Curse-Drenched Masterpiece Gets Cable Fixed

This NSFW recording is an expletive-drenched masterpiece. It’s a series of messages a customer left on a cable company’s answering machine after his cable went out and every number they had listed in the phonebook was busy…

Our tipster says this recording used to get passed around at Canadian high schools during the 80’s and 90’s. You know, they say you shouldn’t curse because you can communicate better by using specific, and clean, language. I think this recording transcends the form… it’s a free-form jazz riff on the the four-letter word, a magnum opus of expletives. And in the end, the customer wins.

Still, file under “hilarious, but don’t try this at home.” Jokes aside, he probably could have gotten it fixed much quicker if he had just known how to use executive customer service.

(Thanks to Scott!)

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