Call The NJ Verizon Landline Escalation Hotline

908-717-3115 is the number for the NJ Verizon Escalation Hotline. This is the number they’re giving out to Verizon customers in NJ who signed up for FiOs and are still waiting for their free LCD TVs. Leave your name and number and they’ll call you back.


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  1. I got service in January, and got my TV last month. I feel the pain of the people who still haven’t received theirs. It has since become my computer monitor since I don’t want to upgrade to HD service.

  2. muckpond says:

    kudos on the photo. is he ordering bat-shark-repellant spray refills?

  3. @muckpond: He’s interfacing with the Bat-Computer in the Bat-Cave to calculate what the odds were that the delivery guy would show up during the two minutes he was using the Bat-bathroom.

  4. Hongfiately says:

    My mother got service in the spring and is still waiting for her TV. She’s been told different stories including that she didn’t qualify (yes, she does) and that it’ll take 19 weeks. Anybody got a number for Verizon Texas?

  5. elw15238 says:

    I have had constant interruptions to my Comcast phone service that Comcast refuses to resolve. Since my telephone is hardwired into my alarm system my house alarm sounds every time the phone service goes down. The alarm sounds all night long awakening my son who has a seizure disorder that is worsened by lack of sleep. The unreliable phone service makes it impossible for me to feel comfortable that I could contact emergency/ambulance service for my son if needed. Comcast has a different story every time I contact them. Their supervisors never return my telephone calls..and of course the techs don’t show up when the have a scheduled appointment. Doesn’t Comcast have an obligation to alert cosumers when they have planned outages to perform services? That was another one of their lame excuses. Is there a regulatory agency that I can contact?

  6. sn1per420 says:

    I’m in NJ, and after 21 weeks of waiting “10-15 weeks” for our free TV, I called the office of Verizon’s CEO. His secretary transferred me to executive customer service, and we had the TV at our doorstep in a week.