Customers Claim That Wachovia Is Handing Out Counterfeit Bills

Something shady may be afoot at a Central Florida Wachovia branch…two customers say that a teller gave them counterfeit bills, according to Local 6 news in Orlando. The bank is refusing to give them a refund, claiming that they have no way of knowing if those counterfeit bills are the same ones the teller gave out, but Local 6 says that they’ve learned that Wachovia previously gave a customer with a similar story a refund.

“It is really frustrating for us,” Garcia said. “The bank is not doing anything about it. (It’s) just not giving us any solutions at all.”

A Wachovia representative said it will not refund any money because it can’t verify the $1,000 in counterfeit notes were the same bills Garcia was handed by their teller.

But weeks later, Wachovia did refund $40 to another customer with a similar story, Local 6 has learned.

Garcia said Wachovia is ripping him off and has alerted the sheriff’s office, the Secret Service and the media.

“Ten (bills) in one transaction to come from one bank, that is definitely unusual,” U.S. Secret Service representative Jim Glendinning said.

“But is it possible?” Pipitone asked.

“Remotely, yes it is,” Glendinning said.

Bank of America caught the fakes when the couple tried to deposit the money into their account with that bank. The Secret Service agent speculated that if the fakes did come from Wachovia — it was likely that an employee was in on the scam.

Bank Gave Counterfeit Bills, Couple Says
[Local 6](Thanks, Becky!)

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