Best Buy will start selling the iPhone on September 7th, making it the only retailer other than Apple and AT&T to offer the device. [Associated Press]


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  1. DeleteThisAccount says:

    ….and if you don’t show your receipt at the door BBY will remotely install the “I’m an @sshole” application on your phone.

  2. andyfvp says:

    they finally came to the party and now Apple can continue its world domination…(cue evil laugh). Hey, as an Apple stock holder this is good news, but doesn’t mean people will get their iphones any faster!

  3. First Apple picks AT&T, then they pick Best Buy? What is Jobs smoking? And where can I get some?

  4. tom2133 says:

    September 7 – Best Buy starts selling iPhones
    September 8 – First Consumerist sob-story about how they can’t get an iPhone/were hassled at Best Buy
    October 7 – First iPhone lost by Best Buy service center.

  5. @tom2133: October for the first lost phone? I’d put that in September before the phones go on sale!

  6. @silencedotcom: Meaning employee theft, of course.

  7. timmus says:

    Do they make Monster Cables for iPhones? If they don’t, Best Buy is going to have to roll out some $299 service plans to make ends meet.

  8. theblackdog says:

    Is Best Buy a retailer for AT&T, or will they only sell the more expensive “Pick your Carrier” version of the phone?

  9. Derp says:

    Best Buy carries every national brand through the Best Buy Mobile store-within a-store concept which is now in every single U.S. Best Buy location and BBY Mobile stand alone stores.

  10. Wormfather is Wormfather says:

    There’s a joke somewhere where the pun is made about a brick being in the box and a bricked iPhone. Halp pwese.

  11. I got up this morning and thought, “Wow! Now this is exciting news!” Not a second later, I realized that normal companies sell their products all over the place.

    I briefly resented Apple for being so good at manipulation, but playing with my iPhone made me feel better. (Disclaimer: I own stock in Apple and Best Buy, so I’m wholly in support of some Apple rubbing off on Best Buy.)

    @timmus: Yes, Monster Cable has a complete line of color-coordinating “iCables”.

    @CaptainSemantics: The mini-Apple stores inside some Best Buys are actually pretty nice. They’re staffed by Apple Employees trained in California. I chatted up the Apple guy at my local Best Buy and he was pretty personable. Had has the kind of attitude I like in a sales person.

    Then I stepped outside of the Apple safety zone, and within seconds I was harassed by some kid asking “Are you finding everything alright sir?” I hate that phrase (mostly because it was the only one I used when I was some kid working there).

  12. dazzlezak says:

    Anybody thinking of buying an iphone at Best Buy.

    First do a Consumerist search on Best Buy, then go to your nearest Apple store and get your iphone.

  13. BrianH says:

    @Michael Belisle:

    Did you see this post on MacRumors? []

    -Easily scratched plastic back: Check
    -Easily cracked plastic back: Check
    -25% increase in monthly bill: Check
    -Dropped calls: Check
    -Yellow screen: Check
    -No pack in dock: Check
    -Pathetically small 3G network: Check and double check

    I’ve detected a growing level of resentment in the iPhone 3G community, seems like a lot of people are having a sub-par experience, which only adds insult to injury.

    Yesterday I walked past an Apple Store and there was a line 20 deep waiting for the phone. I’m a pretty outgoing guy, I walked up to this one 30-something guy standing there, looking kinda bored… I asked him if he felt stupid waiting in line for a phone that’s been out for a month now. Not in an insulting way, almost in a sympathetic way….

    He said “Yeah, I feel like a f***ing idiot, but I want the damn phone.” You have to respect that kind of determination, and also the Apple marketing machine that feeds it!