Starbucks has changed its mind and will keep selling sandwiches after all. Now they’re looking at less stinky cheeses and less butter in an attempt to keep the smell from interfering with the coffee aroma. [Blogging Stocks]


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  1. meg9 says:

    Yay!! These are my favorite things at starbucks and the only food I actually buy there. I’m thrilled that they are staying!

  2. meg9 says:

    I also feel that I need to get more important things in my life when a breakfast sandwich’s stay can mean so much to me ;)

  3. Channing says:

    Ugh, so I’ll still have to smell cheese and butter when I’m drinking my double-whip-upsidedown-180-half-tail-grab-frappe?

  4. nfs says:

    didn’t starbucks focus on making coffee?

  5. iamdmann says:

    that mind change does nothing for me. if they changed their mind about closing the newark store then i’d forgive them. i live 250 yards from it, and even though the coffee at starbucks isn’t that good, the distance can’t be beat. they can take their sandwiches and double shove them since i’m celiac and can’t eat them anyway. and for good measure i’ll throw in that i didn’t enjoy moby dick either!

  6. chiieddy says:

    The newest stores (they just opened one in East Boston) don’t even have an oven to cook these things.

  7. Angryrider says:

    Bluk. I’ll stick with my $5 sandwiches at Subway, rather than the $6 puny ones at Starbucks.

  8. joel. says:

    Well I’m sure the smell of those new smoothies will cover up the smell of the sandwiches.

  9. ZackHoagie says:

    @chiieddy: They never had ovens.

  10. ChrisNF says:

    @Angryrider: I think this is about the $3 breakfast sandwiches, not the $6 cold sandwiches which were never slated for removal.

  11. I actually liked the Starbucks breakfast sandwiches. Is the smell of cheese really that offensive? Perhaps people with more discriminating tastes can carry a flower with them, and whenever something offends their nose, they can delicately place the flower in front of their proboscis and take deep breaths. I can’t believe cheese offends people’s noses and not, say, the persistent smell of burnt coffee.

  12. creamsissle says:

    I always thought the smell was from the English Muffins. I’m a fan of the breakfast sandwiches, but they do lend an unpleasant odor to the stores that serve them.

  13. csdiego says:

    Now see, my ideal coffee place would be one that keeps the coffee smell from contaminating the cheese and butter on my sandwiches. Not that I don’t love coffee, it just doesn’t love me.

  14. krom says:

    Good. I expect these stupid Vivanno drinks will fail, too. The radio commercial for them makes me want to avoid Starbucks forever. You know it’s a hard sell when you have to illustrate the process of making a smoothie complete with sound effects in a lame attempt to make it appealing. Notice how they never advertised their coffee with the sounds of an espresso grinder and steam nozzle.

  15. drjayphd says:

    @krom: If there’s any justice in the world, though, they’ll outlast Taco Bell’s smoothies.

  16. Marshfield says:


    > $5 sandwiches at Subway

    Yeah, how awesome is that. And quiznos has now also stepped up with $5.00 subs too.

    I’d say it’s an good example of DE-flation but its pretty isolated to make too much of.

  17. samurailynn says:

    @Blueoysterjoe: I’ve never been offended by the smell of cheese in a starbucks, but I have to say that flower bit is a good idea. I can just sniff my aromatic flowers when my cigarette smoking coworkers approach.

  18. u1itn0w2day says:

    First,who told Starbucks that the sandwiches stink?Was it a regular customer? Was it an occassional or first time customer? Was it a random survey from a phone call or e-mail?

    Reason I bring that up is that if it’s a regular customer all that you did by eliminating the ‘stinky’ sandwiches is placate a customer that’s already going to Starbucks.More than likely customer will go in no matter what-keeping customers is important but… I guess with the high prices customers have higher expectations in Starbucks.Starbucks problem is getting new or old customers in the store:not the regulars.

    If smells kill the urge for coffee diners would have been extinct long ago.Most diners are always cooking breakfeast food.

    I think the blogger is right,this is a move for Wall Street and not the customers.If nothing else it shows desperation changing strategy in less than a year.Adapting or modifying is good but back-tracking not so good.

  19. chiieddy says:

    @u1itn0w2day: Schultz (the CEO) doesn’t like the smell

  20. u1itn0w2day says:

    @chiieddy: Thank You-that explains alot.Now if he would back track on prices instead of menu selections they might actually have a chance.