Comcast Gives Away Wiis To New Subscribers?

Comcast will be giving away a limited supply of free Wiis in an upcoming promotion, a current employee tell us. The offer is good for new Comcast triple-play subscribers signing up July 28-August 17th in select markets. Our tipster confirmed the promo will be good in Miami, San Francisco, Houston, Denver, Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston, Detroit, and some other markets too. In valid markets where triple-play is not available, double-play subscriptions are eligible.The cable provider is apparently undaunted by the unresolved incompatibility issues between some Comcast-provided routers and the Wii.


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  1. shorty63136 says:

    $129/mo for a DOUBLE PLAY???? TV and Internet or TV and phone??

    Still – their double play is usually only $66 or $69/mo (which already comes w/ HBO and STARZ) and their TRIPLY play is only $99/mo! GTFOH, Comcast!

    Sure, you’ll get a Wii, but you’ll be paying $60/mo EXTRA than what you COULD pay for 12 months! If my math serves me right, that’s $720 down the drain. That could be $720 in my TANK.

  2. ScubaSteveKzoo says:

    Routers and the Wii? Doesn’t Comcast know that Wii owners don’t play online? It’s just not built for that kind of power.

    Charter is still much worse than Comcast.

  3. So lemme get this straight … the most inferior system for online play?

    Great choice!

  4. @EnigmaNemesis: Clearly you have never dealt with Comcast before.

  5. @shorty63136: If you squint really hard it actually says Triple Play. I was right with you.

  6. coffeehair says:

    Lol, I read that as “Mii’s”. Was wondering why the hell that would be an incentive :P

    Sure, the Wii may not be massively focused on online play – but I don’t think thats really the point, the Wii is a hot product and it will get people to sign up snappy.

  7. Cloral says:

    Ugh. This just means less Wiis in the store. Though seeing as how I do have one, I guess I don’t care that much. Just the things I have heard about Comcast and the way they treat their customers…

  8. PsycheE says:

    It is still not worth the pain and suffering of using the said services. They should just give you a gun and tell you to play Russian Roulette.

  9. Mr.SithNinja says:

    @EnigmaNemesis: Good thing you didn’t post that on Kotaku…Instant flame war.. ;)

  10. ScubaSteveKzoo says:

    I think you meant me….
    and yes, I have dealt with both extensively. They have their respective monopoly within an hour and a half of each other, where I currently live at both places.

    they’re both bad…i’ve just always felt charter was the wal-mart to comcast’s K-mart

  11. A.W.E.S.O.M.-O says:

    When I was a new subscriber, it took three attempts to even get someone to show up to install the damn cable, much less give me a Wii for signing up…

  12. morganlh85 says:

    mother effing fucksters. We JUST signed up for that shit like a month ago.

    I sure as shit am not paying $129 a month for it though. That’s ridiculous!

  13. karmaghost says:

    I know that the Consumerist represents all consumers, but are you guys actually entertaining the notion that people should choose Comcast because of the Wii? Comcast, the company battling right now for the #1 worst company in America?

  14. warf0x0r says:

    I’m an existing customer and all I have to look forward to is rate increases… nice…

  15. KaneRobot says:

    Comcast’s shitty service isn’t worth it, even if you get a free Wii. Even if you got a free Wii and half a dozen games with it.

  16. Maybe they’ll pull a Charter and give away free N64’s.

  17. Skyline7284 says:

    Who doesn’t have a Wii anymore? Give away PS3’s or 360 Elites and you have my attention comcast, btw i have your digital cable and Hi-Speed internet which never goes above 1mbs, where you advertise 7+ -_-

  18. @Mr.SithNinja:

    I know, truth hurts!


    /agree … LOL! Monopolizing scumbags!

  19. QueenHawkeye says:

    Hopefully Comcast won’t pull a Verizon on us.

  20. lenandude says:

    My family moved got Comcast within the last few months and already there has been two offers from comcast such as a free HDTV and now a Wii. But at least we are not paying an extra Thirty bucks a month. I wonder what they will do next.

  21. sahhhm says:

    Oh… well, this changes everything. Can I change my vote from the Worst Company of the Year poll?

  22. SegamanXero says:

    good luck hooking the wii up to your new comcast internet. it was a freaking b___h getting it to work with the weird cable modem that they give to people.

  23. ScubaSteveKzoo says:

    And actually, the Charter router wasn’t much better for Xbox Live. It’s a gateway, and it would always disconnect, especially when playing halo3. After they “accidentally” disconnected my internet when they disconnected my cable, they came to finally fix it and now it works somehow…

  24. chiieddy says:

    I have Comcast cable, but I bought my modem. No issues with the Wii hookup at all.

  25. holocron says:

    But you get STARZ!

  26. Joedragon says:

    And Driect TV will give you STARZ, HBO, and SHOWTIME for 3 months for free.

  27. Eldritch says:

    @Joedragon: And then goes out everytime it rains

  28. hills says:

    But I can’t use my HD Tivo with Direct TV, so I’m only left with Comcast….

    I have a Linksys router that I purchased myself and my wii works well online:)
    …Gotta go, time for Mariokart online!

  29. Hamm Beerger says:

    Nintendo says that the incompatibility with ISP provided wireless routers (not modems, there was never a problem with any modems) can be resolved with a software upgrade to the Wii.

    You can blame Comcast for lots of things, but not for problems with hooking up your Wii.

  30. Nekusagi says:

    Oh, the HELL.

    Over at my house, we got the double play about a month ago. Way to go, Comcast.

    (cries over Wii she just could have owned if parents decided to wait a little longer)

  31. mikey07840 says:

    There are 2 triple plays available with Comcast where I live:

    1: 99.99 for triple play with about 100 channels
    2. 129.99 for triple play with over 200 channels, HBO, Encore, STARZ and Showtime

    I have the larger package; I watch the movie channels and cancelled my Blockbuster subscription.

  32. Scuba Steve says:

    I will cancel my cable before I ever pay more than 62 bucks a month for cable/internet.

    In a heartbeat. Amount of television watched within the last 3-4 months: 0.

  33. wgrune says:


    Damn. Beat me to it!

  34. Where are they getting these things? I still can’t find a Wii in any store in my area.

  35. jonworld says:

    Yet another of Comcast’s evil strategies to get you to sign up for their crappy, overpriced phone, internet, and TV service. I’d rather have the Slowskys!

    By the way, I bet this will end up like that Charter Cable “65-inch TV” promotion. Future Consumerist Headline: “Comcast: You won a Wii from Comcast! Here is your Nintendo 64!”

  36. Emma777 says:

    Last summer I moved and signed up for Comcast’s Triple Play and their promotion then was sign up and get a free Nintendo DS. It’s been almost a year and, surprise surprise, no DS. I’ve spoken to several people who all agree that I should have a DS, but nobody can agree on where I’m supposed to get this magical DS from. I’ve pretty much given up on it. I would expect these same type of difficulties from any Wii promotion.