Morning Deals

  • Office Depot: Black Vinyl High-backed chair for $7.99 plus shipping or pick up in store (down from $169.99)
  • ThinkGeek: Wi-Fi Detecting Watch for $9.99 + ~$8 s&h
  • Borders: 40% off one item online with coupon code BC4777* (must have only one item in cart for it to work)

Highlights From Dealhack

  • National Geographic: Save an Extra 10% off Store-Wide
  • New Customers Save 15% off All Custom Printed Cards with Coupon
  • Chefs: Summer Sale: Save up to 75% off Kitchen Gear

Highlights From Bargainist

  • Amazon: Canon PowerShot A590IS 8MP Digital Camera $150
  • Linens ‘n Things: Black & Decker small appliances $14 AR & coupon
  • Eddie Bauer: $20 off all backbacks + free carabiner clip


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  1. Isn’t LNT going out of business? Can you trust a rebate?

  2. theblackdog says:

    @Git Em SteveDave is a poor substitute for LindsayJoy: From what I have seen in Maryland, they’re closing a few stores, but others are staying open.

  3. deeness says:

    It looks like the Office Depot deal has already changed. The coupon code for $90 off is now only $20 off.

  4. ThatShortGuy says:

    @deeness: Seconded.

    Furthermore, check this post out on the linked thread for the OD deal:

    “quote Originally Posted by GuyverII2002
    ‘Just received a call from my local Office Depot saying that corporate was cancelling all the chair orders so don´t bother coming in. The manager also said that OD corporate was going to go after anyone that got the chair for the ¨fraudulent¨price.

    That´s just crazy.’

    Oh B.S going after people, if they allowed it out the door, they completed a contract… there’s nothing legally they can do. The problem is these companies outsource IT to save money and don’t hire people who perform quality control (Enter a new coupon code and run it though a few tests before making it active, etc). The funny part is that it should be easier to fix an electronic error like that (I say this as someone who’s been in corporate IT for over 15 years) than say a printing error. (Printers need a few weeks lead time, computers you simply change the data…).

    Great customer service there, blame the customers, and not spend the effort to minimize mistakes.”

  5. DeleteThisAccount says:

    @ThatShortGuy: Dead Deal indeed!

  6. ThatShortGuy says:

    In the name of fairness, the Office Depot chair is now $69.99 after the coupons.

    Not horrible, given then original price.

  7. CoffeeCake says:

    Is Amazon down? I keep getting a “page load error.”

  8. kalemaat says:

    @CoffeeCake: It’s up and working just fine for me…

  9. 5h17h34d says:

    @CoffeeCake: Amazon is fine here, less than 10 mins after you posted.

  10. CoffeeCake says:

    So what you’re saying is they’re just keeping me out?

  11. SKURRY says:

    @ThatShortGuy: Just got that same phone call from Stuttering John… BS, its not a glitch like the guy said, they just didnt think they were going to sell so many.

  12. TVarmy says:

    I dunno about those WiFi detectors. Is it true that they can’t tell if the network is encrypted or not?

  13. Walrii says:

    @TVarmy: The site only says that they detect the networks and their strength. It makes no mention of encryption so, I guess it just ignores it (it’s still easy enough to tell the strength of a signal even if you can’t understand it). I’d kind of like to know whether they can detect networks who hide their SSIDs (so that you normally can’t see them unless you already know their name).

  14. allstarecho says:

    Strike the Office Depot “deal”.. it only brings the chair to $63.99 after a $20 discount for the first coupon code and then a $16 discount for the second coupon code. ($99.99 – $36 = $63.99).

  15. humphrmi says:

    No chair sale for Office Depot. Come back, one year.

  16. Greeper says:

    Man, the Borders website SUCKS. It’s like a 7th grader designed it. In 1990. And both books I wanted I can get cheaper on Amazon even after the 40% off.

  17. ThatShortGuy says:

    @SKURRY: Good to know. While I had no intention of buying a chair at $69.99 (call it frugality, but I can’t justify a typical chair at anything more than $25), I knew of more than a few people that were waiting for the catch.

    Lo and behold.

  18. AshtonT says:

    I didn’t see the Office Depot chair deal until after they fixed the coupons–my invoice was $67.83. Perfectly reasonable, I thought. I never expected them to honor the $7.99 price anyway. But when I got to the store I found my order was canceled along with the $7.99 orders. Office Depot made no effort whatsoever to notify customers that their orders were canceled. And when I called the 1-800-GO-DEPOT number from inside the store the automated system still said the order was being processed for pick up! The clerk told me they expected 6 other people to come in and that they weren’t going to honor any of the contracts, that they were offering to sell the chair for $79.99 instead. I figured I still needed a chair and it wasn’t that much more than what I planned to pay so I went ahead and bought it. But now I think I’ll return it because this really stinks of bait-and-switch (I know they didn’t “advertise” the $7.99 or $67.83 prices but it still feels like bait-and-switch). How hard would it have been for Office Depot corporate or the store to email or phone me saying the order was canceled? And to add further insult, I have a “pending” charge of $67.83 on my credit card.

  19. anyanka323 says:

    The Borders code works on multiple items. I purchased two books last night using the code.

  20. margit says:

    Sweet. I used the Borders code and it looks like it went through ok. I think you only get 30% off some of the DVDs because they are already “on sale” at 10% off. Still a good deal, though.

  21. homerjay says:

    SWEET! Wet seal has their thongs down to $.99!!

    Aww come one! STILL only for girls????
    That is SUCH sexism.

  22. matto says:

    I just looked at some HD DVDs on the borders site. Figured I’d get a deal on the Harry Potter dvd set (for my wife, i swear!). Turns out the set lists for a whopping $153 at Borders, and $104 at Amazon. And there are dozens of HD DVDs that list for $43 at Borders that Amazon is selling for $13 – $17.

    Screw Borders! I knew there was a reason I stopped bothering to look at their site.