Time Warner Cable Customers Can't Play World Of Warcraft

Update: The Director of Digital Communications at Time Warner Cable has responded.

We don’t play World of Warcraft, but if we did, it looks like we’d have to cancel Time Warner Cable and install FIOS in order to guarantee a connection to Blizzard’s servers. That’s what some East Coast WoW players are saying—they’ve been suffering disconnections and game-killing lags for months now, and Time Warner Cable seems unable to solve the problem. They swear they’re not doing anything to disrupt or throttle gamers, and say that “customers who are having problems on the local level should contact customer service.” Based on the 24-page thread on Blizzard’s forums, TWC’s customer service has yet to resolve the issue.

One Wow player wrote,

Everyone here is extremely frustrated because we want to play but can’t get a connection to do so. Blizzard does what they can to help but the problem is the path to the servers not the servers themselves so we are sent to TWC. I’m sure everyone that has called has been asked to check thier connection, their router, their modem and their underwear color. The “techs” are outsourced and don’t listen or don’t understand English very well. How many of you have told the “tech” that you have tried their suggestions 100 times only to have them send you to http://speedtest.nyc.rr.com/ and say “See .. no problem with your connection”?

Maybe you should unplug your router for a few moments to reset it. LOOKIT ME I’M A TIME WARNER CABLE CSR.

Update: An alleged Time Warner Cable employee wrote to us this morning:

Without going into detail, I am an employee of Time Warner Cable. At this time, we are not aware of any issues with this. If possible, please urge anyone having this issue to contact us immediately using an online form. If we have account information, we can investigate the issue, but we do not block packets/servers/etc. that should be causing the issue. If anything, a recent system upgrade should be delivering faster speeds. Please, if possible, direct those with the issue here:


“TWC Blamed for Internet Interference” [New York Post]
(Photo: thms.nl)


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  1. othertim says:

    Hmmm, this explain a problem I was having maybe a year or so ago, I’d periodically lag behind for three seconds or so, and then everything would catch up. It was annoying, but not gamebreaking and I learned to live with it. Then one day it stopped. Then I moved and I haven’t noticed a problem with the new connection so far.

  2. henrygates says:

    Funny, Comcast said the same thing about their throttling practices. TWC exposed as liars in 3…2…

  3. OmniZero says:

    I have a friend who would be quite angry over this. I don’t know if the issue persists up here in Rochester, NY. I’ll have to ask him tonight. Time Warner is probably creating a new “WoW Fee” or something ridiculous.

  4. garbagehead says:


  5. synimatik says:

    As soon as FIOS is available in my area I’m telling Time-Warner to kiss my hairy roadrunner.

  6. Ein2015 says:

    I once had a huge problem with Comcast in Dallas (before Time Warner Cable took over and Comcast took Houston instead) because while I “technically” had a connection, it was about as fast as dialup.

    I called the techs repeatedly, first trying to reason with them about my skills hooking up a router (I’m studying computer engineering), but that was to no avail. Eventually, it boiled down to them saying “okay reset the router” and I’d wait about 0.2 seconds and then say “ok done.” And after a minute of that they’d realize (magically?) that it’s NOT the router! Finally, after dealing with this a couple of times, they told me the truth: the backbone for our area was temporarily being routed down a VERY low bandwidth and VERY high ping pipe to the east coast.

    Of course, residential contracts say nothing about a minimum guaranteed speed, only a connection. So while I had dialup speeds they were still actually fulfilling their contract.

  7. dragonfire81 says:

    1. I never have and never intend to play world of warcraft, it is just not my thing at all.

    2. I know many people play the game RELENTLESSLY for hours a day.

    3. I suspect TWC *IS* throttling WoW traffic

    4. Outsourced tech support stinks

  8. mmstk101 says:

    If a whole bunch of WoW players got together and threatened TWC with their +5 broadswords, I bet this whole problem would just disappear.

    /secretly wishes he had a +5 broadsword

  9. attackgypsy says:

    Optimum Online has this problem a few months ago, and it was determined to be something on AT&T’s end.

    I know, sounds dumb, but its the truth. Gotta love the inter tubes.

  10. YankeeSR23 says:

    I have a similar problem playing Metal Gear Online on my PS3. Every time I play it tells me my connection is not good and I get disconnected so often.

    And I can prove Comcast is throttling bandwidth because when I download a good amount of data in one day for the next few days my connection is on and off. And then a few days later its back to normal.

  11. sleze69 says:

    I seriously doubt that TWC is throttling WoW UDP packets. MMORPGs use relatively small amounts of bandwidth. They just require a certain Quality of Service.

    This same thing happened with Everquest on Comcast AND Verizon DSL at various times in various areas. It almost always turned out to be related to them working on lines similar to Ein2005’s story. The first time I encountered it was when Comcast bought out Adelphia and the internet went to shit.

    I switched to DSL and for a year it was great and then IT went to shit. I switched back to Comcast and it was great from there on out.

    Months after both times of crappiness, Comcast and Verizon announced increased speed in those areas where it was previously crappy. They just didn’t want to advertise “Better speed/HD service coming soon (shitty service for now)!”

  12. Canino says:

    You’ll never get anywhere talking to level 1 tech support – they just read scripts off a screen and then schedule a truck when the problem isn’t fixed.

    One time the gateway I was on was hosed. You could ping the gateway from either side, but couldn’t ping through it. I told the level 1, level 2, and level 3 techs what was wrong and suggested they reboot it. They all insisted it was fine. Five hours later I get a phone call from a level 3 tech saying it had been fixed and that the problem was so difficult to figure out they had to call in extra techs to figure it out. The solution they came up with: reboot the gateway.

  13. Shadowfire says:

    Yea, it may not be TWC, but a backbone the information is traveling through. Not to say that’s much better, and yea, I’d drop them… just throwing it out there.

  14. MayorBee says:

    Yeah, I’m outing myself as a nerd here. I have issues with periodic disconnects on AT&T while I’m playing Tabula Rasa (an MMORPG). This doesn’t happen during regular web surfing at all, and it only lasts a minute or two, so tech support isn’t able to help me.

  15. Ultraprison! says:

    twc kept telling me it was my router’s fault. bought a new router. $100 later, the internet is still terrible, giving me game-busting lag times. damn you twc!!!!

  16. erratapage says:

    It really doesn’t matter if it’s TWC’s fault or not. If I were them, I’d fix this problem QUICKLY. There is nothing more frightening than hoards of jonesing WoW gamers. Just think… their way to expend pent up frustration is to kill, KILL, KILL!!!! (other animated characters). What happens when there are no animated characters to kill, KILL, KILL!!!! ?

  17. Nighthawke says:

    Complain to your game makers regarding their wanton throttling and manipulation of your bandwidth. After all, it IS their bottom line that is getting hurt when you kill your subscription and move on.

    Post complaints and keep posting. This has GOT to be stopped, quick!

  18. I had TWC up until two months ago. Four nights a week at 11pm like clockwork the service would start degrading to the point where any online gaming would be impossible.

    I now have FIOS. Thanks TWC. You made me see the light.

  19. Phexerian says:

    When I played Wow, I had TWC. Had a slight problem for about 2 months with constant lag. Did a trace route and saw some of their servers were really bad. Wasn’t me or Blizzard. It eventually fixed itself but looks like it is back and worse than ever.

  20. legwork says:

    No blocking here, they’re just “managing their network.”

  21. Shutaro says:

    I blame Comcast. They’re responsible for this, somehow…

  22. Nytmare says:

    Yay for customer service departments at every company. 1000 people could have the same problem, proving a trend that the company engineers should investigate, and the CSR’s only goal is still to get every customer off the phone as fast as possible. I honestly don’t know how companies ever learn about or solve wide-scale problems but I suspect that action stems entirely from rogue customers with insider connections because companies seem to intentionally disconnect themselves completely from normal support.

  23. QuantumRiff says:

    Why is it that most CSR systems don’t send you an email confirmation of the call, and the notes? I know when I call some support systems, 2 minutes after I get off the phone, I get an email with notes on the call, the resolution, and a link to take a survey.

    Seems that this would solve lots of problems, like CSR’s saying “its fixed” when its not, or adding services you don’t ask for, etc. Most companies, there is no way to know what they are “noting in your file”.

  24. warf0x0r says:

    My guess is the hops from the TWC customers to the Blizz server at one point go very bad. In which case its definately an TWC problem.

    I had a problem with TWC a while back where my ping in WoW would go from 80 to 50,000. No joke that was my ping.

    Turns out the cable modem my local TWC franchise had was so old that it wasn’t capable of processing the data fast enough, specifically it was a problem where the modem thought it was being attacked and would deny packets. I went out and bought my own cable modem, a Motorola Surfboard and low and behold problem solved.

    In this case though, if you have the option to switch to FiOS and you haven’t… well I just wish I could switch.


  25. Corydon says:

    Here’s a news flash…connection problems have plagued MMORPGs since pretty well the beginning of the genre. Anyone else remember the lawsuit against Origin for the poor, laggy performance in UO during peak hours back in the ’90s?

    The problem is that MMORPGs don’t really need a lot of bandwidth (so that super fast “gamer” tier is a real waste of money). They do need a connection with consistently low latency. Spikes in ping rate show up as the problems described above.

    This is why MMORPG companies will typically distribute their servers in several different physical locations—chances are you’ll find a server that’s relative nearby (in internet terms). Always pick a server to play on that has a low ping.

    Unfortunately, this is a problem that’s been around since the ’90s and shows no signs of going away any time soon (at least not until there’s some kind of Internet-wide version of QoS put in place that privileges gaming packets; in other words, never).

    Yes, ISP practices and problems on the backbone can change the problem from a minor annoyance to making the game unplayable. Best thing to do is look for new WoW servers that are in a different location. I don’t know what Blizzard’s policies are on transferring characters from one server to another, but that might help.

  26. Ein2015 says:

    On another note… an even earlier experience with SBC Yahoo! DSL (back about… 6 years ago in Houston) was VERY pleasant and VERY easy, and didn’t actually involve any humans!

    You see, my DSL modem wasn’t connecting and I knew it wasn’t my fault (I had tried everything). So I called up the number listed in the documentation they mailed the modem with from the phone connected to the DSL line, and the system asked why I was calling. I pressed the appropriate number (something about “to report a service problem, press 4”), the system automatically looked up my account information based on the phone number I called with, and then said that a problem for my area had already been reported and is being taken care of currently, and if the problem didn’t go away within a few hours to call back. A few hours later, the problem was fixed.

    I was very happy with their phone tree! (That’s something you’ll RARELY hear!)

  27. MercuryPDX says:

    Maybe you should unplug your router for a few moments to reset it. LOOKIT ME I’M A TIME WARNER CABLE CSR.

    Did you try jiggling the cable?

  28. socalrob of the 24 and a half century says:

    I had something like this going on with verizon a couple years ago. If its a problem on the way to the servers, you could ask them to rebuild your virtual circuit.

    I was being routed all over the friggen country to get to a server that was located across the street from my house. Verizon sent someone out when my speeds would drop at noon until midnight, from 1.5mbps to 4kbps. They re-connected my line at the house, and at their box, and ran tests and found the line to be ok. The tech was nice enough to re-do the wiring at my jack. The next day they called to ask if it was fixed and I said no, so they ran a test and found nothing, then I had them run another test where my router would actually respond to their pings (it was set to ignore them before, so they were pinging their own equipment). The phone tech saw the massive latency and actually gasped at it. He re-built the circuit and I went from 30+ hops to 5.

    But that was back when you had competent techs who were based out of the United States rather than the techs from India who just read that script. I have actually gone off on one of them and told her to shut the *expletive* up and listen to me rather than read her script. Once she finally listened my problem was fixed in 2 minutes. I knew what was wrong because it had happened 3 weeks before.

  29. BuddhaLite says:

    In Tampa we actually have local people doing the support for Brighthouse and the few times I’ve had to call it’s been truly shocking good service. They trusted me AND listened when I told them how I tried troubleshooting the issue. The last time I called after a lighting hit I was on hold less than a minute, through the phone call in less than 5 and had a tech out the next day to fix the issue.

  30. Norislolz says:

    I like articles like this on the Consumerist because it forces transparency on policies and practices that directly affect the consumer. In my world, a company can sell an transparent, crappy product all it wants. Think fast food or Wal-Mart shoes. However, when a company saying one thing and delivering another, that’s bullshit and I hope they get wrecked.

    Now, can we get something on Blizzard and the awful way they handled Blizzcon tickets?

  31. snoop-blog says:

    Time Warner sucks. What sucks even more is in my area their contractor is Utili-Comm South, Which I’m pretty sure is owned by Satan himself.

  32. dkush21 says:

    I had SBC dsl and it worked wonderfully until AT&T took over. Then it went to sh%T.

  33. SpearXXI says:

    I would never buy anything from Time Warner Cable. I think they are on the way out.

  34. Sinflux says:

    @SpearXXI: I’m kinda stuck with it, I’ve tried 5 times to get DSL from AT&T and Verizon says my address doesn’t exist.

  35. chartrule says:

    my service provider is Sympatico

    i get lags and disconnects when i’m playing my PS3 online – doesn’t matter what game – and its totally random

  36. InThrees says:


    Throttling WoW traffic would be pretty stupid. It doesn’t use much bandwidth at all. (And if you doubt that, consider that the 1000 to 3000 players that might be on a server at one given time add up to an amount of bandwidth that the server can cope with, and then divide THAT amount by the 1000 to 3000 concurrently-connected players, and you’ll realize that… no, it really can’t be too much bandwidth for a single pipe.

    Also, WoW has something like over five or six million monthly paying subscribers in the US alone – doing anything to cause Blizzard to say “We recommend not using TWC as they are directly interfering with traffic to our servers” would not be a healthy business choice.

    There is probably some other reason for this that boils down to incompetence or ill-thought-out repercussions for a network change.

  37. Icantlikethat says:

    Maybe their wives and girlfriends work at Time Warner… wait never mind.

  38. Quilt says:

    I wonder what my roommate would do if this happened. I mean…he already swears at the top of his lungs when playing WoW (He’s nearly 30 btw). How would a crappy connection affect him? Would he get angrier? Would he break the addiction and discover sunlight?

    No matter, I think he’s getting evicted.

  39. snapdoodle says:

    Forward your ports.

  40. unnes says:

    I have TWC Road Runner in Rochester, NY, and haven’t noticed any significant latency playing WoW.

    Crappy FPS due to my POS computer, yes, but no real lag due to my connection. Road Runner has been pretty much stellar across the board.

  41. NeutronDecker says:

    Here in So. Cal my TWC works like shit. Every day around midnight my service takes a nose dive, or i start surfing at AOL speeds. I’ve called TWC and was told i need a new router which is bull… I’ve unplugged my router for ten seconds, made sure the cable is plugged in, all my lights are green…I’m about to loose it…. and i play WOW for hours at a time. I did forward my ports…for wow and bittorent..

    We need to do something about this….I hate losing my connection while in my favorite realm…

  42. Sandtiger says:

    Well I have been seeing random crashes but nothing major.

    I’ll tell ya how it goes tonight once I get past the 330+ queue to log in. :/

  43. linoth says:

    I’ll forgive the local branch of TWC since they’re busy absorbing Adelphia. The techs for Adelphia went on strike for a long period of time before it was finally sold (6-12+ months), so they’ve got their hands full trying to fix a mess. I’m also not a WoW player, so I can’t comment on that regard. I do fall into one of the FiOS competition zones that gets “10/1” service, though.

    I’m not a numbers freak, and I know how cable roughly works. I’m not always going to get what I’m paying for. As long as the connection is fairly consistent and fast enough, I won’t complain. But for kicks, I ran the speed test on TimeWarner’s site, knowing that it’s not an honest test and they probably played with the routing to skew the data. 1.5 mbit down, 0.5 mbit up. The ONE PLACE they could have faked the data to give them an arguement…

    Results from myvoipspeed.visualware.com, which I prefer for the reliability data: 3.28 mb down, 981 kb up.

    I find it funny that by leaving TWC’s network cloud I get better results.

  44. masterage says:

    luckily, Time Warner doesn’t have anything close to access here. If they did they’d be dragged out of town…

    Now a WoW player, though. I can’t fathom spending hundreds upon hundreds of dollars on a single game that will all go away if I stop paying. And wouldn’t that eventually seem like work, anyhow?

    At least I can pop in to Guild Wars once a month or so just to see what was updated/keep it updated/request from another player to pop in.

  45. masterage says:

    @masterage: Now = not
    My life for an edit button.

    Oh, and a good amount of MMORPGs (especially any main before 2006) can actually be played on 56k…you’ll lag a bit but it won’t be gamebreaking.

  46. Norislolz says:

    @masterage: Thank you for such an interesting addition to this article that’s about throttling internet service and poor customer service, NOT ABOUT YOUR LIKE OR DISLIKE OF WORLD OF WARCRAFT.

  47. Inglix_the_Mad says:

    My friend doesn’t have a problem at home or in his GC, for any FPS or MMO…

    I don’t know, may just be EC right now.

  48. Rippleeffect says:

    Live only 45 miles from irvine, and I get monthly bad service on the 8th hop. Still within their network, and its been three years for them to not find the problem

  49. LostAngeles says:

    This explains why my friend couldn’t play when he was visiting his family the other week.

  50. t325 says:

    More ISPs need to ban the cancer on America that is WoW

  51. My keyboard has a typo key says:

    TWC is worthless. The only techs that actually are honest with me are Tier3.

    When you have a dedicated machine, not a dinky router. For your routing needs. They tell you it is the router… So .. You walk over to the router, while on the phone. They still insist is is on your end. Even when you have a next door neighbor come on the phone and say they suck. They TWC says reboot the hardware.

    Since I have only the option of TWC, dialup(no phone line) or nothing. I just tell them I am paying for something. I am going to waste your time. Yeah a tool move, but if they do not care about my money. I can give a crap if they get yelled at.

    The one time I spent 8 hours…. YES, 8 hours when my cable was out. I got punted around the phone network. Hung up on and all sorts of goodness. Lucky for them. I took the deal they offered the next day.

    I do remind them. Sometimes it is not not worth even free if it does not work good.

    The trucks they roll out. I have only had one compliant. The one guy was a jerk, but professional.I just let him do his thing and get out of my home. Everyone else was good or superb.
    TWC = The Worst Cable

  52. TACP says:

    Some people I play WoW with will lose their connection 3 or 4 times an hour, and don’t ever get it fixed. They almost always have cable. It really stinks when they’re healing and we have a boss down to 5%. One person kills the whole raid.

    I used to have Comcast, and lost my internet every night, long before I played WoW. I then got DSL and haven’t had problems. I almost never get disconnected, and my ping is often below 100ms.

  53. snapdoodle says:


    Sorry I was really making a suggestion to people that maybe didn’t know to do it.

    I’ve personally had issues with TWC in the past where the internet would shut down on me periodically for days at a time. Eventually I switched to DSL but that turned out to be just as painful. Between TWC and Verizon, I’ve probably spent a good 20 hours or more talking to outsourced CSRs that couldn’t break script and waiting for guys that have no idea what they’re doing replace parts that didn’t need replacing.

    But, that was about 4 years ago. Now I’m on FIOS and haven’t had a major outage in quite a while. Not to say it’s perfect. But, if I were forced into going back to either one of those things I think I might just start stealing internet. I just can’t deal with the incompetence nor should anyone have to.

  54. Krrose27 says:

    Thing 1) When they say TWC are they Refering to the RoadRunner internet service provided by TWC and their subs? If so their level 1 techs are in Canada.

    Thing 2) Please learn about da internet. TWC and subs do not own primary back bones such as the level 3 network brighthpuse here localy dumps theiir network into in the end.

    The problemis not so much twc but the people providing service to them and in such a case, twc WILL have a hard time getting the level3/other network backbone provider to fix it.

    Without seeing their failed tracert I can not defenitaly say its not TWC fault, but hey the internet is a big place it always dosent work.

  55. zibby says:

    Oh yeah, these guys are terrible. Their map for “solving” problems is kinda like:

    Do you have a router? Yes====> That’s your problem right there. Bye.

    No======>Ok, let me check the signal.======> Signal is good, you have no problem. Bye.

  56. PinkBox says:

    I guess I know now to never subscribe to Time Warner. I do love WoW.

    @zibby: I was once told the problem was my router AFTER I’d already replaced the prior router. (guess what – they both worked fine.)

    @masterage: You said it yourself – you don’t even play the game. Honestly, $200 or so a year is pretty cheap to provide so many hours of entertainment.

  57. battra92 says:

    Well, maybe this is a good thing. WoW is a pretty all consuming game. I have friends who literally disappeared for months when they got into the game. They’d not go online or take phone calls.

    @mmstk101: Hey, quit biding my style. (TGS reference)

    Damn geeks and their two handed plus three broadswords to keep the ladies and Valkeries off.

  58. TouchMyMonkey says:

    Substitute “Vonage” for “WoW”, and you have the reason I fired TWC a year and a half ago. For all those people who say Vonage sucks, it only sucks because your cable internet service sucks. It’s the reason I decided not to participate in their IPO back in the days which was, in retrospect, a really good decision. When you’re dependent upon somebody else with whom you do not have a business relationship, that’s bad news. Keep your money FAR away.

    In general, it’s really sad that I am hundreds of times more satisfied with Verizon DSL than I ever was with TWC’s so-called internet “service.”

  59. Scuba Steve says:

    5. Ninja’s are mammals.

  60. Any WoW player effected by this should start trolling the TW forums and customer support line ASAP. They won’t be able to handle to retarded that comes from that.

  61. Wormfather is Wormfather says:

    @dragonfire81: What did points 1 & 2 have to do with points 3 & 4, or the article for that matter?

    Just asking.

  62. Lithium542 says:

    I’m totally going to GY camp them IRL.

  63. Hanke says:

    Here’s an example of the problem right here, steps 12 and 13 (of 19) of my trace to my home realm:

    12 13 ms 11 ms 15 ms att-level3-oc192.NewYork1.Level3.net []
    13 175 ms 179 ms 192 ms tbr1.n54ny.ip.att.net []

    Every hop up to 12 is fine; 13-19 are slow and slower.

    To me, it doesn’t look like it’s TWC directly.

  64. NikkiSweet says:

    Wait until you get a TWC rep that sounds like they are from the ghetto (and I mean seriously ghetto.. “hunny chile whachu need me to help you fixin?” and I swear I could hear the headset move like she was moving her head) telling you that the signal from your router is fine, even though you’re standing there holding both pieces of the cable outside of your apartment, and it’s clearly *not* connected…

  65. res1i3js says:

    I’ve been working with people on the wow technical support forums to resolve this problem and I just can’t figure it out. Everything you can possibly do from the cmd prompt is normal, yet they still experience lag. :(

    Where is it coming from!? >_<

    btw, I don’t think everyone on the east coast and it most likely is a generalized excaggeration because this problem is actually all over the place, particularly in Brazil and the Phillipines though.

  66. chumleyex says:

    I wow it up all night long baby, but I’m in Texas. YEEHAAAA

  67. BobTheMighty says:

    Thought: Doesn’t time warner “lag out” bittorrent?

    Blizzard updates run using bittorrent or a bittorrent-alike system… So do they “throttle” connection to the server farm that runs the bittorrent server, and, additionally the rest of the WOW server clusters?

    Solution: Realize that shaping packets is a huge pain in the rear for anyone who actually *DOES* something using their computer. Granted, we’re not their target audience (you know, people who use what they pay for.)

  68. describe_one says:

    Why would Time Warner want customers that use lots of bandwidth?

    It sounds like their way of telling you to get another service so they can focus on more profitable customers.

  69. GamblesAC2 says:

    @Andonisus, Reaper of Souls on them!

  70. GamblesAC2 says:

    @GamblesAC2: I meant to say If TWC doesnt fix this “problem” I will pull out my Andonisus, Reaper of Souls on them!

  71. GamblesAC2 says:

    okay lets see if this works [url=http://thottbot.com/i22736]Andonisus, Reaper of Souls[/url]

  72. BlyGilmore says:

    @othertim: i had something similar happen. after two tech visits and a ton of Internet research I found out that the standard cable modem Comcast gave me didn’t respond well to “noise” on the line. After going out and buying my own cable modem I haven’t had a problem since.

  73. Krobar says:

    I’m not in NY/NJ, but here in Ohio I’ve had no problems with bittorrent or playing games both on xbox live and on the pc. While I don’t play WoW, I do play some other mmo’s and haven’t had any problems. /anecdote

  74. OnceWasCool says:

    Guild Wars blow WOW away anyway. Better graphics, less lag, no monthly fees.

    Guild Wars was the original!

  75. sega8800 says:

    it might be because most of the wow players also bittorrent a lot and now that they are testing to charge more fees if people use their internet too much, TWC might just slow these people’s internet connection down because of the downloading and these people happened to be all wow players. lol

  76. stryker1800 says:

    on a bit of a side note i have actually once had a good experience with outsourced tech support. the guy i spoke to with linksys was infact not a native english speaker but he very clearly undestood me and quickly caught on that i wasnt just some random person i did know quite a bit but was just having a few a problems.

  77. asusblue says:

    I have this problem now… insane ping during peak hours.. slow connection… 500 kbps DL at the worst… 1500 DL at the best… first time i spent 3 hours with more then 8 different people in their company from customer service, csr, tech, to the affiliates at earthlink to the makers of the modem… each idiot passing me along to the next as fast as they could with out solving a thing.. not to mention me having to repeat my account information to every single one of them (man is like they live in the dark ages… dont they have computers to bring all this up? ) and theyre all trained to ask you to try the same problem solving solutions even though you tell them you tried those solutions a billion times. Then finally one non-outsourced techy suggested changing the modem to the newer model… this helped for a month or so but ultimately the connection still failed epically..

    2nd attempt to fix this problem a few months later had spent an hour to get the outsourced idiot to get some one to come and fix my connection… got an appointment with confirmation and all even repeated it to him and had him repeat the info to me… Low and behold he got the dates wrong and i had to call back to reschedule… which by the way took half an hour cus it took the guy 10 mins to take down my account information.. and stupid me i had asked him a simple question (whats the average download speed of a average TWC user?) to prompt him to put me on hold for 15 mins to find out… which by the way he got wrong… cus he gave me the maximum downloadable speed…

    all in all im kinda sick of time warner cable… the technician when he finally came was able to get my connection from 500 kbps to 9800 kbps where it should be really… he said the problem was that the wires in the building were like 20 years old.. and needed to be replaced…

    so… now i twittle my thumbs and wait to see if this really helps my wow lag… good luck all…

  78. asusblue says:

    my connection/lag was not fixed as i had mentioned above, it just went back to the old laggy, slow speed internet that is Timewarner… I pondered to call them to send another technician to my house or just cancel the service…

    I opted to cancel the service all together..Boy was that an epic journey…From the main menu i pressed 2 for billing then 4 for cancelling service, instead i got customer service…from there I began my odyssey with 12 different people, from Customer service to sales to billing to special dept (thats suppose to handle cancellations) then back to customer service to billing to spec dept.. in one giant circle….By this time I was tired of being bounced around and having to provide my phone number/personal info a dozen times not to mention being transferred to the main line so many times…

    I swear if i had to listen to that damn voice recording one more time…………. finally i had enough and told the lady at billing that im tired… get some one from special dept to come down and cancel this damn acct(which she did)… because it should not be this hard and take this long to cancel an account. I went on to rip into how bad their service and products were… I would have yelled even more but the lady was too nice….and it wasnt her fault, its time warner and their policys/company structure and their shitty product…

    did i mention to this day my reoccurring payment feature at time warner never worked? no matter how many times i set it up and called them to fix it…

    so now i…
    signed up for verizon today… 10 mins to get my account up and running …pain free so far… first 6 months free!!

    hope you all have better luck then i did cancelling time warner cable….