These Toy Horses Are Also Educational

Ali writes, “I was at the Borders in Elk Grove, CA with my cousin when I noticed these toys in the section with iPod accessories and various other objects. The funny thing is, all the other packages behind it were exactly the same.” Now you can learn about nature, and maybe pick up some new sexual slang, while you play horse farm!


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  1. Not as good as this one:


  2. MyPetFly says:



    I sent that to my wife, the “Stuff On My Cat” and “LOL Cat” fan…

  3. organicgardener says:

    Mommy! What are they doing?

  4. Plastic Horse Sex?

    I thought the bag of plastic soldiers that I saw when I was a child was much more interesting. Of course that was long before the “don’t kiss and tell policy” or whatever it is called these days.

  5. Dustbunny says:


    They’re busy making little horsies!

  6. @Tian: That’s one of my favorite posts of all time. Technically, I could drop the “one” since I can’t think of a post that’s better right now, but I’m sure there’s something.

  7. smallestmills says:

    Although that was probably a packaging coincidence, I used to work at a store that sold animal toys and stuffed animals but other than that, was all grown-up home decor stuff, food, and wine. Not one day (usually at least twice a day) would go by without finding the animals in some kind of sexual position. It’s what got me through the crabby customers, as I could just picture them arranging the animals in the sixty-nine position as they were mad at me for not having in their Bordeaux.

  8. HClay says:

    Well, that’s one way of meeting the plastic-horse-toy manufacturing quota.

  9. ChChChacos says:

    I work in a Borders in MA and our store has these too! We also have frogs that look as though they’re humping each other.

  10. drjayphd says:

    With apologies to the Gizmodo commenter… OMG! (Making) Ponies!

  11. thelushie says:

    @smallestmills: When I worked retail, we had people look down the pants of the male manniquins to see if they were “anatomically correct”. (FTR, they’re not). Then we had the people who tried to stuff the bikini tops of the manniquins and then stuff socks down the trousers of the male ones.

  12. SexCpotatoes says:

    All Aboard the horse train!

  13. Canino says:

    @organicgardener: Mommy! What are they doing?

    Those are circus horses. They’re practicing for the next show.

    Works every time.

  14. ajlei says:

    I work at a Borders in OR and I have to laugh every time I see these, or see a slightly befuddled parent purchase these for their eager kid.

  15. Ajh says:

    A friend commented to me once that at the craft store she works at..those horse figurines well they have anatomically correct horse parts.

  16. forgottenpassword says:

    That’s how I done learned about the birds & the bees!

    I grew up on a horse-farm.

  17. Preyfar says:

    Chaaarlie! Come to Caaandy Mooountain, Chaaarlie!

  18. mikesfree says:

    @Preyfar: hilarious

  19. mariospants says:

    They’re HUGGING, people. Just hugs.

  20. cellophane says:

    I’m not sure that wrapping the entire orgy in protective plastic film is an effective contraceptive measure.

    There are going to be a lot of pregnant horses tomorrow morning…

  21. temporaryerror says:

    The horsies are just wrestling… Just like mommie and daddie were when you came to ask for a glass of water last night.

  22. This is a good investment. In no time your kids will have hundreds of plastic toy horses — inbred and mutated, but plentiful.