Contact Tmobile Executive Customer Service

Stuart, Executive Assistant to the Vice President
1-877-290-6323 ext. 341-8025.

Don’t forget to be calm, professional, and polite, and tell your story succinctly and clearly. This post shows you how it’s done.

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  1. Legal_Eagle_In_Training says:

    I’ll have to save this information in case I need it one day. But hopefully I’ll never need it :crosses fingers and wishes on a star and knocks on wood:

  2. Azim M says:

    You can also try dialing this number and changing the extension to do an EVCB (Exec. Voicemail carpet bomb) buy reducing the extension by 1 (i.e. 341-8024, 8023, 8022) so far i have been doing this and it seems to be connecting me to various executive customer relations personnel. I just upgraded to the g1 and payed the ‘shuffle paperwork’ fee (upgrade fee) and now they are doing away with said fees, and yet they are not crediting the fee back to me…Wish me luck

  3. n3glv says:

    And greetings from a communications geek in Pittsbugh Pa.
    I am spankin new to the site, but I am loving what I’m finding.
    As most of us, I am here because of an ongoing dispute with a
    charge on my bill for a replacement phone “under warranty”
    (google razr moisture detector). I was at the T-Mobile store
    in November of 08 becuse their online bill-pay portal was down.
    I mentioned to them that upon boot my razr would say “application
    out of date” or something. And the “My favs” would not display.
    Not a big deal, but they cloned the simm and it did not fix it
    so the store Manager said since it was under warranty he would
    have a new handset shipped to my door. The world is good, right?
    Not quite.
    Got the phone, been using it for 2 months and when logging onto
    the site to pay my bill (early) I am struck by
    a due of $170.xx (not the $53.14 monthly)
    It turns out that the service facility who recieved the phone
    opened it up and saw that moisture dot was pink. In the cell
    business this means “whoo hoo, his warranty is void!” So I am
    “stuck” with a $117 out-of-warranty-repair (that I specifically
    told the manager, that if it cost me 10c I do not WANT and would
    not accept.

    I am up to approximately six hours of my time, 1:24:11 first call
    (where the supervisor refused to give me his ID)
    A visit to the store, where the salesman justen was very helpful
    and we spent close to 2 hours playing phone around the rosie on
    their phones.. The call on one of the 15transfers or so failed
    and a Jane B (656608) calls my cell saying that the call was
    a failed transfer to her. She gets yet another guy “Joe” online
    Joe can hardly speak english, and tells me that my warranty does
    not start till Feb 2009? Then (while I’m walking into the BOOST
    MOBILE store in the mall) he just keeps repeating “water damage”
    Over and over. For the past hour I had been saying, hey just
    send me back the “broken handset”, I’ll A:use it or B:put my
    simm into a used phone from ebay. He transfers me back to the
    same entry point as if I had just called into their system
    I then get another indian woman whos voice is so shrill that
    she’s tripping the dtmf cover tones on my conference system.
    Ultimatly she puts me on hold-forever.
    I return to my home (pbx) and make even more calls, I get one
    guy at site 114 that is about to give me some kind of credit,
    pending aproval. But as that’s going, he drops the call.
    3 More calls later (total about 6 hours out of my life) I am
    told that this charge is un contestable. (If it is indeed,
    then why did none of the othe 20+ reps say this?)

    The 877 number listed above, 1-877-290-6323 ext. 341-8025.
    Looked like it could be a direct inward dial number, so I
    had looked up street addresses on google for Albuquerque, NM
    trying to find a number for “Customer Service” that the last
    dolt had only given me a PO box address to.
    Snipping off the area code 505 and adding 341 8025 I rang
    “Jeff Vandalay” with “Tmobile executive something”.
    That is where I plan on starting out tomorrow morning.

    Many thanks for the good info so far, and the only other thing
    I can see to do if an eecb will not work, is a lawnchair.

  4. jbchiu1018 says:

    Glenn A. Zaccara
    Sr. Manager, External Affairs

    Michael Butler
    Chief Marketing Officer

    Bryan L. Barkoff
    T-Mobile Wireless
    Regional Retail Manager
    Detroit North
    Office # 248.465.1756
    Fax # 813.353.6711

    Kelly Spindle
    Executive Customer Relations Coordinator
    T-Mobile USA
    877-290-6323 Ex. 8082

    Avelar, Mercedes

    Clelland, John

    Carney, John

    Otley, Casey

    Brodman, Cole

    Corporate Responsibility Department

    Deutsche Telekom AG (owns T-mobile)
    Friedrich-Ebert-Allee 140
    53113 Bonn, Germany
    Fax: +49-228-181-8872

    Investor Relations E-mail:;

    Other e-mails:
    ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’

    T-Mobile International (T-Mobile’s parent company)
    Landgrabenweg 151
    53227 Bonn, Germany
    Fax: +49-228-936-31719

    File a complaint against T-Mobile with the Washington State Attorney General’s Office

    When you file this complaint, use this address for T-Mobile on the form:
    T-Mobile USA, Inc.
    12920 S.E. 38th St.
    Bellevue, WA 98006

    File a complaint with the New Mexico Attorney General’s office

    When you file this complaint, use this address for T-Mobile on the form:
    Customer Relations
    PO Box 37380
    Albuquerque, NM 87176-7380

  5. Anonymous says:

    the words Tmobile & customer serive should never be used in the same sentence. in approx 2 yrs. I have recvd 2 defective devices (one of which I was billed for upon its return, even tho it was in Tmobiles posession), 2 bad batteries, incorrect ino in regards to being able to download ringtones & games from a razor to a pda… manager offered me $20 off bill?! i have literally spent hours upon hours on the phone w/this company! go ahead…ASK FOR A MGR! better off w/ the HELP! beyond dissatisfied w/Tmobile…i think its time to “buy-out” my contract before i get grey hairs or ulcers!

  6. yvonne16 says:

    I’ve been a loyal customer of Tmobiles for many years. In December 2008, I decided to stay with them as oppose to going with ATT and the I Phone because of a “free companion” deal they had going on. well when it came time for my “free” flight, the airlines they use, you actually only save about $10, nothing was free. Octavio Robertson (Rude) just tells me I can use it or not. He is in Executive Customer Relations and says he does not have anyone above him I could speak to. the only reason I resigned with them was because if this deal. I have filed complaints with the BBB, FCC and AGs office in Washington. I will be contacting a lawyer to find out if this can be a class action suit. if anyone has experienced the same issue, please respond.