Morning Deals

  • Fandango: Free movie ticket just by entering an AmEx customer service phone number (signs you up for email newsletter, so use a throwaway email address, it will say the promotion has ended but they’re sending you a free movie ticket via email)
  • DELL: Xbox 360 Elite bundle with Forza Motorsport 2, Marvel Ultimate Alliance Gold Edition, and faceplate for $399
  • Staples: 400GB HDD for $45 after rebate

Highlights From Dealhack

  • Vann’s: Canon Digital Rebel XT SLR & 28-90mm $430 Shipped
  • Sharp Aquos 37-inch 1080p LCD HDTV $800 Shipped
  • TiVo DVRs: Series2 Dual Tuner $50 Shipped & TiVo HD $180 Shipped

Highlights From Bargainist


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  1. Illusio26 says:

    Typo in the URL, should be

  2. kepler11 says:

    free movie ticket deal is dead. no longer valid.

  3. noi56u says:

    The AmEx/Fandango promotion is dead (I tried entering yesterday afternoon) – the email you will get says:

    “WE’RE SORRY, the Entertainment Access® E-mail promotion has ended. However, you will still receive the Entertainment Access e-mail, your source for great entertainment offers brought to you by American Express.”

    So you still get the spam, but not the ticket. :(

  4. Lars says:

    I think this is the second time this has been posted, but the Tivo deals have you buying refurbished Tivo’s. You can buy a new Tivo HD from for not much more than the refurbished model advertised in this dealhack.

  5. gmoney says:

    I did the Star Wars one and the coupon came up under a line that reads “This offer is NOT available at Toys”R”Us. We apologize for any inconvenience.”

  6. @gmoney: Yeah, that coupon’s a promotion to get people into game and comic stores, not Toys R Us. (I think they did the same promotion last year, but it was a month earlier, so it overlapped with Free RPG Day.)

    Try ZIP codes for cities you know have game stores, and a valid location should be listed below the coupon.

  7. gmoney says:

    Thanks – it was confusing because the link above led to this: is offering a coupon good for a free Star Wars Pocketmodel from your nearest Toys “R” Us. Simply enter your zip code toward the bottom of the page and you will be forwarded to a printable coupon page. Those that live in small towns with no TRU around will be directed to enter the nearest large city’s zip code. Offer valid while supplies last.

  8. Joedel263 says:

    Toys R Us did not participate in this promotion (Wizkids never actually sent them the product) the coupon was posted with TRU’s name on it without TRU’s permission/approval..

    (the pocketmodels were, however, distributed only at the Times Square location on July 26th as part of their midnight release of the new Clone Wars product)

    TRU is working on getting their name removed from the website so it’s not so confusing