Morning Deals

  • Amazon: Lego sale. 50% off 8 Different Items
  • Walgreens: 6 Sharpies for $2 (in-store only)
  • eforcity: iPod/iPhone charging cable for $7.99 (down from $43.99)
  • DealExtreme: iPod/iPhone charging cable for $3.46
  • Woot: It’s a woot-off!

Highlights From Dealhack

  • Best Buy: Dynex DX-LCD32 32-inch LCD HDTV $490
  • Tiger Direct: Unlocked Motorola RAZR V3 GSM Cell Phone $100
  • Kodak Z1285 12 Megapixel Digital Camera $90 Shipped


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  1. What are the 8 different Lego items? The link only links to one. I did notice that the tumbler I bought earlier this month went down in price, so thanks Ben for getting me $5.00 back!

  2. Underpants Gnome says:

    Woot-Off over at today too.

  3. homerjay says:

    USB Cable for iPhone retails at $44 and you put it up here??

    I’d like to sell my 1995 Chevy Astrovan with 200,000 miles. Retails for $1,000,000 but I’ll let it go for $50,000.

  4. savvy999 says:

    I’m thinking Ben is getting a cut of the action on these ‘deals’. You can buy that iPod-USB cable for $3.46 + no shipping every day at []

    I have 3 of them (1 for home, office, extra car), they work fine.

  5. lol_wut says:

    That camera they have on is nearly identical to the one they had on w00t last week for around $80.

    (1275 versus 1285)

    I can vouch for the 1275, and assuming there are no differences other than styling the 1285 as well. There really isn’t much of a lag on the camera and so long as you use 2650mah and above rechargeables you are good to go.

  6. Ben Popken says:
  7. William Mize says:

    Camera is gone. Boo!

  8. lol_wut says:

    Darn, it was a good camera for what I paid.

  9. arhughes says:

    eforcity has a coupon (DATIPODBLK) that makes the iPhone/iPod cable only $2.99, plus it is longer than the one at DealExtreme (1.7M vs 1.2M).

  10. xredgambit says:

    When is the Woot off being put up.

  11. blue_duck says:

    @Git Em SteveDave is a poor substitute for LindsayJoy: Legos happen to rock…. Even though I’m not sure exactly what a “lego item” is…

  12. britne says:

    on the eforcity deal, you can get the cable for $2.99 w/ free shipping w/ code “datipodblk” if you’re in the first 4000 sold. just ordered mine. can’t beat 3 bucks.

  13. speedwell (propagandist and secular snarkist) says:

    DealExtreme rocks hard. There’s no better place to go for cheap made-in-China electronic crap, shipping included, crazy prices. It takes longer than it really should to get your stuff, but it does get there and their customer service is OK.

  14. Has anyone priced for that ipod cable? They’re pretty inexpensive, and I’ve yet to get a really crappy product from them. Some are not “the best”, but when you pay $.45 for a BNC connector, it was on par with one from RadioShack for 5.00.