Life Still Empty? Buy Videotaped Autographs From The Stars

We can’t really mock the self-mocking William Shatner for his miraculous ability to keep earning money as a celebrity, sometimes even by acting, so instead we’ll roll our eyes at the dorks who are paying $150 and up for videotaped footage of Shatner reciting a personalized greeting into a video camera as he autographs a photo. And we’ll be secretly jealous of the entrepreneur who came up with the idea.

…with the incidence of fraudulent autographs on the rise, Live Autographs bills itself as a service that helps authenticate the celebrity signature.

Shatner, 77, launched the business on Wednesday, signing pictures, mugs and even a toy “communicator” from “Star Trek,” the 1960s TV space adventure that made Shatner a star.’s website lists Danica Patrick, Hulk Hogan, Carmen Electra, Steve Austin, Ted Nugent, Cindy Margolis, and Raven-Symone as other celebs you can purchase, as well as about half the cast of “Lost.”

Oddly, Shatner isn’t listed on the website, which makes us wonder if Trekkies bought up all his face time or he was just faking it for a press release. (Shatner is an investor in the company.)

“William Shatner signs off on new video autographs” [Reuters]

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