Good Housekeeping has an extensive article detailing the 5 most common money mistakes that people make, from spending too much on “bargains” to letting their children blow their budget by not standing up to whining and teaching their children the value of things. [Good Housekeeping via Digg]


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  1. Canino says:

    Parents not standing up to whining is not just a money mistake. It’s going to be the downfall of the US.

  2. Imaginary_Friend says:

    #6. Subscribing to magazines that aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on.

  3. CRNewsom says:

    @Canino: This may be the most correct statement on the internet.

  4. Gopher bond says:

    Don’t buy things you cannot afford.

    -But let’s say I don’t have any money, should I buy it anyway?


  5. The_Gas_Man says:


  6. sean77 says:

    I see they fall for the #1 most common news site mistake. Breaking up an article into multiple pages drives away more traffic than it increases page views.

  7. Not my parents. When I was a teen, they loaned me money (with interest) to buy their old car. When I was even younger and wanted a Super Nintendo, I had to loan myself the cash from my savings account. I paid it back with a year of allowance.

    It was some pretty effective stuff.

  8. Rectilinear Propagation says:

    @sean77: 1 mistake a page? UGH!

    Money Mistake #1: Spend all of your money by making a bunch of small purchaes.

    Money Mistake #2: Not taking advantage of company matching contributions to a 401K.

    Money Mistake #3: Not teaching your kids about money.

    Money Mistake #4: Spending every windfall you get.

    Money Mistake #5: Being under insured.

    Not even 1 whole page!