Why Do iPod Headphones Cost $49.99 At Best Buy and $29.99 At The Apple Store?

Reader Nick doesn’t want you to pay too much for Apple iPod headphones, so he’s asked us to let you know that Best Buy is charging $49.99 for basic white iPod earbuds and they’re only $29.99 at the Apple Store. Let it be known that Best Buy is not the best place to buy accessories.

I was at my local Best Buy the other day and started to take a look around the Apple section. Well, it turns out that Best Buy is trying to take advantage of their uninformed customers by marking up Apple’s iPod headphones by $20! I’ve included two attachments, the first is the picture I took at the Best Buy store and the second is of the same exact headphones on Apple’s website. I hope that you can shed some light on this and hopefully save some shoppers from paying too much.

Thanks, Nick. We recommend that you always check the internet before you buy accessories for your electronics — this includes things like cables, headsets, universal remotes, whatever!

Where do you like to buy your accessories? Tell us in the comments.


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  1. drawp says:


    Can’t beat it. :)

    Monoprice.com as well.

  2. chiieddy says:

    From Google:

    Simply text message your search query to 466453 (“GOOGLE” on most devices) and we’ll text message back your results.

    To get product prices, enter ‘price’ followed by the product name (ex: price dvd player, price camera), or enter the UPC/ISBN code directly.

  3. boomerang86 says:

    That’s why they’re called Best Buy… best for the company’s bottom line!!

  4. davebg5 says:

    Considering the craptastic nature of pack-in headphones and the plethora of alternatives in the same price range, I’d say anyone who decides to spend additional cash on pack-ins deserves to get ripped off.

  5. flyairdave says:

    Best Buy hasn’t been best for many, many years.

  6. Imaginary_Friend says:

    Everyone knows the Apple earbuds are crap. Don’t buy them at BestBuy or anywhere else for that matter.

  7. SBR249 says:

    It’s probably better than those at the Apple Store because someone opened it, put bathroom tiles in it, then sealed it to make it look like new. Try getting that by searching on Google!

  8. astrochimp says:

    I, for one, have always been aware that different stores will have different prices. Even vastly different prices.

    This is the answer to the title of the post. And it is not news.

  9. timmus says:

    The funny thing about these earphones is they probably cost 57 cents to make at the Chinese factory, plus $1 for the blister packaging. The markup is staggering.

  10. endless says:

    best buy has had these for a while.

    seriously, they USED to be 39.99. (trust me, i know) if not 29.99. but best buy figured out that apple fans don’t care about price as long as it has that little apple on it, and they have raised the price.

    people who care in the least about headphones won’t buy those apple ear buds. people who care about apple will pay the extra to get their ear buds.

    (at that price, you actually could get the ear buds AND A FREE IPOD SHUFFLE… oh wait, thats just a shuffle that comes with the ear buds.)

  11. Legal_Eagle_In_Training says:

    I always feel guilty about buying something in a store impulsively without having done any online research first, mainly because I pretty much know I’m spending more than I should. I’ve returned a bunch of things unopened after doing the guilt-laden online research after the fact.

  12. mmmsoap says:

    Confused. The two pictures I see (at 11:58 AM) show the same price for both…Is the second picture (supposedly from Apple’s website) actually from Best Buy’s?

  13. javi0084 says:

    Nick, both are overpriced.

  14. astrochimp says:

    Oh, and just the other day, I bought the same model of ADSL modem on eBay for $25 when my ISP wanted $100 for it.

    Why not drop the consumerist hammer on these 400% disparities rather than very meagre 66% ones.

  15. dweebster says:

    Well, “Best” Buy has to charge SOMETHING for the additional abuse they heap upon you for shopping there. Dominatrix services don’t come cheap nowadays, and you can’t expect “Best” Buy to just GIVE it away!

  16. muffinpan says:

    @astrochimp: of course it’s news. This is a consumer website. This is a consumer issue. I thank the site for giving me this information. I will now be able to make a more informed choice if I elect to purchase this item. You need to be reading a different blog. Perhaps one that allows you to select the stories you would like to see published. Something like make.believe.editor.com

  17. dweebster says:

    @Legal_Eagle_In_Training: Smartphones are your friend when shopping – bookmark http://www.amazon.com and http://www.pricegrabber.com, then use them.

  18. theRIAA says:


    the second picture contains screens from both websites.

  19. snoop-blog says:

    Wow only 49.99 for an earache. great! Seriously, how can earbuds be a one size fits all? Those things are always so painful, and when they get accidentally yanked? Ouch! Maybe I just have small ear holes.

  20. The Brain says:

    I couldn’t say, but I wish someone would have mentioned when I bought my iPhone that they charge $15 extra to USE the exchange mail that Apple put in the iPhone 3G, and that NONE of my docks or chargers would work with it. WTF?

  21. jerros says:

    The more important question here is why would anyone buy OEM earbuds when the third party earbuds made by competitors such as Sony, JVC, V-Moda & others are good quality, much more comfortable to wear & work in different sized ears (I.E. you don’t feel like the buds are falling out of your ear’s or expanding your ear canal) for roughly the same price as you’d pay at the apple store for the OEM ones?

    The iPod is a great little gadget, the packaged earbuds on the other hand I’d give away free and still feel sorry for anyone who ended up sticking those things in their ears.

  22. crumb says:

    Last time I found myself at Best Buy I saw a USB Bluetooth dongle for the price of $49.99. (“Last time” in bold to indicate that it will be my last time there, ever)

  23. dtmoore says:

    Best Buy is only decent (price only, i won’t even go into their service) for big ticket items which they actually tend to have competitive prices on. They really rape you when it comes to accessories, sure you got a good price on that TV, but you’ll need $200 worth of cables to hook it up. Best buy has it’s place as long as you are informed.

  24. BruinEric says:

    Assuming “Reader Nick” has been a reader of Consumerist for more than a few days, he deserves severe Consumerist Demerits for even setting foot in a Best Buy, unless it was to buy an obvious loss-leader product. ;-)

    The last time my wife shopped there, we ended up with a surprise subscription to Sports Illustrated in her name a couple months later. Just another in a long line of their fine service.

  25. stinerman says:

    I’ve seen friends who qualify for the employee discount walk out with Cat 5e cabling marked at $25 for about $4. Apparently the discount was a set percentage above wholesale.

  26. Pro-Pain says:

    Just don’t shop @ Best Buy. Even when you THINK you’re getting a deal if you need any form of customer service your “deal” is going to turn out to be one. I don’t understand how this company is surviving, especially in these economic times. Obviously, people are still shopping there. If they do, and manage to have a problem that is major enough to post about here, I don’t feel sorry for them in the least.

  27. Tiber says:

    Also remember that wearing the standard iPod earbuds is a sign to thieves that you have an iPod to steal.

  28. billin says:

    Adding insult to injury, Apple isn’t even a discount store; you can expect to pretty much pay full price for anything and everything there, Apple-branded or not. Usually, you expect stores to sell products at MSRP or less, but Best Buy thought it a good idea to arbitrarily almost double the MSRP, hoping that some ignorant fool will go for it.

    What with the all the pricing “mistakes” like the internal vs. external Best Buy website, its employees stealing merchandise and replacing it with tiles, and the general crappy attitude of their customer service (“If you found tiles in your hard drive box, you need to contact the manufacturer – it’s not our problem”), I really, really hate Best Buy.

    I know it’s a long shot, but are there any Best Buy afficionados out there that can defend the company? I’d really like to hear why anyone shows there anymore, seriously.

  29. They must be making a ton of money on them. If people like to keep the earphones matched with the device, anyway. Because they are horrible earphones. The ones that came with my nano were busted within a week.

  30. unpolloloco says:

    The big question is why would anyone buy accessories in a physical store? The markup is typically on the order of 500%, if not more, for most accessory items.

  31. Jesse says:

    It get’s worse. Full pricing on an Alltel Blackberry 8330 is $519. Best Buy has it up on their website at $679.

  32. Jesse says:


    Yeah, thank God for eBay & the internet for those.

  33. Amnesiac85 says:

    Wow. The Apple headphones suck anyway. I bought a pair of 20 dollar over the ear headphones that have better sound, are more comfortable, and actually stay in my ear. 50 dollars? I have to say el oh el to that.

  34. Mr. B says:

    “only $29.99” ??????

  35. TVarmy says:

    Eh, I’d say the Apple headphones are great for pack-ins, but they pale in comparison to any pair over $15 in my opinion.

    My theory: It’s to pay for the gas to get the headphones from the mall across the street to the Best Buy.

  36. dopplerd says:

    Best Buy often charges more than msrp of stuff, especially the extras. I wrote a little blog post about my experience a few months ago buying an ipod case.


  37. BigPapaCherry says:

    @billin: I wouldn’t call myself a Best Buy aficionado, but I am willing to defend myself as a consumerist reader who will shop at Best Buy. As a store, Best Buy is not bad if you know what you’re getting and are focused. I’ve never had a problem there, besides the normal annoyances of having to sidestep the rewards zone card and various magazine subs.

    Case in point: Two weeks ago I went into my Best Buy to purchase a Garmin GPS they had on sale. I went in, grabbed the Garmin and a DVD I wanted from their bargin bin, went to the POS and bought the items from the cashier. No problems, didn’t even have to show my receipt on the way out. I’ll keep shopping there as long as I know what I’m buying.

  38. TVarmy says:

    There is one reason for a person to buy these: They want to advertise that they’re using an iPod, showing that they are “hip,” “with-it,” “edgy.” Of course, that’s just asking to get mugged and it makes you an anachronism from 2003. Everyone has an iPod these days.

  39. dequeued says:

    I have to stand up for the apple earbuds.
    The ones that came with my 4G ipod lasted me three years.
    The wires were high quality and never frayed, and the sound was always crisp and loud.

    I usually buy a new pair of $10 ear buds every two months at this point.
    If you use them every day, go running with them, and occasionally jerk them out of your ears, they will wear out quickly.

  40. mexifelio says:

    @BigPapaCherry: That is all well and good, but I think the main problem people have with the store is that you shouldn’t have to act like you are visiting the soup natzi just to shop at an electronics store.

  41. JerseyJarhead says:

    Because it AIN’T Best Buy, it’s “Worst, Shittiest Buy.”

    Get smart.

    Just say BYE BYE.

  42. Philthadelphian says:

    This isn’t bad for an iPod markup. Before there were MP3 players I used to drive a car with a cassette deck and no CD player, so I bought one of those adapters that let you connect a portable CD player to your cassette player. It was…maybe 5 bucks at Radio Shack.

    The wire was starting to get frayed (I bought it about seven years ago) and went in to buy a replacement. It’s now about 20-25, because they changed the color from black to iPod white and started branding them as “iPod compatible.” CVS still sells the cheap ones though, and honestly, I can’t imagine there’s any difference.

  43. linbey says:


    Yep those are great websites for no-name generic crap that I wouldnt get caught dead using. Also while Best Buy probably needs to charge more than Apple due to Apple charging Best Buy more than they charge themselves $20 more is a bit much

  44. Angryrider says:

    Pssh.. I only purchase from BestBuy when things are on sale.
    Thanks cheapassgamer.com!

  45. linbey says:


    People still shop there, and Sears, and Circuit City, and Home Depot, etc.. because for every customer service issue here on the consumerist there are millions of perfectly fine transactions which never get reported on. Its just like the old saying goes. Only the bad experiences ever get attention.

    For example I just looked for Best Buy stories on consumerist and found 5 for July. Im sure throughout July there have probably been a few hundred million transactions across all their stores. They have like 1000 store. So there are still lots of happy customers. Also some people have no other choice to buy computer components and such if they dont have internet service

  46. wesrubix says:

    Does anyone here wonder why the headphones from Apple cost $30 in the first place? They’re just headphones.

    I stand by my new conclusion that Apple is the charlatan in its industry.

  47. ryan89 says:

    @linbey: Wouldn’t be caught dead using a cable from monoprice? Many out there think the are some of the best cables out there! I figured a reader of The Consumerist would know how to not get ripped off. I always wondered who actually buys Monster cables and now I know.

  48. Breach says:

    Simple, Best Buy is a black hole of suckiness.

  49. muffingal says:

    Best Buy isn’t bad. Sometimes you can catch a good sale. I recently got a Pelican charge cable for my Xbox 360 controller for $5.00.

    Normally, I prefer to purchase my accessories on eBay or Amazon if I do not need them right away.

  50. ShadowFalls says:


    Yeah, I done the same at times. But these days, you need to think about these kind of things, as the rising cost of gas affects how often you make trips like that. It might not be convenient to return the item within the 30 days return period.

  51. QuantumRiff says:

    @Imaginary_Friend: But if you buy them at best buy, you can get a service protection plan for them… Sorry for the sarchasm..

  52. ZekeSulastin says:

    @dequeued: … which is why you spend a bit more for a pair of headphones that sound better and last longer than either the pack-ins or the cheapo sets.

  53. The obvious reason for the price difference is that they are different part numbers! The Apple store part# is MA662G/B and BB part# is MA662G/A. So duh…these headphones are NOT the same. They are even priced differently on Amazon.com.

  54. Moosehawk says:

    Those headphones cost $30?!?!

    I’ve gone through 3 of them in a year because they’re made so poorly. Two of them started fuzzing out and the 3rd one cracked on me, so the headpiece doesn’t stay on. (I got the extra 2 for free from friends who aren’t as cheap as I am)

    Spend a few extra $30 or so and get a pair that will last in my opinion.

  55. redqueenmeg says:

    I went to Best Buy this week and was unable to find a single HDMI cable that was priced cheaper than MY ENTIRE DVD PLAYER. What a bunch of tools.

  56. Ragman says:

    I’ve gotten to the point that I only shop BB online for Black Friday, and hit the store when I get gift cards for X-mas. Last time, I went in with gift cards, coupons, and a $5 certificate from my Rewards Zone. And still had a hard time choosing what to buy, since I kept seeing things I wanted that I could get cheaper elsewhere. Except for a case for the DLO case for my Samsung P2 – BB was the only place that carried it, and the few other merchants online were no better in price.

    The next time I get gift cards, maybe I’ll just save them for the next Black Friday.

  57. mnstrzr0 says:

    I think what is going on in this case is that Best Buy is trying NOT to sell you the iPod earphones. My guess is that it’s an attempt to drive sales away from a low margin product (ANYTHING Apple) to other products that they can actually turn a profit selling. Seeing as the Best Buy earphones are a revision older than the ones online, it looks like their plan might be working.

  58. Kaitydid says:

    A few weeks ago I bought a new DS game at BB (I know, I know, but I had a gift card so I only had one option), and the clerk asked me if I wanted to purchase scratch protection. ON A CARTRIDGE.

    The people who work there are a step below trained monkies

  59. severn123 says:

    You know I have to agree with astrochimp. This happens because different places charge different amounts. SHOCK! I mean it’s good information but the submitter is wondering why it happens, it happens because people pay $49.99 at Best Buy, if they weren’t willing to pay that much it wouldn’t cost that much.

  60. Televiper says:

    There’s something about having a connector that makes things extra expensive at places like Best Buy. I was buying Firewire cables at an electronics store for $5 a piece. A similar cable with slightly heavier plastic sheathing that made less flexible (and sticky) was $50.

    This is something I call the convenience charge,. You pay extra for the convenience of not looking elsewhere. They charge $50 for iPod headphones for the convenience of just getting what you had before. You’re paying for the convenience of being able to buy it along with your Hi-Def DVD player, or external hard drive.

  61. knyghtryda says:

    jeez… for $50 you could get… oh I don’t know… a great set of sennheisers, or a pair of shures, or Koss, or even Sonys (if sony’s your thing…). The apple earbuds are crap, no matter what you paid for them.

  62. astrochimp says:


    Though this may be a “consumer issue” per se, what underlies my complaint is that it is entirely trivial and ubiquitously well known. And hence a non-issue in the real world.

    Moreover, what would the solution be — that all stores sell identical items at the same price? I’m as socialist as the next medicare-loving Canadian, but I’m also as pragmatic as to think this “issue” a non-starter.

    And, anyway, what lesson is this “issue” supposed to be pointing out, in the first place? I’m sure a few five-year-olds reading this blog might be unnerved by this news and take issue with it, but I hope no one else does.

  63. HrPingui says:

    They are decent pack-in headphones, thought last time I checked, you can exchange your broken ones for a free new pair at any apple store.
    Not that shabby.

  64. jiminyxmas says:

    @astrochimp: I would like to challenge your idea that this post is “entirely trivial and ubiquitously well known.” (FYI, to say that something is ubiquitously well known is redundant)

    First, there’s the large number of commenters here seemed to be surprised or appalled by this information. And considering that most of the regular commenters on this site are also regular readers on the site… that might cast a bit of doubt over the ubiquity of the aforementioned knowledge.

    Second, barring sales, most Apple-branded products are the same from store to store. The Mac laptop you see at Best Buy (unless it’s on sale) is generally the same retail price as you see on the mac site. So you rarely see an Apple-branded product going for almost double the manufacturer’s own retail cost.

    Third, you’re not an editor of Consumerist, nor do you pay to access its content, so if you happen to find this one story trivial or unnecessary, oh well.

  65. donkeyjote says:

    Next should be an article on why Best buy charges 22 dollars for a usb cable that costs a dollar at the dollar store…

    Oh wait…


  66. AngryEwok says:

    In defense of the Apple earbuds… these pack-ins that I’ve had for a few years and carried across the country have outlasted every single set of headphones I have ever owned. Sure, the sound isn’t all that great – but at least the sound is still intact. My last set of expensive headphones had frayed wires in mere months.

  67. Dyscord says:

    Not surprising. The first thing anyone should do when they buy electronics or most anything is shop around. My bluetooth headset cost 26 dollars at Wal-Mart, but 60 dollars if I bought it anywhere else.

    Though it is weird that Best Buy is selling an apple product for 20 dollars more than apple does

  68. sean77 says:

    @dequeued: headphones lasting 3 years is nothing to brag about. I have a pair of techniqs cans that have lasted me for 15 years.

  69. asten77 says:

    Man, I detest those earphones with a passion. They sound like arse, they’re uncomfortable, and fugly.

    I have one pair i never use that came WITH my iPod, and another pair i had to buy because my wired remote broke and they don’t sell it without *another* set of stupid, uncomfortable earphones.

    I’d sell em for $20 each to whatever strange person actually likes them!

  70. allstarecho says:

    I imagine it’s for the same reason the 3-pack of Palm Treo 650 stylus’ costs $8 from Palm but is $30 at Best Buy. I found this out last month. Needless to say, I bought them from Palm.

  71. Sollus says:

    $29.99 is too much even. The stock ear phones are garbage. You can get a really good pair of ear phones for basically the same price.

  72. Zeniq says:

    I used to work at best buy, and one of the things that Management always said was that Apple sets the price for apple products and accessories, not Best Buy. However, this looks like they tacked on some extra…

  73. rdldr1 says:

    I had to buy a TiVo Wireless adapter for my TiVo.
    At Best Buy = $70 (plus tax)
    At Amazon = $40 (free shipping)

  74. HogwartsAlum says:

    I hate these headphones. They hurt my ears, and they fall out. I bought a pair of cheap ones that hook over my ears at WalMart (yeah, I know, I know!) and they work better and stay on.

    The Best Buy here is so noisy you can’t even hear yourself think. I mean, the din is incredible. They must have every TV and stereo turned up all the way, all playing different shows/music.

    I love Circuit City. My laptop, LCD TV, surround sound, and 2 iPods came from there. They were extremely nice when the TV blew up as they were installing it, and brought me another one. I’ve always gotten great service at CC.

  75. That-Dude says:

    @snoop-blog: I dont have small earholes but I agree with your feelings.

  76. That-Dude says:

    @asten77: I’ll give you 5 for a set.

  77. bnosach says:

    Are you guys nuts to spend even $29.99 on a pair of mediocre (in comparison to a lower-priced alternatives) headphones?

  78. lalaland13 says:

    @James Sumners: Ugh I’ve had my nano three weeks, maybe, and as of yesterday only one earbud works. WTF. It’s pissing me off, and it shouldn’t be, but it is. I just upgraded from the meh shuffle to the nano, and now this? I think I can get some real cheap earbuds elsewhere, though. It’s just aggravating.

  79. spunky_redhead15 says:

    umm, i don’t know if anyone else noticed this or not…but that screen shot is not from apple’s website. it is from bestbuy.com. yes, apple’s website is priced at $29.99 and best buy’s is 49.99 for the same headphones, but seriously…if you’re trying to make a point, include the correct screenshots…

  80. STrRedWolf says:

    I’d look for replacement plastic rings around the earbuds. I think I ruined three pairs already…

  81. wellfleet says:

    Full disclosure: I work at Best Buy.
    Also, I own an iPod and the OEM earbuds are not very ear-friendly. I would suggest the reasonably priced Skull Candy ones for good quality. Then again, you can always ask for a price match! I think most readers of the Consumerist realize that accessories are huge margin drivers at ANY retailer, so the savvy consumer would be wise to visit the intertubes before any purchase. That said, our prices on any Apple-branded product very rarely fluctuate and are price-locked unless they’re marked for clearance. $50 is kind of nutty…

  82. VANO says:

    I work at RadioShack

    We sell those same headphones for $29.99

  83. glycolized says:

    Aren’t ipod/apple buyers pretty accustomed to overpaying for their preferred brand? Best Buy is just capitalizing on that. I bet they have sold a bunch of them at that price.

  84. alterboy says:

    BestBuy went from one of my favorite electronics retailers to a place I try to avoid at all costs. I worked there 7 years ago and at that time MOST things were not ridiculously priced. Normally, with shipping added onto the price of a product bought online, they were actually not far off from the norm. Now it’s completely opposite. Back then the only products marked up crazy was the car stereo department. Now you can’t even buy an HDMI cable there under $60. I only buy DVD’s there now.

  85. puddleglum411 says:

    Those scoundrely folks at best buy! You’d almost think they were in business to make a profit or something. The last time I checked, this whole capitalism thing was based on voluntary exchanges. The only people buying these things are those who would rather have iPod earbuds than a portrait of Mr. Grant. If Best Buy feels they have customers that value iPod earbuds even more than Apple’s customers, more power to them. Seems like you guys are getting a little desperate for things to run about Best Buy.

  86. thelogikalone says:
  87. astrochimp says:

    @jiminyxmas: “[Y]ou’re not an editor of Consumerist, nor do you pay to access its content, so if you happen to find this one story trivial or unnecessary, oh well.”

    And yet they’ve provided me with an account so that I can comment. And that’s just what I did. I expressed my opinion, intending to convey the point that price differences among identical items exist wherever a market economy exists, and that market economies are surprisingly common. You didn’t like my point. “Oh well”, indeed.

    (Also, “ubiquitously well known” is not necessarily redundant. It may be hyperbolic, but the phrase “well known” need not connote that something is absolutely known by everyone. Hence my addition of an adverb that connotes far more than that).

  88. astrochimp says:

    @jiminyxmas: Also (for what it’s worth), I concede your other points. I was wrong in thinking that it is well known that different stores may have significantly different prices.

  89. FLConsumer says:

    Even at $5, the Apple earbuds are overpriced. Go snag a pair of Sennheiser, Etymotic, or Shure earbuds/in-ear ‘phones.

    Snoop-blog: Take a look at the Etymotic in-ear ‘phones. They’re basically ear plugs with ear-buds built into them. Comes with various sizes of foam plugs to try…and if you end up wearing them quite a bit, you can get an audiologist to make custom ear moulds for them. Beats the daylights out of any of the “noise cancelling” headphones. Better to keep sound out of the ear rather than trying to blast it away with an out-of-phase matching noise.

  90. Meathamper says:

    Those Apple earphones aren’t the best, but they’re good. I agree with FLConsumer, Shure or Sennheisers are really good. The bass is excellent, and I’ve never used anything else since.

  91. vastrightwing says:

    1) Apple ear buds suck at any price
    2) Best Buy is the worst
    3) But I enjoy reading about Best Buy’s antics and it’s always good to be reminded that best buy continues to exploit.

  92. parrotuya says:

    I used to work for Best Buy. Best Buy’s dirty little secret exposed! They price big-ticket items competitively to keep up with the discounters but overcharge on accessories. For example, you can buy a PC for the same or less than one from Dell but the sales rep will push overpriced USB cables and other accessories (like extended warranties) on you so that Best Buy can make a profit. You best bet is to buy your cables and accessories somewhere else like eBay. After all, a cable is cable but that super cheap laptop is a scam! And remember, retail SUCKS!

  93. Cap'n Jack says:

    Subject answered its own question. Didn’t even need to read the article.

    Always, ALWAYS shop around online before going to Best Buy or Circuit City.

  94. groberts1980 says:

    At least one person already mentioned this, but it bears repeating. Best Buy is an excellent place to shop for a few big ticket items, like TV’s, which they have excellent prices on. Or items that have fixed prices, like game consoles, where you’re getting the same price everywhere, but save on shipping by purchasing local.

    However, if you go there for accessories, you deserve to get gouged.

  95. jinjin1080 says:

    29.99 is STILL too much for those earphones.

  96. stands2reason says:



    Yeah that’s what I meant to say. btw in ear monitors for the WIN.

  97. @davebg5: Oh man, the standard ipod headphones are terrible! They hurt and they sound like crap. For $10-$20 you can do so much better!

  98. SegamanXero says:

    i went to best buy and circuit city and staples to check the prices of a HP 21 black inject cartridge…
    lo and behold, BB and CC charged a extra $1 for the same cartridge…
    although that was just a $1, it still proves they like to price gouge.