Kum' N Go Accidentally Gives You Diesel, Makes Your Gasoline Car Sad

Reader James said that a trucker dumped diesel fuel in the wrong tank at a distribution center, and this caused a bit of a problem because (as you might imagine) gasoline cars won’t run on diesel. The gas station in question, Kum ‘N Go, is compensating James for his mechanic’s bills, but he wanted to let other drivers know what to do if this happens to them.

I thought I’d let you guys in on a nasty little surprise I was involved in over the weekend. I filled up my car at my usual gas station in Springfield, MO, started driving across the state to see my family, and noticed about halfway home that my car was acting funny. When I got home, the car died in the driveway. The mechanic who we took the car to told me it was filled with diesel.

Turns out, a local distribution center had a trucker dump diesel into a regular gas tank. That gas then got sent to an unknown amount of local gas stations. At least one other gas station besides the one I used were confirmed to have the contaminated gas. Interestingly, the other gas station got the fuel at 7:30 am and shut the pumps down by 8:30. My gas station, however, was still pumping out diesel at 11:52.

Anywho, the gas station I fueled up at, Kum ‘n’ Go, is paying for repairs. So, if anyone in the Springfield area (or anywhere, in general) happens to end up with a load of diesel by accident, go back to your gas station and demand a compensation. I’m waiting on my check now.

Yikes! It’s nice to know that not only does Kum ‘N Go have the best name of any gas station we’ve ever seen, but that they own up to their mistakes, too.

(Photo: SA_Steve )

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