UPDATE: Primo's VP Of Marketing Responds To The Incredible Shrinking Water Bottle

Yesterday, we received a letter from Primo’s Vice President of Marketing and PR. He wanted to chime in on Primo’s unique bottle qualities and dispel any assumptions that a heated Primo bottle could somehow release toxic chemicals. His letter, inside…

He writes:


Thanks for alerting us to David’s discovery about Primo in “The Incredible Shrinking Water Bottle” post. First, we want to thank David for making the simple choice of choosing Primo over other bottled waters.

As your readers have pointed out, many beverage bottles alter when exposed to high heat. Because Primo bottles are made from a renewable plant-based natural plastic that is better for the environment that oil-based bottles, in some instances, exposure to high temperatures can alter the shape of the bottle. As with all beverages, we recommend storing Primo in a cool place. In addition, there should be no worry that any chemicals can leach into the Primo water. Rigorous testing indicates that regardless of temperature, there is no known leaking of chemicals from Primo’s natural, petroleum-free bottle to the water inside. Primo single-serve bottles are also 100% BPA free.

Thanks to your story, we will update the “frequently asked questions” section on our Web site at http://www.primowater.com to clarify these points.

Tim Ronan
Vice President Marketing and PR
Primo Water Corporation

Thanks for the clarification, Mr. Ronan. We also think that updating your FAQ is good idea.

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