Thanks, Creative Labs, For Returning My Subwoofer. May I Please Have My Other 7 Speakers Now?

Creative Labs might have fixed Bernard’s GigaWorks S750 sound system after he sent it back a second time for repairs, but Bernard won’t know anytime soon because Creative only returned his subwoofer. Missing in action are the seven other speakers Creative asked him to return, along with the system’s power cord, cables, and control pod.

Bernard cc’d us on the Executive Email Carpet Bomb he sent to Creative’s public relations team:

Mr. O’Shaughnessy,

I have resorted to emailing you out of desperation at the complete lack of effective customer service Creative Labs has provided me regarding a subwoofer that was malfunctioning. The issue began November of 2007. I set-up an RMA and sent back just the subwoofer at a cost of approximately $50 for shipping. When the subwoofer was returned to me it still did not function properly. At this point I returned to college where I needed what little function the unit actually provided.

At the conclusion of the spring semester I again initiated another RMA to resolve the as of yet unresolved subwoofer issue. When I received the email confirming the RMA, I was directed to send in ALL components of the speaker system, which I did. A few weeks later, I received only the subwoofer in the mail with none of the other components. I have absolutely no way of knowing if the subwoofer I received actually works because I did not receive the other components of the system back when I received the subwoofer.

I emailed the RMA department concerning this and was told to call customer service. I then called customer service and was told I would receive a call back. I never received that call and it has been over two business days.

It is completely unacceptable that I had to send in my unit for service twice let alone the fact that after the second time, most of the parts I sent in to be repaired were never returned to me.

To resolve this issue I would like you to provide me with a new, complete replacement unit as well as refund me the $25 I paid for the out-of-warranty repair, and the two shipping costs of approximately $50 each for a total of $125.

Thanks for taking the time to get this issue resolved.


C’mon Creative, return the rest of the $500 sound system. Preferably in working order.

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