Sorry, We Don't Know Why Our Pump Is Overcharging You

Reader Matt says he bought gas from a Sunoco station in New Jersey, but the price advertised didn’t match the price he was actually charged. He even “double checked” to make sure there wasn’t a separate price for cash vs credit. Matt says he tried to resolve the dispute with an employee, but that the employee “just kept saying he doesn’t know why it’s happening. So I just snapped a picture and left.” What should Matt do?

Gas stations fall under the watchful eye of New Jersey’s Office of Weights and Measures, so we think Matt should report this gas station immediately. Unlike more lackadaisical government agencies, the folks at Weights and Measures are usually pretty enthusiastic about their jobs, particularly when the job involves busting shady gas stations for overcharging their customers. If something illegal is going on here, they’re the ones to put a stop to it.

Here’s an example of how one Consumerist reader brought down the sword of justice on a Wisconsin gas station. Now it’s your turn.

New Jersey Office of Weights And Measures Contact Information [New Jersey]

UPDATE: Matt filed a report with the New Jersey Office of Weights And Measures (which he forwarded to the Consumerist), and, independently, Sunoco contacted us to confirm the location of the gas station so that they can conduct their own investigation.

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