4 Unusual Ways To Save Money

BusinessWeek has put together one of those accursed slideshows of 25 ways to save money, and while a lot of them are things you’ve heard before (use credit cards wisely! buy generic or used!), there are a few less common tips that you might not have considered. Here are four that caught our attention.

3. Cut out investment charges and fees
BusinessWeek notes that “many investors end up paying 2% to 3% off the top each year for investing costs. Lower-cost mutual funds and index funds can slash that bill, savings that compound over several decades of investing.”

7. Make sure you don’t have too much insurance
Don’t have dependents? Cut back on life insurance. Are your auto and home deductibles very low? Look for cheaper coverage with higher deductibles. They also recommend shopping around for new insurance every 2 to 3 years.

13. Lay down the law with your free-spending friends
It’s harder to save if you hang out with big spenders. “Some financial planners advise cash-strapped clients to seek out social companions with similar budgets. However, if you’re honest about your spending limits, true friends should be willing to adjust their plans by, for example, choosing a less pricey restaurant.”

18. Annualize your expenses

“Realizing how much things cost over the course of a year can really help put things in perspective,” says Bob Nusbaum of Middle America Planning in Pittsburgh. For example, if you spend $10 for snacks and lunch each weekday, that adds up to $2,500 in a year.

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