Finishing second in the Worst Company In America contest hasn’t slowed down Comcast’s money making machine. Their profits rose 7% thanks to telephone and high-speed Internet services. They’re adding customers and making more money per customer, thanks to bundling, says Bloomberg. “…Average revenue per customer rose 8.6 percent to $109.66 as it sold packages combining its services.” [Bloomburg]


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  1. Sometimes they are the only option anyone has. And they suck hard.

  2. mariospants says:

    Instead of a gold-plated doodie, do they get a plunger?

  3. EBounding says:

    Comcast is lousy, but their internet and voice service is much better/cheaper than what AT&T offers around here. :/

  4. MrGutts says:


    Oh come on, I love the over compressed HD signals, the over priced converter boxes and the wonderful customer service that takes weeks to get a answer from anyone.

  5. AaronZ says:

    I eat at this restaurant nearby where the server is slow and constantly gets my order wrong, the food is cold and the prices are high. (Though I get a deal if I order a 3 course meal.)
    But the restaurant is nearby, and the next closest one is pretty far. So rather than go out of my way for something else, I’ll just keep eating there and complaining about it online.

  6. stacye says:

    @AaronZ: If only choosing your cable options were as easy as going to another restaurant.

    Are you suggesting that moving is as easy as going to another restaurant? Because, you do realize that’s what most of us would have to do to get an alternative high speed internet access.

    Yes, I’m going to move 30 minutes more away from work just so I can have an alternative to my current cable provider.

  7. sn1per420 says:

    I switched to FiOS for phone/internet/TV about 6 months ago, and just last week I got a letter from Comcast telling me that if I wasn’t happy about getting all caught up in the hype around the “new kid on the block, we’re here for you, and we would be glad to welcome you back as a customer.”

    I had a good laugh, then chucked the letter.

  8. quickstrike says:

    What comcast should recieve is gold statue of Rich uncle penny bags from monopoly holding those dollor sign sacks of cash.

    Get it….Monopoly eh, eh, God I crack myself up!

  9. axiomatic says:

    Dear Comcast… I wish I could quit you, but you are the monopoly in my neighborhood. Verizon however is laying fiber in my neighborhood literally as I type this. You’d better make with the DOCSIS 3.0 ASAP or I’m going to dump you the very second there is “choice” in my neighborhood.


    P.S. I’ll dump you pretty much no matter what you do… unless you guys start offering a symmetrical internet connection.

  10. AaronZ says:

    @stacye: No stacye, you are completely right, there are absolutely no alternatives to that one company for your internet service. So you shouldn’t bother looking. I’m sure complaining online instead will solve all your woes.

    (ps, a friend of mine dropped his ISP altogether and gets his connection by using his Sprint smartphone as an EVDO modem. He says it’s just as fast. Then again, some people would just complain about Sprint {or verizon, or AT&T} etc.)

  11. crabbyman6 says:

    Awww, sorry Comcast, maybe next year when the housing disaster isn’t so immediate. We know you’ll still be around screwing us over. <3

  12. dako81 says:

    I complained to the city manager guy who gets to deal with which cable company has a monopoly in our town, and he said, “Oh, Comcast sucks, that’s why I’ve got satellite.” Oh and they offer DSL at his house unlike mine so comcast is the high speed internet option for me, but not him…

    If they opened up the cable marketplace for companies to compete, prices would go down, and service would go up, because there would be choices (there was an article I read somewhere recently saying that where comcast has competition, prices are lower). BUT, they don’t care.

  13. Eryk says:

    @AaronZ: Cause complaining about service, or the lackthereof, solves nothing?

    You don’t think that Comcast execs are ashamed that their company is constantly reamed on this site, and many others? I’m sure they are. Are they doing anything about it? Who knows. But the constant complaining they see and hear WILL eventually solve his woes in one of two ways:

    1) Comcast cleans up their act, realizing that eventually they will lose “exclusivity” in areas, and that they should work to keep customers, not lose them.

    2) Competition moves in knowing full well that their only competition is Comcast, and that many people like StacyE will jump into the loving arms of any company that saves them.

    Your overall response is rather…defeatest. Read over some EECBs on this site and see how far complaining can get some people. Its our right to demand better quality goods and services, and complaining is one way to do just that.

  14. krom says:

    They didn’t finish “second”. They just lost to Countrywide, and were worse than the companies on their side of the grid. But since Comcast wasn’t compared to any of the companies that Countrywide beat on the other side, we can’t tell from a heat-advance contest which company is really the second worst.