other “I did this for a year” books.

  13. battra92 says:

    I never understood the appeal of Oprah. I have a friend who will basically do whatever she says. Her audience is like a bunch of mind-numbed robots who buy any piece of crap that she endorses.

    The Oprah-fication of our culture is a very bad thing.

    @Sevarious: Great idea, just don’t fall prey to those who want you to buy the John the Baptist shower curtains and instead live by the Gospel. :)

  14. moore850 says:

    I wonder how many people she’d keep in her audience if they replaced every occurance of the word “oprah” with the words “corporate shill”.

  15. jeejum says:

    > “This lady would be better off Living Biblically for a year.”

    Lo and behold.


    I’ve read parts of the book, it’s really not as interesting as it sounds.