Updated: Reach Verizon Landline Executive Customer Service

Call 1-800-483-7988 and press 3 to reach the Verizon Customer Advocates for landlines and DSL. Other valid executive customer service contact information:

Ms Beverly Walker – (804) 772-6461
Ms Cassandra Flippin (212) 321-8465
Mr Curtis Owens – curtis.x.owens@verizon.com

Mark D. Reddick
Executive Customer Relations
140 West St.
Manhattan, NY 10007
212-321-8457 (office)
212-321-1047 (fax)


(Photo: Maulleigh)


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  1. DavidS722 says:

    Those 7-8 people are about to have a very bad week at the office!

  2. Sam says:

    @DavidS722: I felt the same way upon first reading this story. As nice as it is for us consumers to have information like this, the fact that it’s a team of only a few people is going to be a problem.

  3. joepercussion1 says:

    we will probably see as an ad, Verizon, Now Hiring Executive Customer Service Reps, cuz they are gonna need ’em.

  4. gwallace says:

    Just so you know, Verizon landline and Verizon Wireless are 2 different companies. The landline company owns about 50% of VZW. I work for a subsidiary of the landline, and no one seems to know this.

  5. Allura says:

    @gwallace: I was just going to say the same thing. The Consumerist consistently confuses the two. Just because you get your VZW bill on your Verizon landline bill does not make them the same company.

  6. DoubleEcho says:

    I’ve found that the best way to get service on your landline is to tell them that it’s calling 911.

    Our Verizon landline had a lot of static one day, and after filling out an online repair form it was back up the next day. About 4-5 days after this, the line went completely dead and didn’t even get dial tone at the NID. I decided to call this one in on my wife’s cell, and they said it would be about 5-7 days to get a tech out there.

    About 9:30 that night, I get a knock on the door, and upon opening it I see 2 city cops asking if everything is OK. I told them yeah, of course, and they said that someone from this house had been calling 911 and hanging up. I told that would be an incredible feat, since our line was completely dead. After calling Verizon again, our repair date was magically set to 10:00am the next day. Apparently the old copper wires were frayed and somehow made a tone that dialed 911 over and over.

  7. I’ve used the old ‘Verizon Executive Customer Support’ number to get help for my landline DSL and had good results.

    I got dry loop service in a house that was recently remodeled (by someone else), and in the process of the remodeling, the pole had been knocked down and the house was never reconnected to the new one. When I initially ordered, the sales guy says “yeah, just call us when you get the modem and we’ll be out to hook the service up”. I called in, told them that I needed to have my service hooked up, and was told to hold on while we do a signal test. After a couple rounds of this, I said “listen, and listen good. THERE’S NO SIGNAL BECAUSE I HAVE NO PHYSICAL CONNECTION TO THE UTILITY POLE.” After that I got into transfer hell. The only way I ended up getting it resolved was to put in the exec customer service call.


  8. Nighthawke says:

    Same issue with AT&T on one telco drop. Noise at the NID, but it didn’t sound like normal static. Customer reported that the police said that they had two 911 hangups from the drop. I called AT&T’s gadget and filled the CSR in on it. They had a tech out there in under 2 hours and performed a followup the next day on it. He also called me to appraise me of the resolution and to thank me.

  9. kakarotthemonkey says:

    @Allura: Yes I suggest fixing the pic so people don’t get confused thinking this is for Verizon Wireless as well when the landline people have no control over the wireless end and vice versa. Most people are stupid so they do not know this.

  10. Not Alvis says:

    Any ideas on who to reach for FiOS issues?

  11. actmnophn says:

    another thing to know about verizon repair is that they run a test on the line from their end when you report no dial tone. Very often that test comes back as if the line is working, and they would like you to beleive that the test is accurate, implying that you need to fix the inside lines and not call them. Its not true. The test is at best 75 -80% accurate. Even if you schedule a repair more times than not (at least in my area) they won’t even come they will just mark it as resolved. you complained about no dial tone and now the computer tells them you have one. why trouble to go down if they can find something else to do. (like the lowes delivery guy maybe…)

  12. XavieraHizanyous says:

    These guys are great! Only the main number is answered now. Another way to reach this department is calling 8005676789. At the prompt say “Cancel DSL Service” When asked if it’s for technical reasons, say “Yes” They shipped me a new modem/router absolutely free! I’ve been trying to accomplish this for years. They’re ninjas!

  13. Erie Tan says:

    Mark.D.Reddick@verizon.com no longer works.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I have the problem being transferred from dept to another dept, don’t know what happened to those whose supposed to knnnow and helped us fix the problem. My call jumped from 74 in Jan to 508 calls in Feb, is this so suspicious? When I asked them to help me find out, no one can. Even the technician at Repair dept, couldn’t do anything and told me to call customer service dept(which i just was transferred from.) It’s fun. If i can find another choice, i definitely change to something else.