H&R Block Offering $100 Coupons Or Free Software To Same-Sex Couples Who Were Denied Online Service

It’s too late for this year’s tax season (unless you’re doing it wrong), but H&R has issued an apology of sorts by announcing it will give a $100 coupon or free TaxCut software to gay couples who were shut out of their online programs this year due to a programming oversight. Don’t expect to take advantage of the offer if you were turned away online and went elsewhere, though—the offer is only good for “civil union, domestic and same sex partner clients, who started with TaxCut online and then completed their returns in one of our retail offices.” If you fit that requirement, you can request the coupon or software here.

“H&R Block apologizes for gays’ tax snafus” [Gay.com] (Thanks to Sharon!)


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  1. chiieddy says:

    Did this effect married couples? (MA)

    Because no wording for that in there.

  2. boss_lady says:

    It’s a little late, but at least they made good.

  3. BigBoat says:

    Wasn’t the couples’ “doing it wrong” what got them into this mess in the first place?

  4. I don’t pay my taxes. I’m not a loser.

  5. LikwidFlux says:

    Not too late at all.

    If you don’t owe anything, or the government owes you you can file up to 3 years later.

  6. dweebster says:

    That’s just gay.

  7. theblackdog says:

    So what will my state offer me for denying recognition of my relationship with my BF?

  8. Transuranic says:

    @dweebster: yeah, that one just never gets old…

  9. christoj879 says:

    @dweebster: I lol’ed

  10. Wess says:

    like the rainbow!