Towing Chicago-Style: Put Up A Sign After Hundreds Of Cars Have Already Parked

If you’re from Chicago and have ever parked an automobile, this has probably already happened to you 6 times and you’ll be wondering why this story is even newsworthy. Feel free to go get a sandwich. For the rest of the country… The Chicago Sun-Times is reporting that hundreds of people who drove to the 79th annual Bud Billiken Parade got a nasty surprise when they found that a towing company had posted a notice after the parade started and towed all of their cars.

Motorists, residents and store owners in the area say a tow company waited until lots near the parade route were full of cars before posting towing notices and taking vehicles. Each owner had to shell out at least $170 to Rendered Services Inc. to retrieve their cars.

Police on the scene said they’d heard many radio calls about towing from vacant lots in the area, and most involved Rendered. Police said at one point they had to stop trucks from yanking the cars because the signage was erected after the 10 a.m. start of the parade.

Fun! The towing company claims that the signs were “posted and reposted and reposted,” but a local business owner told the Sun-Times, “They just put it up no less than an hour ago.”

Sweet home, Chicago.

Tow trucks swoop in on paradegoers’ cars
[Chicago Sun-Times]
(Photo: John J. Kim/Sun-Times)

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