Aetna: Instead Of Approving That $113,000 Life-Saving Brain Operation, We're Going To Cancel Your Coverage. Sorry!

Meet 19-year-old Caitlin Jackson. Caitlin was recently diagnosed with Chiari Malformation, a potentially fatal brain disorder that interferes with motor control and memory. Immediate brain surgery is Caitlin’s only treatment option, but her insurance company, Aetna, took its sweet time approving her operation, and then reversed itself claiming her benefits had expired.

Thankfully, Caitlin’s story ends well. After Florida Governor Charlie Christ’s office read about Caitlin and had a nice quiet chat with Aetna, the insurer quickly to agree to pay the full cost of Caitlin’s $113,000 operation.

The moral of the story: if your heartless insurance company changes its mind about a life-saving operation, call the media and the governor.

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