60's Ad: If Your Man Likes The Unexpected, Serve Rice

This 1960’s ad for rice teaches us once again that you can sell anything if you pair it with a hot chick. These days, probably the only thing unexpected thing about rice is its price. Full-size inside.

1960s ad for rice [BoingBoing]


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  1. I’m left wondering what else she does to surprise her man.

  2. legwork says:

    I wonder if the free booklet is still available. “Rice Ideas Men Like” Hmmm…

    Say, honey…

  3. BloggyMcBlogBlog says:

    No mention of my favortie use of rice: Budweiser!

  4. tedyc03 says:

    You rhymed…thrice!

  5. dopplerd says:

    I’m half way through the first season of “Mad Men” and this ad makes much more sense than it would have had I not watched that show.

    The ad did mention my favorite way to eat rice, with bacon and sour cream. TASTY!

  6. ILoveVermont says:

    Beautiful eyes.

  7. sir_pantsalot says:

    My wife surprises me with plain white rice for dinner. We have an entire cabinet full of seasonings and we are eating plain white rice. WTF?

  8. MissTicklebritches says:

    Just not wild rice. That would be too much. He’d probably have a heart attack.

  9. Nytmare says:

    Rice cakes with bacon? That’s so ridiculous it just might work.

  10. Mmm. Rice with chives.

    I mean, yuck. Anything with chives.

  11. jumpycore says:

    rice w/ bacon, eggs, green onions, and soy sauce is good actually.

  12. friendlynerd says:

    Dorothy: “Who the hell says thrice?”
    Rose: “It’s a word!”
    Dorothy: “So is inter-uteran. It does not belong in a song.”

  13. Scoobatz says:

    I can’t help thinking about how pissed off I would be to hear my wife call me at work to say, “Honey, when you get home, I have something unexpected for you.”

    …only to find out I raced home for a plate full of rice.

  14. nick_r says:

    “Girls, if your husband’s cheating on you with that new blonde in the secretarial pool, it’s because YOU’RE not serving him rice. Take control of the marriage and put some empty carbs on the table!”

  15. Katxyz says:

    I’m very confused as to what her expression is trying to convey. Perturbed? Confused? Blue Steel?

  16. The_IT_Crone says:

    See now, this doesn’t work for me. If I think of rice taken in a sexual way, then I think of rice+genitals. Which reminds me of the time my cat got worms.

    No thanks.

  17. So I guess rice was a 1960s euphemism for fellatio.

  18. ARP says:

    It’s so funny that even in the 60’s rice was “exotic.” I guess it explains why we still have our overweight hangover- we were still eating like farmers until recently: Whole milk, lot’s of meat, potatoes, bread, and few veggies. Of course, if you work in an office and don’t work like a farmer, you get fat.

  19. sir_pantsalot says:

    @Scoobatz: Maybe rice paper undies? That would be unexpected?

  20. bohemian says:

    @dopplerd: Of course. Because if your not unexpectedly serving him rice he will run off with the hot blonde from the typing pool.

    Books and ads from the 50’s and early 60’s are pathetically funny in how they blame women for everything and find a way to beat a bit more insecurity into them at every turn.

    I love Mad Men. One of the few things on TV worth watching.

  21. Rectilinear Propagation says:

    I can’t get past the fact that her eyes keep trying to see the inside of my head. (Yet this is still better than the Head-on ads.)

    @friendlynerd: Hahahahahaha!

  22. wiggatron says:

    @jumpycore: Of course it is. Isn’t that basically just pork fried rice though?

  23. MayorBee says:

    @Katxyz: She’s obviously doped out of her gourd. Didn’t doctors prescribe heavy painkillers/opiates for “female hysteria” back in the 60’s?

  24. Scoobatz says:

    I think the best part of this ad is the word Va-rice-ity at the bottom as if the woman’s face wasn’t quite enough to sell us on the idea of eating rice.

    Awesome. I get it!

  25. temporaryerror says:

    Actually, in the 60’s the drug of choice for “depressed” house wives were amphetamines, barbiturates, and(in the late 60’s) benzodiazapines. Opioids were RX’d rather sparingly.
    One of the favorite types of meds for those melancholy housewives was the amphetamine/barbiturate combo pill, such as Dexamyl. Some of the ads were hilarious in retrospect, but probably quite fitting for that time. Naturally this led to an epidemic of amphetamine abuse.

  26. Parting says:

    He! He!

  27. tiffanyrules says:

    Hahaha… variceity. I love classic vintage ads… if you like them, you should check out The eBook of Classic Vintage Ads (link to ebooks version)

  28. celticgina says:

    Has anyone else noticed that NO WHERE does it specify where she is serving him rice?? Maybe he’s nibbling it off of her *******

    oooo now THAT’s enexpected!!

  29. timmus says:

    The lady in that ad looks just like the flight attendant who served me on that moon ship in 2001. You know, when I was going to Jupiter for that mission I can’t talk about.

  30. Angry1541 says:


    Isn’t that show just great? I caught it Sunday during the marathon by accident and was immediately hooked…not many shows do that to me.

    Kinda of the anti-Donna Reed.

  31. CumaeanSibyl says:

    Ah, for the days when a dash of paprika was “spicy” and rice was “unexpected.”

  32. ironchef says:

    they need to do that on an episode of Mad Men

  33. flyingphotog says:

    Send her back to school for beginning sentences with “Or.”

  34. timmus says:

    (of course we know this REALLY isn’t a 1960s ad because there’s no suggestion for a rice Jello mold)

  35. sean77 says:

    @dopplerd: too true. I imagine Don Draper would say something like this: “It’s not just rice, it’s an experience that touches the soul. It takes you back to the time you were a little kid, trying something new and scary and exhilarating”.

  36. riverstyxxx says:

    I don’t want to sound like an idiot, but am I the only one who noticed the poor grammar here: “This 1960’s ad for rice teaches us once again that if you pair a hot chick with any item and you can sell it.”

  37. bohemian says:

    @timmus: Only if it involved lime jello, cottage cheese and pineapple.

    It is probably in one of those old jello cook books.

  38. failurate says:

    @MayorBee is Haulin’ Ass…Gettin’ Paid: I think she is going the other way. Maybe some Bennies or Greenies.

  39. varro says:

    @ARP: Pretty much. We’re the descendants of miners, farmers, sharecroppers, and sweatshop workers – all of whom worked hard and often couldn’t afford good food or enough of it.

    And the last generation of those people, we call “Grandpa and Grandma” – who taught these lessons to us when we were children. Now we’re in the era of Supersizing and HFCS, but it’s hard to unlearn these lessons.

    Hence, we’re fat.

  40. ophmarketing says:

    @sir_pantsalot: It was the United States in the 60s. You did NOT have an entire cabinet full of seasonings.

  41. maneki neko says:

    For a second I thought this was Jezebel. Not that that’s a bad thing. ;)

    “Rice Ideas Men Like:” Because all men like exactly the same things! And those are fat…and fat.

  42. JStrulleh says:

    This reminds me of an unnecessary advertising thing I saw a few days ago…

    “The Sun: Brightening Your Day for 5×10^9 Years”

  43. TVarmy says:

    @Katxyz: Magnum.

  44. astrochimp says:

    Yeah, that va-rice-ity is sweet.

    You could do a whole day of rice stories and call yourself Consume-rice-t.

    (Seriously, though, I love rice.)

  45. Cyclokitty says:

    I love rice!

    My mom used to sauté raw short grain rice in bacon grease and crushed garlic before adding boiling water. Added a bit of salt. Cover and let steam for 15 minutes. Sticky and delicious! Not of that Uncle Ben’s stuff. Of course, the bacon fat will kill you… now she uses olive oil. It’s still very tasty.

    I’m not sure how rice can possibly be a surprise. If a marriage needs rice to spice it up, the problems are deeper than supper.

  46. ninabi says:

    To think that woman could be a grandmother by now. Maybe now SHE’S the one getting surprised by rice. Her kids encourage her to try the sushi, it’s really, really good and the shrimp ones are cooked, really, grandma.

  47. Angryrider says:

    Rice isn’t amazing. What amazing is European bread.
    Rice is as square as pasta or white bread.

  48. GiselleBeardchen says:

    Yeah, he was getting tired of tossed salad.

  49. failurate says:

    @Angryrider: In the 1960’s, rice was amazing because it wasn’t a potato.

  50. mthrndr says:

    Mad Men FTW!!

  51. akronharry says:

    Reminds me of the song:
    Yur once ….twice…thrice times the lady….@friendlynerd:

  52. ShanghaiLil says:

    @PhilVillarreal: So I guess rice was a 1960s euphemism for fellatio.

    Yes, I too was sort of hoping that “serving rice” was some sort of lost slang for something bizarre and sexual. “And then we tossed the salad, and for the main course? Clam Pie! Mmmmmm!”

  53. BurnZ_ says:

    Geeze I’m getting hungry… but don’t know what to have…

    I know sexy girls like a guy who eats rice!!!!!