Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory Gives You A Rotten Apple, Then Calls Security

Reader Nohreen says she bought an apple from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and it turned out to be rotten inside. When she called the store to complain, they told her it wasn’t rotten, just brown from having been cut awhile ago. Nohreen said she’d bring the apple back to show them that it was actually rotten, but they told her not to waste her gas because there was nothing they could do about it. When she got to the store, rather than help her, she says the employees called security.

Nohreen writes:

… The worker said that she personally cut the apple and that it was not rotten. It was brown because it had been an hour since it left the store. The worker also said that they could not do anything about it because apples turn brown. I said I would go to the store to show the worker that it was rotten. She told me that if I wanted to waste my gas, I could go to the store but they still couldn’t do anything about it.

We got to the store at approximately 5:30 PM and proceeded to make a complaint to the worker. The workers would not acknowledge our presence and decided to call security on us instead. Security arrived and took our statement and informed us that if we wanted to make a complaint we would have to go to the mall concierge. After talking with security for roughly 30 minutes, we were escorted to the concierge. We explained what had happened and the person at the concierge informed us that we could not make a complaint at the concierge. He let us know that complaints were only taken at the security office.

The concierge gave us a piece of paper containing the phone number for the storeowner of Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. The store owner was contacted at 6:05 pm. The person who answered had the correct name but she was not the owner of the store. Afterwards, we walked back to the concierge to get the correct number. When we arrived at the concierge, we were told that he could not help us anymore because security had told him so. He then took the paper containing the number, crumpled it up and took it with him. He told us that he could no longer help us and that we would need to call the mall management the following day to get further assistance.

I was appalled that they called the security on me when I wasn’t even making a scene. I was just there waiting patiently for them. It was an insult to call a security on your customer. Also, we were told by the security that according to the employee per the owner they would not replace the apple. A child or anyone could have eaten that apple. I can only surmise the quality of their products and how they conduct their business. In my opinion, it only takes one bad apple to infect the rest of the bunch. When I went to the store, I wanted a replacement….now I want action. They need to learn how to conduct good customer service. I want employees to be trained better, and if needed, be reprimanded…not just employees but the owner as well.

Nohreen sent us some photos of the apple in question. We’re not botanists or anything, but that looks nasty. She says she’s filed complaints with just about every agency out there, and appears to have the situation well in hand, so we’ll just end this by saying, “Ew.”


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  1. dako81 says:

    Guess those employees were some bad apples…

  2. ???/??? says:

    dare I say it,

    Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory runs a business that is sorta…. ‘shitty’

  3. backbroken says:

    I can’t put my finger on why, but this story is making me lol. I guess that makes me a bad person.

    Anyway, shame shame RMCF!

  4. ShortBus says:

    Wow. Over an apple?

    If it were me, I wouldn’t have wasted the gas or time either. I would have instead spent 10 minutes from the comfort of my home finding someone contact to using the Internet. It certainly would been more productive than going round-and-round with rent-a-cops and a part-timer who was likely making $8/hr.

    You’d be amazed what you can accomplish with succinctly worked email (and those attached pictures).

  5. Megladon says:

    This food chain literaly sounds like a crap hole. I’d never been to a rocky mountain chocolate factory, and given the stories listed, the little girl craping her self, the rotten apple, combined with the service. It just doesnt sound like a place I’d want to spend my money at. Given the situation where everyone is hurting and cant afford the “treats” like they could before you’d think this store would have given them 2 free apples.

  6. VA_White says:

    Again with these chocolate people? Who do they have running their stores?

    I’ve never been to one and I don’t think I’ll ever bother to go now.

  7. fostina1 says:

    thats a delicacy!!

    in Somalia

  8. Pro-Pain says:

    Strike 2 RMCF.

  9. SkokieGuy says:

    I to agree that the customer response what out of proportion to the incident. A few telephone calls would have been as (or more) effective. Since it seems that the OP is willing to go to any lengths, some constructive suggestions:

    Your local health department will take a great interest in a store selling spoiled food.

    Also, since you have such a clear photo, this is an easy story for media beyond Consumerist to pick up. Your local newspapers, and perhaps TV could make an easy story of this, especially since a child was involved.

  10. Mysterry says:

    … That apple didn’t turn brown. If it turned browned, there would not be any white spots left!

    It’s rotten to the core…

  11. naptownman says:

    After the chain wouldn’t help the mom and let her daughter use the restroom resulting in the girl pooping her pants, why does anyone patronize this chain?

  12. failurate says:

    Once the skin has been compromised, apples are not long for this world. RMCF, test kitchen much?
    Precut fruit, when you can’t get a clear view of the flesh, is a pretty risky purchase though.
    How much does an apple like this cost?

  13. triggerh says:

    Heh… Before reading the story, I was expecting to read about someone getting diarrhea from a rotten apple and then being refused bathroom access.

  14. Tired_ says:

    With all the tainted food scandals going on lately, you’d think a store would be more conscious of the PR impact of doing something like this.

  15. FormerEA says:

    Uhh, overreact much? I’d say the worker was rude and unresponsive, but is probably being paid $7 an hour and felt threatened by your response and felt the need to call security. Workers are within their rights to do that.

  16. failurate says:

    @Lunaped: you are right, it appears that the apple was rotten even before it was cut. Probably was on the stick for quite a while, at least a couple of days.

  17. Mike_ says:

    If you mist sliced apples with a solution of lemon or lime juice in water, they won’t brown so quickly.

  18. hills says:

    So, if the OP ate the rotten apple, and then had to use the, ahem, restroom, I think we can safely assume that request would be denied here as well.

    In summary, RMCF has:
    1. rotten apples
    2. poor customer service
    3. lack of empathy

  19. tom2133 says:

    @failurate: You’re looking at an apple that is close to $4-5, last time I check. A little more pricey than carnival apples.

  20. temporaryerror says:

    How hard would it have been for the store to just replace the apple? Is there a hard apple inventory? Would the employee have had their pay docked? Been fired? Sometimes it’s just easier to make the customer happy than to try and stand your ground for whatever inane reason.

  21. Gopher bond says:

    and is that a Granny Smith? Granny Smith’s don’t turn brown that quickly, at least when compared to other apples, like say the a Pink Lady or Red Delicious which will turn brown before you’re done eating it.

  22. savvy999 says:

    RMCF taking an early lead on the Worst Company Award for ’09… WTG!!!!

  23. I actually have to call BS on the concierge saying they couldn’t do anything about it “because security said they couldn’t.”

    I worked right next to the mall concierge at Lenox Mall in Atlanta for a while and learned the protocol. (But I didn’t actually work for Simon Malls, and never will. I worked for a non-profit arts organization that sold half-price theatre tickets. Think TKTS for Atlantans.) Now, if this is a Simon mall, or just about any equivalent, informally they are above the security guards. Formally, they’re pretty much at the same level, but they’re always instructing security guards in terms of proper courses of action. Methinks the concierge was just lazy and didn’t want to deal with it, because the first step should have been escalating this to the main mall office, not security.

  24. ianmac47 says:

    Sue the bastards.

  25. Gopher bond says:

    I’ve been thinking about these consumer complaints gone wrong posts and remembering back to my lengthy days in the service and retail sector. This isn’t a blame the OP but two customers, with the same problem, can bring complaints in very different ways. Many customers point out the problem as it is, a mistake made in myriad of transaction the store deals in every day. They’re not upset and resolution is fairly quick and painless. But on the opposite end there were always customers than bring a complaint as if it were a personal and intentional infraction upon their being and you are an blumbering dunderhead for allowing such a travesty to occur. Not necessarily over-reacting but transitioning immediately into an confrontationally-tinged attitude. I remember it taking me a long time to learn that these people both wanted the same thing and that I shouldn’t take the brunt of the latter type personally.

  26. Gopher bond says:

    @testsicles: to summarize, it’s a special service employee that can resolve both quickly without getting personally involved. Maybe they just don’t teach people how to do that anymore?

  27. Applekid ┬──┬ ノ( ゜-゜ノ) says:

    @testsicles: One would think I know my apples, but I snickered loudly at your post with three apple type names.

    Granny Smith
    Pink Lady
    Red Delicious

    They all sound like female-part euphamisms. I gotta get my head out of the gutter.

  28. Gopher bond says:

    @Applekid: How about the Cox and Cox’s Orange Pippin?

    Both yummy apples.

  29. Dobernala says:

    @FormerEA: And customers are within their rights to complain. If you service the public and do it crappily, expect some repercussions. End of story.

  30. snoop-blog says:

    Can we get a phone number so we can bombard this place with calls or emails. Yeah, I’m in that kinda mood today.

  31. mavrick67 says:

    Anyone notice the carmel?

    That probably seeped into the apple in the hour that it was sitting around and turned it brown.

  32. dorianh49 says:

    Why are so many faulting the OP for going back to the store? That should be the first line of defense. For many, the best way to resolve a problem is face-to-face. Human contact. Eye contact and a firm handshake. You know, like the old days? So she called ahead first, and was brushed aside, but realized that any reasonable person would, upon seeing that apple in person, admit the mistake and replace the apple. Case closed. Repeat customer.

    Online customer contact forms, while convenient (especially for the business), are not always personable. Some people like “personable” more than “convenient”. Don’t fault them for that just because you’re a little lazy and would do it a different way :) . We should thank people like Nohreen who go out of their way to make sure that customer service is “taken seriously”. It makes it easier for the rest of us who would be too lazy to make the same effort.

  33. vamusical says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t I read an article here a while ago about Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, where they refused to let a little kid use the bathroom then he pooped all over the place? Or was that someone else?

  34. mike says:

    @SkokieGuy: Going to the health department is a good call.

    I think I’ll join in saying, “All this for an apple?”

    Spoiled food is bad food though. I would have told the store to expect a health inspector within the day. Regardless of whether RMCF gave her another apple, chances are that they’re not up to code.

  35. mike says:

    @dorianh49: Completely, 100%, agree. Going to the store is always the first thing to do.

    I wouldn’t do it, but glad someone else is.

    But in the case of food, even if they correct the problem, a complaint should still be made to the health inspector.

  36. mike says:


    I wouldn’t do it, but glad someone else is.

    To clarify, in this case. Done it before under different circumstances. I wouldn’t do it for a $5.00 apple.

    Sorry for the triple post.

  37. timmus says:

    Yes, that was Rcoky Mountain Chocolate Factory in Huntington Beach, CA that didn’t let the sick girl use the restroom.


    This story doesn’t cite where the store is or have any details… which is a little annoying.

  38. hardtoremember says:

    It sounds to me like the employee needs some customer service training. The whole thing most likely could have been solved with an apology, a replacement and maybe a coupon or customer accomodation for a free apple.
    The apple is disgusting! There is a difference between rotten and rusting!
    It doesn’t seem that the employee was ready or able to admit that anything could have been wrong. If so, he/she should not be in a supervisory position.
    I would suggest the OP goes to the website and email everyone possible with the problem.

  39. glennski says:

    Working 2 years in a produce department, I consider myself an expert. That apple could not have turned that color, in the locations it did, after it was cut open.

  40. smirkette says:

    @hardtoremember: I agree. It’s utterly ridiculous that such a simple fix (apology & product replacement) became such a brouhaha.

  41. vamusical says:

    @timmus: that’s what I thought… remind me to never visit one of these should I ever stumble across one.

  42. ShortBus says:

    @dorianh49: Normally, I’d agree with you. It would make sense to deal with the issue in person rather than escalating to the corporate management. But–presuming that the OP provided an accurate description of the account–the store staff was already unhelpful/hostile when she called them on the phone. Showing up in person is just being confrontational at that point.

  43. Asvetic says:

    I’ve never heard of Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory until I read the stories about them on this site… I will however NEVER eat at one should I come across their stores in the future.

    God that is disgusting.

  44. jtheletter says:

    I don’t know about the prices in the poster’s area but we have a RMCF in the mall in Burlington MA and the apples are more in the $7 to $8 range here. Having recently purchased one I can tell you they are worth that much, assuming the apple isn’t rotten like this one. They use really good ingredients and heap it on there.
    If I paid that much for a rotten apple I’d bring it back too. At the Burlington store though I haven’t seen precut apples, usually you buy one and they cut it for you at time of purchase. I’m guessing this apple got cut for sale one day and didn’t get rotated out with old stock. A likely mistake, but RMCF should have just owned up and given Nohreen a new apple IMHO.

  45. dweebster says:


    The company charges $5 bucks for a carmel apple, and when a customer brings one back that is obviously nasty and spoiled they call security on them?

    Next call: Public Health Department. They LIVE for stopping this sort of crap.

    Second call: local news rag. Good public interest story.

    Third call (or letter): Mall Management for the ridiculous treatment by ‘security.’ With the economy sucking as bad as it does and will be sucking, little abuses of morality like this won’t help their bottom line much.

    BTW – where is this place located? I may give a call there myself. I hate overpaying for rotten food just as much as the next guy, and untrained rent-a-cops like these jokers make me laugh.

  46. RabbitDinner says:

    Overreaction, but there’s nothing wrong with calling security to avoid a confrontation. I’ve seen so many retail associates and return desk cashiers verbally abused I can’t blame them for trying to preemptively defuse a situation. And at least it wasn’t one of the self-righteous rent a cop types, a guy just doing his job, not a Dirty Harry wannabe.

    /Devil’s Advocate

    That being said, way to not handle a complaint, RMCF. That’s some shitty service

    /finger wagging

  47. describe_one says:

    It’s funny how something so easy to fix wasn’t fixed. Give the crying kid that got their parent to drive back to the store for another apple what they want!
    I’ve done demos (free sampling) where you have to use apples that turn brown quickly to dip in caramel. It can be frustrating if you lose some product, but what employee could possibly think it will help your job if you poo-pooh on your customers? Sure you may have to explain to your supervisor why you wasted apples trying to work ahead, but it sure is better than looking for a new job.

  48. gmss0205 says:

    Why did the person just go to their Web site and either call or email corporate customer support?

    If you go to their site they have an apology up already:

  49. gmss0205 says:

    They posted an apology on their Web site already:


  50. JennQPublic says:

    Oh, come on guys. She wanted a caramel apple. She probably spent the entire car ride home thinking about how wonderful that apple would taste, and then got home and was denied. Of course she went back to the store immediately! She wanted another apple! It’s not like she was asking for a huge settlement, she just wanted satisfaction.

    There’s very little as disappointing as getting home and finding out there’s something wrong with your anticipated treat. I’m sorry lady. Also, I’m done with RMCF and their overpriced goodies.

  51. backbroken says:

    @Applekid: I question red delicious. Because if it’s red, it ain’t delicious.

  52. Geekybiker says:

    Looks like more than likely the stick was contaminated when it was stuck into the apple.

  53. Xerloq says:

    Chargeback. Make them pay the fee for not returning or exchanging the $15 apple.

  54. pfeng says:

    It seems that the store and the mall were both going “above and beyond” — in their attempt to make the experience as miserable as possible. When you pay that much for a treat, you expect it to be edible, AND you expect considerate treatment if you find a problem.

    From the RMCF apology: “We encourage all our franchisees to adopt policies that are in accordance with local laws and regulations and that are reasonable and compassionate. However, individual policies of this nature are ultimately adopted by each franchisee.”

    They’re terribly sad that their franchisee is providing rude service and bad apples, but they aren’t going to do anything because it’s up to that franchise? Giving the franchisee permission to do whatever they please is tacitly endorsing their behavior. Personally, I’m quite happy to never patronize a chain that just shrugs and says, “well, the franchise are independent…” They have your name and represent your company, have a spine and MAKE THEM LIVE UP TO YOUR ETHICS!

  55. BobTheMighty says:

    @mavrick67: Uhhh, yeah, caramel doesn’t “seep into” an apple — with or without the skin in place. Caramel won’t stick very well if the skin is gone in the first place…

    Caramel apples survive a minimum of two weeks if freshly picked and refrigerated. A layman’s guess is either the apple wasn’t refrigerated for a week, or it’s been refrigerated for 1-2 months.

    Caramel apples do rot from the inside out — you pierce the skin on the bottom letting in the bad stuff.

    The health department has some pretty specific things to say about selling rotten “prepared” food.

    My great aunt makes “fancy” caramel apples for a local produce barn. Only buy them if you can find a date it was dipped on the packaging or get assurance that it was dipped that day if it isn’t refrigerated. If it is refrigerated, well I’ve had them in my fridge for a month and they were fine.


  56. grumpygirl says:

    @gmss0205: that might be the apology for the incident with the diarhhea. there’s no date on it

  57. glennski says:


    That apology is from the “doodie” incident.

    Maybe they should just put a vague apology up though and leave it up on the website for good. Keep themselves covered.

  58. snoop-blog says:

    I’m with that crowd on here that’s never seen one of these places but will never go into one if I ever do now.

    And I too believe they just put a vaugue auto-response apolgy on their website.

  59. sean77 says:

    @testsicles: yep. Here’s an article about a guy who called 911 because subway forgot to add sauce to a sandwich.


    Obnoxious people deserve shitty service.

  60. marsneedsrabbits says:

    Surely, we can find a place to spend our chocolate dollars (mmmmm chocolate dollars) that:

    a). doesn’t report you to mall security for reporting inedible food you paid for

    b). doesn’t publicly humiliate small children who desperately need to potty,


    c). doesn’t serve you disgusting, rotten food.

    Those pictures are just nasty. There is no excuse for not teaching employees how to rotate stock, but more importantly, how to make it right when mistakes are made. Mistakes do happen. You don’t blame and persecute the customer when they do.

    I guess it’s nice that they apologized, but it would have been much better if they hadn’t served rotten food and then called security when the customer had the temerity to have wanted edible for for their money in the first place.

    After these two back-to-back incidents, we won’t be shopping there again. Franchised or not, the company needs to demand much higher customer service standards from the people who pay to use their name.

  61. Methusalah says:

    @sean77: That story is even more ridiculous when you consider how you actually watch subway making your sandwich as they go. If they didn’t put sauce on it at the point when he asked… he could’ve just asked them again.

  62. madfrog says:

    Sounds like they are the “Bad Apples” to me.

  63. DoctorVenkman says:

    Man, I have worked in the food industry for 10 years, and I always replace food/beverages when the customer is unhappy with it. It’s part of why you are there, being paid. How big of a deal is to make them a new cup of coffee, or in this instance, a new apple? What the hell is wrong with people that they call security on a complaining customer? If I chose that route, I would be doing that literally every day.

  64. starbreiz says:

    @BobTheMighty: Caramel apples need to be refrigerated? Safeway sells them in a room temperature bin around Halloween time. They’re in that awful plastic packaging, so I assume they’re safe?

  65. jpdanzig says:

    It’s unclear if this is the very same store — or another store in the chain — that refused bathroom access to the kid with diarrhea.

    Even if the chain claims the two transgressions were the fault of errant franchisees, the employees’ behavior in both instances seems to reflect an amazing disregard for the oldest rule in business, “the customer is always right.”

    The diarrhea incident was inhuman. The refusal to replace the rotten apple was just bad business practice. Now they have lost a customer — and gotten all the bad publicity from appearing here on the Consumerist.

    Really, the great majority of people are honest. If a customer comes all the way back to the store with a problem — especially given the cost of gas these days — then the store should have replaced the apple, with a smile, an apology, and no questions asked.

    I agree — I had never heard of this company before, but I’ll sure avoid their stores like the plague if I ever encounter them here in New York state…

  66. SOhp101 says:

    Yeah, they always have apples that sit around… for weeks. Friends of mine love Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory’s apples and they’ve gotten rotten apples more than once. They still eat it. Go figure.

  67. carbonmade says:

    I hear if you dip a sliced apple in lemon juice it won’t brown for quite a while. I’ve never tried it, so I wouldn’t really know.

  68. mariospants says:

    So… they sell these caramel apples pre-cut now (i.e. people are too lazy to bite any more)?

    The OP made an attempt to get a replacement candy apple that cost $5 while the employee refused to exchange. Where is the manager in all this? With no avenue for in-store escalation (they should have left with the apple at this point) the next step THEN would be to research online how to contact the company and make a stink for a refund or some coupons as well as an apology and explanation (so that you won’t feel disgusted instead of excited about the prospect of buying a candy apple from them again).

  69. ludwigk says:

    I’ve never heard of a food service company being such jackasses. Any restaurant or food store that I’ve been to, from McDonalds to Ritz-y Michelin/Zagat fancy whooha’s will replace just about anything that you’re not happy with.

    Coke flat? Fries burnt? Fois Gras overdone? All happy to replace it. I can’t imagine what RMCF is doing not replacing any product that a customer isn’t thrilled with.

    I used to be such a fan of their frozen cheesecake sticks…

  70. vildechaia says:

    It’s true about dipping a slice of an apple in lemon or lime juice – the slice shouldn’t turn brown. Same applies to an avocado after it’s been sliced open. If I ever saw an apple that looked like the one shown in the picture, I’d be on the phone to the health department immediately. There’s no excuse for RMCF’s handling of this situation. And “moron credits” to the mall’s “security” and “concierge.”

  71. Hongfiately says:

    @failurate: Agree that the stick is the likely culprit just from a glance at the pics.

    Sheesh, how hard is it to say, “Sorry, here’s another apple.”?

  72. Indecent says:


    So, driving there and waiting patiently at the store is “out of proportion” but she should report it to the health inspectors and alert all the local media?

    No offense but…bogus. Had she immediately reported them for nasty food and started calling up ABC because an APPLE, commenters here would flame the hell out of her for not trying to reason with the store first. She did as she should…and no store, no matter how small the item, should be allowed to get away with crap product and crap service.

  73. stevegoz says:

    Not a single crack about the stinky road apples at the fudge factory? We have indeed matured since the last post about this horrible, horrible chain that has far more locations near me than I ever would have guessed.

  74. Marshfield says:

    You always run the risk of substandard food when you buy something not in the mainstream of a store’s business.

    You don’t buy apples at the chocolate store, you get them at the grocery store. Even caramel apples (which really should be bought at the County Fair).

  75. yetiwisdom says:

    Driving all that way must have been a royal pain in her Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.

  76. @Marshfield: Nooooo, *companies* run the risk of providing crappy and/or unsafe products if *they* choose to carry items outside the mainstream of their business. The *responsibility* to provide a good product remains unchanged, but it becomes harder for them to fulfill the more items they need to track. If they can’t keep up their end, then THEY need to stop carrying those extra products.

    But as long as *they* choose to, then *they* are still responsible for providing good and safe food. Blaming or penalizing the people who buy what’s offered for sale is just moronic.

  77. ogman says:

    While I agree that RMCF is wrong to be serving bad food, I find it hard to believe that the employees called security without some kind of threatening behavior on the part of the customer.

    When employees fail to provide proper service, obtain the number of the owner and take it to the next level. If the store employees will not provide that information, obtain it through other means.

  78. Cyclokitty says:

    Ewww! That apple looks nasty. I don’t blame the op for returning to the chocolate store. I’d at least want my money back (I doubt I’ll ever be able to eat a candy apple for a long long time).

    If a food store can’t keep their place clean, their food safe, and train their employees in food safety, the public health authorities need to be informed so they can get in there and correct them, or fine them, or shut them down. It’s not right to blame the victim when she complains that a food item is spoiled. I’d use up some fossil fuels to if I was treated so rudely by a store employee. As far as calling security is concerned, maybe the employee felt threatened, I have no clue. Odds are the whole thing was causing a scene in the store and the employee wanted to get rid of the op.

    Shame on you RMCF! The management needs to get their heads out from between their buttocks and teach their employees how to serve customers and food safety. It’s fairly basic — no customers, no money, no quarterly bonuses for management.

  79. RabbitDinner says:

    @ogman: That’s what I’d like to believe. Some employees, at Customer Service desks, however, find that the best way to deal with a difficult, but non-threatening customer is to say hey, fuck it, and call security/threaten to call security if the customer isn’t a sheep. Places like Target, etc. Places like this are only as good as their minimum wage drones. I love Target, and Best Buy is my poison of choice. There’s a lot of poor management, but I’ve been at superbly run Targets, and poor excuses for them. Poor upper management can make for a shitty store, but incompetent store managers run stores of even the best chains. From traveling, it’s obvious to me that it depends on the locale, by which I mean the local demographics and educational system. I find it can make the difference between ambitious, competent, part-time students, and apathetic, even at times abusive high school dropouts, etc.

  80. parkerjh says:

    Brown from exposure to air or rotten. In either event, if the customer is not happy with the product, it should be quickly, easily, and cheerfully replaced. This service is just disgusting. After the Huntington Beach incident, and now this one, this company clearly needs some focus on customer service.

  81. Landru says:

    @FormerEA: Worker are also “within their rights” to tell you shut up and go to hell. That doesn’t make it right.

  82. mythago says:

    @Marshfield: So if a store decides to sell an item outside of its “main business” and screws it up, in your opinion, it’s not the store’s fault for failing; it’s the customer’s fault for buying the item?

    Could you just put “OP IS AT FAULT” on a macro? It would save you time.

  83. RabbitDinner says:

    @Marshfield: And it is in the mainstream of their business. It’s a frakking candy store. They have dozens of varieties. It’s one of their known specialties.

  84. RabbitDinner says:

    @Marshfield: You know, you really, really, tread the line between picking out irrelevent minutiae and flat out blaming the OP. I disctinctly remember a comment of yours from this post

  85. RabbitDinner says:
  86. @Marshfield: I agree. Carmel apples from a makeshift booth sitting in the hot summer sun in a farm animal infested field are MUCH more sanitary.

  87. Oregon says:

    The picture does not show a rotten apple.That apple is bruised and this happens if it was dropped.
    Calling the news and the health dept. you guys are funny. It is a piece of fruit. Anyone who knows that fruit and veggies are grown on a farm can see that this is a bruise and the apple is not by any means rotten. But then again all fruits rots. Like your Bannana’s soft? Well they rot to get soft, let them rot to much they turn black. Pick a tomato and it starts rotting from the minute it leaves the vine. The candy store was idiots on their handling of this but then again the OP went a little to far. Apples in July are from storage from last September or came all the way from Austriala by boat. There are bound to be a few bruised apples.

  88. Rachael says:

    Hi Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory,

    Just in case someone from your company does read this and starts thinking “well, this doesn’t impact business so much…”

    I’d never heard of your company before reading a story here about a sick young boy needing to use your restroom and being refused, only to be followed up with even worse customer service from a manager. “Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory? Never heard of them, but not shopping there anyway…” I thought.

    Two weeks ago I was stuck at an airport and realized I needed to buy a present for a friend at my destination. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw some chocolate boxes and made a beeline. Then, as soon as I saw the name on the sign out of the corner of my eye, I hightailed it out of there. A story like this makes it even more likely that next time I’m at an airport, I’ll not only make sure I don’t shop at your store but I’ll do all I can to avoid it… and tell my friends about it.

    You might think that little stories like this don’t matter but they do: it’s not the initial mixup that’s the problem, it’s your company’s inability to effectively diffuse problem situations that bugs me.

  89. @Oregon: you need to go back to school an realize that apples are not soft flesh fruits and don’t bruise without the PUNCTURING on the skin. Show me in those pics where the impact points are from the fall it took. That it clear cut ROT. Sell that SH*T to some other dumb fool.

    –Bruised… HA… to the core and he says bruised……LOL

  90. @Oregon: BTW my family makes Candy Apples and sell the EVERY MARDI GRAS season in New Orleans… so my 20+ years of hot ass sugar dipped apples qualifies me to make that comment

  91. @Cordfucious v 2.0.1: “Hot ass sugar dipped apples” LOL! Please tell me that’s what you call your caramel apples.

  92. @ceejeemcbeegee: LOL. that was sooo unintentional. But we dip ours in a red sugar coating that forms a glass-like shell.

    My apples haven’t been dipped ever…LOL

  93. thelushie says:

    “Making a complaint” can be construed as a threat if done in particular ways. When the associate didn’t acknowledge you (and that is wrong) did you yell, bang the counter, etc. There aren’t enough details.

    As for the apple, ewww. I would have wanted a replacement too. But at the moment they decided they didn’t want to help me, I would have escalated. And not wasted the gas going back to the store.

  94. Me. says:

    She forgot the magic phrase: “What is your name and may I have your regional manager’s contact information?”

  95. narq says:

    All these horrid stories showing up lately. There should be some sort of legal authority that upholds standards of business and legal practices and food safety conditions. Oh wait, I forgot… there is, and they don’t do their jobs.

    I think we need a Judge Dredd of consumerism. Judge, jury, and executioner of business. I’d like that job.

  96. varro says:

    Call the county health department on them to get them to stop selling Rotten Apple, Crunchy Frog, Lark’s Vomit, and Anthrax Ripple.

  97. Oregon says:

    cordfucious said” my 20+ years of hot ass sugar dipped apples qualifies me to make that comment”
    sorry your twenty years of selling candy apples pales to my growing up on a 200 acre orchard. Living with apples 365 days a year from thinning to harvest to the packing house. I now live again in a major fruit growing region, after college worked out west as a foreman in a large 400 acre operation with our own packing facility and my answer stands. You knowledge is limited as any apple grower has seen this many times before. The skin does not have to break to cause a bruise like this. A good hard drop will not always break the skin of a granny smith or several other varieties. Btw: my youngest just finished three weeks of thinning pears at the neighbors orchard.

  98. ShariC says:

    Actually, I agree with the person who said it looks more like caramel seeped into the center. Look at the pattern. It originates around where the stick penetrates the core and spreads outward. I don’t know how they make the apples, but if they skewer the fresh apple then coat it with caramel, it’s certainly possible for the caramel to seep in through the hole the stick has made, especially if the hole is large.

    I couldn’t say for sure that it was rotten from the picture alone. I think you’d have to be able to smell it and test the texture of the center to be sure it wasn’t the caramel seeping inside.

    Regardless of what it is, the store should have replaced or refunded the product if the customer wasn’t happy. It’s absurd how combative and argumentative businesses can be about such trivial things.

  99. Charlotte Rae's Web says:

    That is one chain that knows nothing about brown-nosing its customers.

  100. Meathamper says:

    RMCF is the worst place you can go for a sugary snack. Their service sucks, every place is franchised so corporate can say it’s not their fault, I would have rather used that gas to buy a Mars bar or something.

  101. Krustey says:

    Congratulations on wasting 4 or 5 hours of your time over an apple.

  102. stezton says:

    Ew man. I just ate lunch.

  103. lanae says:

    I have to say that as a RMCF franchise owner, a situation that happened in one store doesn’t represent the entire franchise system of owners. We don’t all have this specific policy in place in how we treat our customers or what our policies are on customer complaints, returns, etc… With over 300 RMCF stores & owners, I find it very unfair to judge us all based on incidents that happened in 1 specific store. I know we pride ourselves on trying to provide the best customer service & to provide exceptional quality products as most store owners do. Knowing many store owners, I can tell you that this incident does not represent how the rest of us run our businesses. Our businesses are our lives & we take our stores very seriously.

  104. reznicek111 says:

    Not sure why it matters if the apple were rotten or simply bruised (though it certainly looks rotten to me) – it’s a defective item, and the seller should have replaced it. Besides, at $5 or $7 a pop, you’d at least hope the caramel apple to be ‘edible,’ which this clearly isn’t.

  105. rmartin says:

    As a RMCF franchisee, I’d like to say that I try to maintain the best customer service at all times. It is greatly disheartening to see these posts, as all of the other franchisees I have met over the years really take personal pride in their stores. When a customer buys an apple and asks to have it sliced, we ask if they’re going to eat it right away, as it will oxidize quickly in the open air. Sometimes, this changes their mind on getting it sliced. I would NEVER refuse a customer a new apple if they weren’t happy with the one they received, even if I did cut it for them myself an hour ago, just because I know I don’t want them to leave my store on a negative note.
    As for the bathroom issue, we don’t have a public restroom, either. As a Mom myself, if a customer looked panicked about his/her child not making it to the restaurant next door, I’d let them use it. I know the feeling. However, I need to make sure my employees understand this line and when to cross it. We are not insured for having customers behind our counter or in our back room.

  106. Teki says:

    Yeah, avoid RMCF at all cost. I’m sure there is a few good stores out there, but I haven’t been to one.

  107. Meathamper says:

    @Teki: When it’s rare to find a good store, it’s pretty bad overall.

  108. EdnaLegume says:

    @rmartin: I’m sorry for you. Apparently RMCF franchise just has a “few bad apples”…

    OMG.. I nearly peed that was so funny. I’m still laughing, seriously I’m gonna piss my pants.

  109. enuma says:

    I’ve worked in a pie bakery where I’d peel and cut hundreds of apples every day. That apple doesn’t look rotten to me, it just looks very, very bruised. It either got knocked around in shipping and arrived that way, was a day or two past its sale date, or hot caramel seeped in around the stick and accelerated the browning. Either way, the complaint was legit. No one would want to eat an apple like that, and unless Nohreen drop kicked it, it was definitely that brown at the time it was sold. RMCF should have given her a refund or an even exchange. Their reaction is hard to fathom.

  110. Anonymous says:

    I worked at RMCF in Tx. for 3 years, and first and foremost, it’s all about customer service. We had many brown apples, and no questions asked, we gave the customer a new one. Second, this reporter does not tell how long after the apple was cut that she complained and took her pic’s. As soon as that stick is put into the apple, air is let in and the browning process begins. Can’t make the apples without the stick, so any apple that has not been consumed within a reasonable time is going to turn brown. That apple was NOT rotten, just turned brown. Anyone who cuts an apple knows this happens. To be fair to RMCF….the wonderful products, and MANY delicious apples they make far out number the one shown here!