Wannabe Supervillain Who Claimed He Poisoned Baby Food Is Arrested

Police have arrested Anton Dunn, a 42-year-old New Yorker who uploaded videos to YouTube and other sites in which he wears a black mask and calls himself “Trashman.” In the videos, Mr. Trashman announces that he’s managed to poison “millions of bottles of baby food” with cyanide. Gerber, the company he names in his threats, says it’s found no evidence that any food has been tampered with.

Thesmokinggun found some more interesting info on Dunn, including that he filmed his incriminating announcements “from inside a shower stall,” that he claimed to have paid off the police and the FBI, and that investigators found him not through fancy IP tracing or anything like that, but because he broadcast the name of a site registered to him across the bottom of some of his Trashman videos.

Dunn has been arrested three times in the past ten months on charges unrelated to his moviemaking, according to the complaint. The Harlem resident, who has previously posted videos in which he claimed to have infected numerous female sex partners with the HIV virus, operates a low-budget porn web site and, on his MySpace page, describes himself as an “adult website owner looking to network with people in the porn and music world.”

“‘Trashman’ Nabbed For YouTube Threats” [The Smoking Gun]
“New York man arrested for YouTube baby food threat” [Associated Press]


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  1. e.varden says:

    Enough said.

  2. PølάrβǽЯ says:

    And I thought the Trashman liked to start fires and blow things up. Damn you Stephen King.

  3. ahwannabe says:

    What an asshole.

  4. ephdel says:

    seriously. ‘scum’ isn’t enough to describe him.

  5. SahuaritaSam says:

    Gerber is a great company. They don’t deserve this.

  6. Fredex says:

    It used to be that the village idiot was known only in his own village. Thanks to the interwebs, every village idiot is known everywhere.

  7. henrygates says:

    Spineless sickos poison baby food. Real super-villains melt continents with laser beams.

  8. ShirtNinja says:

    @aaron8301: You’re thinking of Trashcan Man. However, you are right in the fact that he did enjoy blowing things up, starting fires, and finding nuclear warheads.

  9. jdmba says:

    Anyone wanna guess if he was about to short their stock?

  10. Wormfather is Wormfather says:

    You stay classy Harlem.

  11. Orv says:

    @jdmba: Frankly, I doubt he’s that bright. Someone smart enough to run a stock scam would be smart enough not to put the name of their own website in the video.

  12. lrbreckenripple says:

    They should throw him in the deepest darkest cell they can find. On the first night, they’ll knock all his teeth out so he can’t bite when they make him toss salads, then he’ll be the one eating baby food.

  13. vampired says:

    This guy needs to die, immediately!

  14. Triterion says:

    What ever happened to sending in your villain-related tapes to news agencies to cause extra mass panic? Kids today are so lazy…

  15. iEddie says:

    At least Gerber is taking it seriously.

  16. Ghede says:

    @ephdel: Scum? You are saying he is worse than scum? No. Scum actually poisons baby food. Him? He is a nutjob. Nothing more.

  17. Raziya says:

    @ShirtNinja: That is my favorite book of all time, EVER.

    But yes, this guy is a scumbag for even suggesting that he poisoned food.

  18. B1663R says:

    @aaron8301: bomdidy, bombidy, bombidy, bombidy… MY LIFE FOR YOU!!!

    the stand was awesome!! a little long (6 hours) but still good. **** for sure

  19. Letsgohokies says:

    If I’m not mistaken, this is the same asshole that had videos claiming to have infected hundreds of women with HIV on purpose. Hopefully they can jam him up with some kind of nonsense (patriot act maybe) and just hold this nutbag indefinitely.

  20. krispykrink says:

    What are the charges? He committed no crime, and made no threat. He could be cited for attempting to incite, but that’s easy to beat if his mental condition warrants it. And from the looks of it, it probably does.

  21. nyaz says:

    Isn’t this the same guy that said he was having sex with girls with no condom and had aids?

  22. thelushie says:

    @krispykrink: Hopefully his mental condition will warrent a trip to the local psych ward and some medication to clear up those delusions.

  23. satoru says:

    @krispykrink: Actually there are several federal laws that were broken and thus why the FDA was involved. If you read the Smoking Gun report 2 charges have been laid by the FDA in this case

    1) Interstate communication used to send a threat to people specifying direct harm.

    2) Willfully sending false information about tainting a food product that would have caused material harm to individuals if true

    The interstate communication part is really where you get into the federal realm of the charges. If he had say, put out flyers in a neighborhood stating this, the local health ministry would be responsible for prosecuting. Because it was on the internet, the FDA gets involved.

  24. homerjay says:

    Just another buffoon trying to find relevance in his lonely lonely world. Sorry, son. You have no value in your world or this one.

  25. Parting says:

    Definitely needs help. The good thing, the guy never did anything bad…

    So he’s more a lonely loony, not a real criminal.

  26. Julia789 says:

    Good thing he was caught before he really put rat poison in baby food. All it would take to set this wacko off is one person saying “Sure you did buddy, sure you poisoned baby food. Whatever.” Then he might go over the edge and actually start poisoning jars of baby food in his local store “I’ll show you who is a liar!”

    I hope he gets court ordered psychiatric treatment. He needs some serious medication.

  27. meepers says:

    He’s not just some wacko, and he wasn’t foolishly connecting his videos to a registered website. He intentionally posted inflammatory statements (including the aforementioned “I gave these women AIDS”) to drum up business for the site that he had advertised in every video.

  28. capitalass says:

    What a champ, but if he is really so interested in killing babies, maybe he should just work for nestle.

  29. gc3160thtuk says you got your humor in my sarcasm and you say you got your sarcasm in my humor says:

    People like this make me want to lobby for laws that make it illegal to be an extreme douchebag.

  30. Techno Viking says:

    You all know that only an idiot will believe him, right. However, this moron does not need jail for 10 years. Just a psychiatric hospital for 5 to 10 years where they can get him all the happy pills he will ever need.

  31. RabbitDinner says:

    ” he broadcast the name of a site registered to him across the bottom of some of his Trashman videos.” LOL what a tool. That reminds me of how they caught BTK. He was corresponding with police with taunting letters (already pushing his luck) and he actually asked them if information could be traced from floppy disks. Obviously, they said no and they found him. Unbelievable, really.

  32. A bullet would solve a lot of problems.

    Oops, wasn’t suppose to say that.

  33. Trai_Dep says:

    Y’know, if I was that ugly, I’d wear a mask too.

  34. psychos says:


    I hope you’re trolling. I really, really hope you’re trolling. If you think the Patriot Act should be used against people like this, you are quite disillusioned and quite stupid on top of that. There are many laws that can be used in this situation without bringing the likely-unconstitutional Patriot Act into the argument. Obviously this guy is a horrific criminal if he committed what has been alleged, and he should be tried and sentenced in accord with those allegations. The Patriot Act would, of course, let us ship him off to Guantanamo Bay or some more secret prison without any sort of hearing, for being a terrorist.

    I do, really, hope that you are just a stupid, idiotic troll.

  35. Angryrider says:

    Wow, people actually watch Youtube death threats? Who searches for this? Who actually pays attention?! Was Patton Oswalt right?!

  36. MercuryPDX says:

    Some people take internet memes way too far….. [www.drhorrible.com]

  37. I was suspecting this movie with the Joker was going to make supervillains cool.

  38. Letsgohokies says:

    @psychos: Sarcasm, geesh

  39. celticgina says:

    Can we put him in a jail cell with the perv who is suing American Express??

    I think they would have so much in common because scum is attracted to scum……

  40. erica.blog says:

    Broadcasting desperate pleas for attention from a shower stall — while that’s definitely odd (and pathetic!) it’s not insane :)

  41. Meathamper says:

    That idiot didn’t even have the balls to actually do it. And BTW, low budget porn site? Is it just thirty minutes of him jerking off in his “shower stall”?

  42. Rectilinear Propagation says:

    @erica.blog: But the fact that he keeps claiming he’s done something that’s going to kill people might mean he’s insane.

  43. mrearly2 says:

    As if the baby food makers weren’t poisoning the baby food already.
    He’s obviously insane and evil.

  44. matthewmilam says:

    Trashman was well aware of what he was doing when he made the video. He wanted attention, which he got. The problem was he caused a scare that affected the sales of a big corporation. However untrue the claims were, the mothers of children who saw that video didn’t have the grey area about it.

    They say him, the video and it’s message, as a threat to their children who ate that brand of food. If any of us were concerned parents who loved their child, the thought of putting baby food into their mouths having just seen a video like that can make you concerned.

    I’m glad he’s in jail, regardless of whether he was kidding or not.