I'm So Out Of Here

Today’s my last day at Consumerist. I’ve accepted a job at Consumers Union, and I expect it will demand more of my time than I’ve devoted to law school or bumming around New Orleans for the summer. Hopefully I’ll be back to guest post once in a while. I’ll also be blogging occasionally at my personal site. Thanks for everything; I’ve enjoyed reading your emails, posting your stories, and having one of the few jobs that lets me wear a robe to work (I’d be a terrible boxer).


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  1. zigziggityzoo says:

    It’s been real, Alex.

  2. Joe_Bloe says:

    good luck, keep your pimp hand strong smacking down evil greedy corporations!

  3. MissPeacock says:

    Hey, good luck! I’ve always enjoyed your posts. Thanks for posting your blog link: I’m going to save it as a favorite.

  4. mariospants says:

    As the creator of such classic lines as “drank that Drank drink” it’s going to be hard to see you go…

  5. Half Beast says:

    Godspeed Alex.
    Grip n’ sip that purple drank.

  6. savvy999 says:

    It was a pleasure to read your work Alex, good luck.

  7. simplegreen says:


  8. Editor shrink ray hits Consumerist!

  9. YellowDucati says:

    Dangit The Count. You beat me to the shrink ray punchline!

  10. macinjosh says:

    don’t the let the door hit ya where God split ya!

    i keed, i keed

  11. Ayo says:

    Good luck on your future endeavors… As an Ex-New Orleanian (living in Houston) I enjoyed reading you post. I’ll keep up with your personal site.

    @The Count of Monte Fisto:
    “Editor shrink ray hits Consumerist!”

  12. Ein2015 says:

    Good luck Alex, and thank you for writing here! :)

  13. Wormfather is Wormfather says:

    I blame the OP, I mean who boxes anymore.

    Anyway, G’luck mate, may the wind never leave your sails.

  14. stargazerlily says:

    Best of luck, Alex!

  15. synergy says:

    You know, it’s probably because I read posts as a feed on another site, but I never know who wrote what. I only click over here if I’m going to comment.

    So. Um. I probably liked your entries! Good luck!

  16. coren says:

    @synergy: No Author tag? Or author at the bottom of the post?

  17. coren says:

    You know, this is all the OP’s fault. If he hadn’t accepted that position elsewhere, this never would have happened.

  18. sljepi says:

    Good luck

  19. ideagirl says:

    People still read Consumerist? This is what happens. The OP gets what he deserves. JK : )

  20. Good luck! I’ll miss seeing you around here. :-)

  21. homerjay says:

    Don’t let the door hit ya on the way out!

    Seriously, its been broken for weeks. It closes real fast.

    Good luck!

  22. TouchMyMonkey says:

    I hope if you get to test cars, you can get CU to start buying the same cars people actually buy instead of loading them up with every upgrade on the list. While it’s nice to know which midsize V6 sedan is best among Camry, Accord, or Passat, most people settle for the 4 cylinder versions, which deliver more than adequate performance, better mileage, and smaller price tags. Good luck with your new gig, and keep in touch.

  23. Solidgun says:

    Good luck, Alex!!!

  24. Nick1693 says:

    =( Have much fun at your job. We’ll miss you.

  25. mgy says:

    Bah! The Consumers Union is like the Consumerist for the geriatric set.

    Good luck, still :g

  26. Trai_Dep says:

    Thanks so much for your great articles, Alex. You’ll be missed!

  27. Bye Alex, let’s definitely get a drink this weekend.

  28. retailnomore says:

    Good luck at your new job. I’ll make sure to check out the blog!

    This got me thinking:

    I think it would be cool if you guys could post something on jobs in the consumer rights for different occupations. I’m trained in graphic design, so I would like to know where I could get a job doing that and protecting consumers at the same time. You could mention jobs that may or may not be available presently because I’d like to know what’s possible.

  29. bnb614 says:

    Thanks for your efforts. Good luck at the new gig, keeping the citizenry informed.

  30. howie_in_az says:

    We can’t miss you until you leave!

    Just kidding. Good luck in future endeavors.

  31. Imaginary_Friend says:

    Don’t go, Alex! If you get a rash on your junk from drinkin’ that Drank, you can claim disability since you were injured on the job!

    Best of luck — I really enjoyed your articles.

  32. Fonz says:

    Best of luck Alex

    BTW…so theres a position that just opened up right??

  33. snoop-blog says:

    DUDE ALWAYS REMEMBER POLITICIANS CAN BE BOUGHT, BUT YOU CAN’T! If you’re going to continue working for consumers, just don’t forget it when someone’s handing you a big paycheck to look the other way.

  34. D-Bo says:

    Congrats on working with the Consumers Union, best wishes.

  35. StoneKitten says:

    I want to work for Consumerist.
    I already use the line ‘I commentate on Consumerist.com’ anytime some idiot company ticks me off. :)
    (it gets a great reaction and freaks people out)

    But oh well I already have YELP interested………

  36. @Copperplum: A little off topic, but does that line work on women?

  37. Alex Chasick says:

    Thanks for the good wishes, everyone!

    @Copperplum: I think any posts that I would have done will be covered by the other editors, and maybe the interns eventually. I got to post after plowing through 18,000 of your emails as an intern, so I’d encourage you to apply for intern spots the next time they open up (which should be in a few months).