Sprint Says It Lost Some Of Those 2.8 Million Customers On Purpose

By all accounts, Sprint has hit an iceberg and is leaking customers like the Titanic, but new CEO Dan Hesse says that they lost some of those customers on purpose because they were just crappy customers. As strange as this sounds, it does match up with what we’ve been hearing from (former) Sprint customers.

Hesse told the New York Times:

“We did it knowingly,” he said. “We are interested in quality, not quantity.”

After two quarters of hemorrhaging, Sprint has begun the process of trying to attract new customers, ones who pay their bills. This might prove something of a problem for a company that has the highest “churn” (the rate at which customers defect for other similar services) of the big three wireless companies.

Hesse says that potential Sprint customers don’t know that the company has improved. What do you think? Has Sprint improved?

Sprint Puts Positive Spin on Losses [NYT] (Thanks, Dan!)
(Photo: Maulleigh )

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