JetBlue Has Grandmother Arrested For Refusing To Delete An Unflattering Video Recording

Marilyn Parver is taking her story to the media after JetBlue had her arrested and walked off the plane in handcuffs for refusing to delete a video recording she made of an altercation between passengers. She told Christopher Elliott that JetBlue accused her of interfering with a flight crew (a federal crime) and threatened to blacklist her by adding her name to the dreaded “no-fly list.”

I am a 56-year-old grandmother who has never had so much as a speeding ticket. But on July 26th, I was taken by armed officers, in handcuffs, off JetBlue flight 195 for refusing to delete a video I had taken of a minor altercation between passengers over a screaming kid.

The flight crew made up a charge of interfering with the crew. My recording proves I did nothing wrong. I never even stood up. I was left with the threat that I will never be able to fly on JetBlue, that I will go on the no-fly list, and have a report written about me filed with the FAA.

Parver has turned the footage over to ABCNews (apparently we should watch for her on Good Morning America) so that ABC’s legal team can fight off the pitbulls at JetBlue.

The Kingman Daily Miner also has a description of the incident:

Approximately 30 minutes after the dispute, Parver said she was approached by the flight crew who were asking passengers questions about the altercation. When Parver told them she had recorded the incident, they requested she accompany them to the back of the plane, Parver said.

There she showed the video to three or four crew members, Parver said.

“After viewing the video, they demanded that I delete it,” Parver said. “I asked, ‘Why?’ The head-stewardess went as far as to tell me that I had broken a law by using an electronic item during the flight.”

At that time, another flight attendant accused Parver of wanting to put it up on YouTube, a video-sharing Web site.

“I do not even know how to download a video on the Internet,” Parver said.

After refusing and returning to her seat, the crew asked Parver to return to the back of the plane again, she said.

“This time they told me that the captain demanded that I delete the video,” Parver added.

Parver requested to speak to the captain by telephone to confirm the demand. She was not granted this request.

“If the captain had nicely asked me to delete the video, I don’t think I would have disobeyed a pilot,” Parver said.

Parver again refused the flight crew’s request. At that point, one attendant told Parver that if she disobeyed the captain, federal agents would be involved and she could face criminal penalties.

“This was all a case of bullying,” Parver said.

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Woman detained by airline over video [Kingman Daily Miner]

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