Comcast: Fire Destroyed Your Cable Box? Pay Up.

Here’s one more thing to worry about when a fire destroys your home — Comcast.

From NBC 10:

Fire victims from the Riverwalk at Millennium condominium complex told NBC10 and the property management of the apartment complex that Comcast is going to charge residents to replace any cable boxes destroyed in the fire.

NBC 10 contacted Comcast and the company said it’s true.

Fire victims will have to cover the cost, but residents should get reimbursed by their insurance companies, whether they are renters or homeowners.

How much will fire victims have to pay?

“We don’t share specific information about our costs, but they can vary depending on the type of box — HD boxes, Digital Video Recorder, etc. We’re doing all we can to accommodate our customers who were affected by the fire,” a Comcast spokes person said.

“They have agreed to extend the due date for charges related to the damaged boxes until Nov. 15, which does allow the insurance companies for these residents time to process the claim and provide residents with funds for which to pay that due,” said Lauren McDonald from Riverwalk Property

Comcast says they’re not going to bill the fire victims for the cable they’re not watching and will waive future installation fees.

Comcast Charging Residents For Equipment Lost In Condo Fire [NBC 10] (Thanks, Steve !)
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(Photo: WTXF )

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