KFC International wants to warn you that that “KFC” in Fallujah is a knock off.

KFC says:

This store is not approved by KFC International and we have [been] working with the US Military to warn the troops of this situation.

[Philadelphia Weekly]


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  1. dante1337 says:

    this happens in asia a lot too. I’ve seen fake KFCs in Taiwan.

  2. ElizabethD says:

    Glad we cleared THAT up. Next time I’m in Fallujah, I’ll know.

  3. ironchef says:

    time to bring them home so they don’t need to worry about this trivial stuff.

  4. MissTicklebritches says:

    Working with the military? Really? Don’t they have bigger fish (or should that be foul?) to fry?

  5. ARP says:

    @ElizabethD: There’s more to it. A certain right-leaning cable news channel did a story on this and their pundits talked about how this shows we’re winning the war, international business is coming to Iraq, democrats want to lose, etc.

    The problem is that it’s not true. KFC was a bit worried because they thought that soldiers or civilians would attempt to go there.

    FYI- I haven’t seen a correction yet from Faux News. Then again, I haven’t seen a correction from them on a lot of things.

  6. Zephyr7 says:

    Fallujah finally has a KFC! If this isn’t Mission Accomplished, I don’t know what is.

  7. Bladefist says:

    @ARP: I recently got Fox News, and I have for the first time in my life, actually watched it. And I don’t see what the big deal is. Like any network, they have guests on, and if the guest said this, then that has nothing to do w/ the Fox News network. If the host of the show said it, then I would expect a correction.

    But upon getting Fox News, I really don’t see why the Internet/Fox News hate fest. Do you watch the channel? I have an open mind if you want to clue me in. But the News hour (6:00pm) seems fairly unbiased. O’Reilly bounces all over the place, and has plenty of guests on from both sides. Hannity and Combs is split.

  8. drftjgoj says:

    It’s a trap!!

  9. SpdRacer says:

    Wow, really glad we could turn this into a political debate!

  10. nicless says:

    @ARP: So what you are saying is, don’t shop at “Faux News”? This being a consumer website and all.

  11. dante1337 says:

    @SpdRacer: this is consumerist, everything turns political

  12. KFC = Knock-Off Chicken?

    What, does it not clog enough arteries for it to be considered up to the Colonel’s standards?

  13. Ein2015 says:

    @nicless: News networks influence consumers and can influence how much money they spend and where.

  14. Bladefist says:

    If politics doesn’t affect consumers, then I don’t know what does.

  15. Bladefist says:

    @MissTicklebritches: I think they are warning the troops so they dont go to kfc to get antrax battered chicken. I don’t read it as they are trying to get the military to blast them

  16. Gopher bond says:

    I’d rather take my chances at a fake KFC.

  17. Puck says:

    Fox doesn’t have a news channel, this is well-documented and a common mistaken assumption by many people. They do however run a 24/7 propaganda and talking points channel catering to the stupidest and most gullible segment of the population with lots of flag waving and xenophobia.

  18. bologna_wallet says:

    I’m glad they’re working with the military on this sitation. It’s not like the military has anything better to do there.

  19. cmdrsass says:

    This might have been an interesting thread about phony franchises which occur throughout the world, not just in Fallujah, but I guess some of you just can’t resist the urge to get your jabs in at every opportunity.

  20. glennski says:


    Look at the segment itself, it’s up on youtube.

    They ran two different banners while talking about this.

    “Finger Lickin Good, KFC in Fallujah scores with Iraqis”

    “KFC sizzles in Fallujah, Popular chicken chain is a success”

    Gee, wonder how it was missed, that this wasn’t actually a KFC chain? Could be the story wasn’t checked thoroughly, because it fit in all too well with the narrative the news was creating.

  21. Zephyr7 says:

    @dante1337: This is America after 8 years of partisan politics.

  22. snoop-blog says:

    Harold and Kumar open a KFC?

  23. stang says:

    Fallujah KFC – Approved by 9 out of 10 suicide car bombers.

  24. sahhhm says:

    At least in Iran we have the dignity to call it SFC or PFC. Not too bad, IMO.

  25. dante1337 says:

    @Zephyr7: its been a lot longer than 8 years

  26. The_Gas_Man says:

    They’re letting the soldiers know not to be fooled into thinking it’s a real KFC, Einstein.

    You know the other side says the same thing about CNN, MSNBC, ABC, and CBS. Those are well-documented, too.

  27. sir_pantsalot says:

    The Drudge Report and Michael Savage are the only sources
    left to turn to for accurate news about what is going on.

  28. Bladefist says:

    @glennski: Ok. Looked it up. Looks like a pretty fair accusation to Fox News. Hopefully they’ll come out.

    It was probably an honest mistake. I know none of the other news networks make mistakes.

    @Puck: I’m not going to admit Fox News is completely right winged. But even if it was, cant right wingers have 1 channel? Just because people dont agree w/ you, doesn’t mean we are all gullible flag waivers with xenophobia and stupidly take in all the propaganda.

    But thanks for the insult.

  29. Puck says:


    People who say that would also likely be part of the same idiot crowd that thinks the media is liberal, when they probably have no idea what true “liberalism” is. These are likely the same people that think anything outside of trash like the AM bigotfest that is Savage, Limbaugh, Billo, and the rest of their klan is liberal. The Drudge Report is at least hilarious, even if it’s unintentional with how incredibly ignorant it is.

    The bottom line is that vast majority of the media in this country is downright awful and corporate-owned hackery. Fox is just the worst of the pretend-news stations and does the least to cover up being a mouthpiece for corrupt politicians and small-minded ideas. Journalism is, sadly, damned near dead.

  30. @Bladefist: I recently got Fox News, and I have for the first time in my life, actually watched it. And I don’t see what the big deal is.

    I don’t see what the problem with the Huffington Post or Air America is either.

    More seriously, a lot of Fox News is fine and I watch it to make sure I get perspective. But at the same time, they give a voice to people like Michelle Malkin, use headlines like “George W. Bush: the greatest president?”* and still have the Homeland Security Advisory System on their ticker.**

    Now, do they get a disproportionate amount of attention for their crimes compared to any other cable news network? Yes. They all suck. But Fox News is an easy target since they don’t even try to hide their “fair and balanced” bias.

    Hannity and Combs is split.

    Gotta be an 80/20 split, at least.

    @glennski: That video is hilarious once the sleight of hand is revealed.

    * OK, that was Cavuto. But still.
    * Surprise! It’s Elevated, Code Yellow! I repeat: Code Yellow! Significant risk of terrorist attacks! Oh no!

  31. TideGuy says:

    This seems like the universal belief of all news channels:

    They slant my way = nonbiased
    They slant the other way = biased

  32. Puck says:


    It wasn’t directed at you, but hey, if the shoe fits…

  33. JustinAche says:

    Going to the real story, you’d be suprised that the Arab people in general love fried chicken. In Egypt, I saw at least 10 KFCs in or near downtown Cairo. I hate the food though, so just ate at one of the local gyro places

  34. fostina1 says:

    that one probably has chicken. my local kfc/taco bell seems to always be out of chicken when i go there.

  35. Zephyr7 says:

    @dante1337: For sure. But it’s become a lot worse with the current presidency.

  36. MissTicklebritches says:

    @The_Gas_Man: I’ll spell it out for you. The military has more pressing problems than warning soldiers away from non-brand-name fried foods. Are you clear now?

  37. Nick1693 says:

    @MissTicklebritches: If it were fish, they would be worried about a fake Long John Silvers.

  38. Puck says:

    And I think a lot of you are missing the fact that there is some underlying assumption that legitimate KFCs are actually safe to eat at. I’d beg to differ.

  39. Canino says:

    This is a golden opportunity for KFC. How often does a company get to resolve copyright violations with an RPG?

  40. Wormfather is Wormfather says:

    Bladfist vs Puck Round 132,442,664

  41. drjayphd says:

    @Bladefist: But upon getting Fox News, I really don’t see why the Internet/Fox News hate fest. Do you watch the channel? I have an open mind if you want to clue me in. But the News hour (6:00pm) seems fairly unbiased.

    In short: “terrorist fist-jab”.

  42. stang says:

    @DemolitionMan: But you have to look at this way…. KFC to Egyptians, is like Japanese or Chinese food to Americans. It’s something different from what they normally prepare or consume at home.

    I know I like to cook Chinese or Italian, or even Greek food at home, but it’s not the same as going to a Chinese, Italian or Greek restaurant. So for Egyptians, eating at KFC is different from eating Egyptian food all the time.

  43. Shadowman615 says:

    @Bladefist: TBH I’ve only ever heard conservatives say that Hannity and Colmes is a balanced show offering right/left viewpoints.

    Others might see the discussions on H&C play out as more of a Right vs Moderate debate. Still others refer to Colmes as merely a prop to set up Hannity’s arguments.

    I’ve got no problem with a right-leaning news network, btw. As long as the left and middle are also represented, what’s the big deal? But lets not all delude ourselves about them either.

  44. evslin says:

    @Puck: Nah, KFC is safe to eat at.

    It just isn’t safe for anybody to walk near any bathroom you’ve been in for the next day or so.

  45. Consumerist-Moderator-Roz says:

    Folks, let’s stay on topic.

    Pointing out that this was mentioned on Fox News = on topic.

    Political jabs at people who watch Fox News = not OK.
    Debating pros and cons of Fox News = not OK.

    Comments should be related to the actual article.

  46. Consumerist-Moderator-Roz says:

    @Puck: Partisan political attacks are not allowed. Read the comment code and don’t do this again.

  47. chikarin says:


    people are not gullible because they don’t agree with him, people are gullible because they believe fox news is news…

    more like a sports channel or an action movie I think, so gripping, full of suspense and well, action.

  48. And the purpose of this post was?

    Fake KFC or becuase the KFC in Fallujah is a fake?

    Guess what, I can find a fake KFC in half the countries of the world. I can also find fake Pepsi Cola, fake Ipods, fake Levi’s, fake McD’s etc etc.

    As much as we American’s are hated around the world our products are admired and will be copied if given the chance.

    SO back to the question… why the post? Fake KFC or Fake KFC in Fallujah?

    If the answer is Fallujah, why is Fallujah more important than the Fake KFC in Bolivia? If the issue is just plain old Fake KFC, then why not discuss the chain of fake KFC’s that are operating in Taiwan?

  49. @Bladefist: Once you deep fry anthrax, it’s actually quite good for you. I have it all the time.

  50. henwy says:

    This is a common mistake. While those of us are very familiar with Kentucky Fried Chicken in the western world, the middle east has had an eating establishment which unfortunately has the same acronym. Kabul Fried Camel was established 36 years ago when a Corporal Ahmed fighting the Russians in Afghanistan decided to try an old family receipe for fried camel that he had inhereted from his grandmother. The camel was such a success among his fellow troops that when he got his legs blown off by a Soviet RPG and left the military, he decided to try opening up a resturant based on the receipe’s 56 secret herbs and dirt. And thus, KFC was born. Throughout the 90’s, there were thousands of these restaurants spread throughout the middle east where people could sample Corporal Ahmed’s fried camel at a decent price. Unfortunately, the company took a downturn when they were attacked by PETA for using Camel in their food. The throwing of camel blood soon escalated to suicide bombings and now the one establishment in Fallujah is the only one left.

  51. HomersBrain says:

    I heard they made them call it “KFC” in Iraq, ’cause, ya know, they don’t use chicken anymore !

  52. TVarmy says:

    I first read this as KFC asking the military to get involved in getting rid of this knockoff. Visions of tanks and M-80s firing into the building, chunks of breast and thigh meat flying in the air with shrapnel filled my head, and I was about to go into a rant about corporations abusing the US government to do their dirty work. Then I realized they just asked the military to let the troops know it was fake. Is it sad I find that disappointing?

  53. lannister80 says:

    Not exactly an unbiased soruce, but a good read nonetheless:

    What It’s Like To Watch Fox News For 24 Straight Hours

  54. MyPetFly says:

    It’s Kurdish Fried Chicken, not an impostor.

  55. Now I know where all those stray Iraqi dogs end up!

  56. Consumerist-Moderator-Roz says:

    @chikarin: @lannister80: Did you not read what I posted? No more discussion of Fox News in this thread and a warning to each of you to abide by our comment guidelines (particularly when they’re explicitly noted by staff in the thread).

  57. RabbitDinner says:

    @Consumerist-Moderator-Roz: Someone hasn’t had their donuts

  58. TWinter says:

    @Consumerist-Moderator-Roz: Debating pros and cons of Fox News = not OK.

    I don’t see why this isn’t OK. This is only an story because the existence of a KFC in Iraq was falsely reported by Fox News. Many people consider Fox News to be a poor quality/biased news source and the quality of Fox News is extremely relevant to this story.

    I appreciate the change in tone around here since the comment code was instituted on Consumerist, but I think you are sometimes too quick to shut down avenues of debate that are relevant to the stories.

  59. failurate says:

    @rainmkr: Last I heard, they were still working their way through the Nation Zoo.

  60. seamer says:

    I can see the security aspects of why the military and KFC would be concerned with a fake globally-known restaurant existing in a near warzone.

  61. snoop-blog says:

    Yeah this place is lacking the addictive ingredient in the chicken.

  62. goodywitch says:

    How long does it take to inform the military that it’s a fake? It’s a fun rumor, and don’t they have a military email addy?

  63. desertdust says:

    @MissTicklebritches: I look at the warning as being justified. Things that seem familiar and safe may not be. KFC can be a comfort place fro some troops and they should be aware that it is not affiliated with Kentucky Fried Chicken. It could be Kabul Fried Cat.

    Take your petty partisan carping to the sites that pander to that. That goes left and right. Thanks.

  64. maevro says:

    Kennedy Friend Chicken has been getting away with it for years, so why not them?

    10 piece IED meal please.

  65. The_Gas_Man says:

    Hah, nice save.

    You understand this!

    Your argument is ad hominem. And as Bladefist stated, why is it that it’s such a travesty that one news channel leans to the right when all the rest lean left? Conservatives cried for years that television media was biased because zero out of some 4-6 mainstream channels were “conservative”; and now that there is one “conservative” news channel out there among those same other 4-6 channels, the liberals say the media is unfair and biased. Whatever the case, this is neither the time nor place for that type of debate. Neither side will change the other’s mind anyway.

  66. drjayphd says:

    @The_Gas_Man: I’m probably tempting the fate of Roz here, but the other channels are not left-leaning. There’s been studies and such refuting this trope for years, and here’s a recent one pointing out that the media’s been tougher on Obama than McCain, despite claims to the contrary.

    But like you said, neither side’s going to change the other’s mind here. There’s not much left of the dead horse to beat, and the maggots are long gone.

  67. christoj879 says:

    A KFC in Fallujah? Democracy just kicked in!

  68. varro says:

    They’re interfering with KBR mess halls/barracks with showers that’ll electrocute soldiers.

    Time to send a Predator into that hotbed of terrorism keeping KBR from a prime profit situation.

  69. bria says:

    Because this was on Fox News, the story’s credibility changes as the credibility of the network is established. It’s completely legitimate and not thread jacking. At all.

  70. Japheaux says:

    The first time I served in the Middle East I thought I would play it safe and just eat salad bar stuff instead of curry chicken, curry potatoes, curry rice, curry [insert food here]. The food contractors were from India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and every other place that made curry a staple.

    When I got food poisoning from the salad bad the good ol’ health inspector found the locals rinsing vegetables using water from a sewer runoff.

    Dear Japheaux’s wife…..your husband went to war and unfortunately was killed by parasites and bacteria, not mortars or IEDs.

    After recovery, I figured I might as well eat whatever the locals would sell off the street and opted for the Shawarma King. I never really knew what it was as they just kind of called it ‘meat,’ but it didn’t kill me and didn’t have that stupid curry on it.

    One point is…after eating day in and day out in the same place, even a knock-off KFC may look good. Maybe they just feel loyalty that ‘the Colonel’ is serving dinner.

  71. GamblesAC2 says:

    @Puck: gee thanks for the eleitist insult puck….now i know better than to be a moderate (racist) conservitaive! but in all seriousness I agree with The_Gas_Man and Bladefist why cant conservitives hae just one news net. but in more on topic news:KFC in the middle east OMFG! how awesome is that!

  72. josephsherry says:

    I am glad Consumerist posted this. Next time I am in the mood for KFC Chicken I won’t bypass the one that is around the corner from my house in New Jersey and make that trip to Fallajuh I was dying to make.

  73. @Zephyr7: a big-ass MISSION ACCOMPLISHED banner?
    oh wait, right….

  74. jonworld says:

    Stuff like this also happens in the US, believe or not. I’m not going to disclose any information about the store, but I spotted what looked like a fake store of a popular ice cream chain in an area of Chicago with a huge immigrant population.

  75. drjayphd says:

    @jonworld: See also: [www.notfoolinganybody.com]

    They have a whole section devoted to knockoffs of Canuckistani coffee chain Coffee Time, too.

  76. katoninetales says:

    @sahhhm: SFC and PFC are enlisted ranks and might not have the right associations for U.S. Army soldiers.

    That said, any sort of knockoff version of home greaseball fast food has got to go over well after a year or more in the desert.

  77. katoninetales says:

    @TideGuy: they all have biases. The only real liberal media out there was Air America Radio. And they had the cojones to admit it, while Faux News took years to drop the “fair and balanced” tagline.