Attorneys Convince Monster That Consumers Can Tell The Difference Between A Deer Lick And An Audio Cable

According to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, attorneys filed a dismissal motion on behalf of Denco, an ethanol producer in Morris, Minn. that had been selling a product called “Monster Deer Block” since 2005. What were they trying to dismiss? A trademark lawsuit from Monster Cable, of course.

Attorneys for Winthrop & Weinstine recently convinced Monster Cable that a product called “Monster Deer Block” would not cause confusion in the marketplace with its cable products.

There is a considerable difference, Winthrop attorneys argued, between a flavored salt and mineral lick designed to attract wild deer and Monster Cable’s electric cable and connectors for wiring household electronics.

We’re not so sure. They’re just so similar. We’d like to thank Monster from keeping silly consumers from trying to plug vitamins for wild animals into their home theater systems. Imagine the mess.

Inside Track: A Monster dispute is licked
[Star-Tribune](Thanks, Tom!)

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