Here’s your daily dose of vitriol: an alleged former employee of Fry’s has posted a list of 100 reasons why you shouldn’t shop there. They range from ” Pushy sales people,” to ” I have never officially seen anyone clean, scrub and sanitize the bathrooms.” Bitter, very bitter. [Fry’s Forum]


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  1. Nate425 says:

    What he lists seems pretty common among any brick and mortar store. I’m sure if you find any bitter ex-employee of pretty much anywhere, you’ll get close to the same list.

    When he recommended that people go to Best Buy though, that’s when I was really done with him and ignored anything he had to say.

  2. Ein2015 says:

    I have a Fry’s near my house, but I only tend to shop there if I want to browse for ideas or pick up something specific. I tend to use instead.

  3. so, i wonder if there is any truth to the rumor that fry’s merch is stuff that other retailers didn’t want. i always heard that their merch tended to be from water/just plain damaged shipping containers, etc.

  4. Scuba Steve says:

    Seems like 50 complaints rephrased until they reached 100.

    I tend to stay away from stores like this, for several reasons. Big Box retailers are all about margins, profits, and low service/satisfaction.

    At least with Online retailers I can compare and contrast without worrying about gas prices.

  5. acknight says:

    While my experience is mostly limited to the Arlington, TX store (having never been to Southern California), there are many in his/her 100 reasons which are either a) general retail problems [card-pushing, extended warranty crap, poor benefits], b) personnel issues specific to stores [loosely alleged intra-personnel dating, etc.], or c) poorly constructed (or mis-written) non-issues [“Your check has to clear or verified before you can complete your transaction when paying with a check,” “Restrooms may be closed or not accessible because of loss prevention trying to capture someone stealing. The is very inconvienent.”

    Fry’s, like all stores, has its share of issues and of bad employees. But given the general quality of the reasons, I’m much more inclined to ask the alleged former employee if s/he would like some cheese with their whiiiiiiiiiiiine.

  6. 101. Illiterate employees. Witness previous 100 entries.

  7. ganzhimself says:

    Don’t have any Fry’s stores around me, but I’ll never buy a laptop at Best Buy again. Just wanted something simple and cheap for web browsing/email, and the sales person tried to tell me that the $499 Dell wouldn’t be capable of playing MP3s and doing photo editing… It has 2 gigs of memory and an Intel Dual Core T2390 processor, so it’s more than capable of every day tasks. I suppose I won’t be doing any video editing on it, but then again, I didn’t buy it for that. Well, I bought it anyway, because it was exactly what I wanted, and guess what? I’m listening to music in iTunes and am working on some graphics in Photoshop CS2 in the background. And I downgraded it to XP, since I can’t stand Vista… First thing I did when I brought it home.

  8. brother9 says:

    There is only one reason why I go into Fry’s:

    They have a bathroom and are at the halfway point on my work/home commute. Sometimes you gotta go.

  9. madanthony says:

    Gee, I’ve long wished Fry’s had east coast stores.

    I was in Indiana on business a few months ago and was thrilled to find out that there was a Fry’s near my hotel. I went there and thought it was a very cool store, and would be thrilled if there was one, you know, closer than 10 hours away. I thought the store was clean and the employees seemed fine.

  10. acknight says:

    @madanthony: Amen to that. Closest to me (in Central New York) is the Indianapolis-area store.

  11. jswilson64 says:

    I like how the OP says “I was a ex-supervisor in one of the Southern California Fry’s.”

    Used to be an ex-supervisor ??? What is s/he now? :-)

    So, you can add #101 – hires management with little grasp of grammar…

  12. MayorBee says:

    @Pixelantes Anonymous, jswilson64: I think he covered that with “4) Many employees do not speak very good english”

    What’s with “13) Many alternative stores offerr same pricing or lower than Fry’s without paying their employees commission.”?

    Doesn’t that mean that other stores are actually charging more? If they’re not paying commission and they’re selling for the same price, where’s the money they would have spent on commission going?

    “24) Fry’s doesn’t hire extra help during the holiday season instead they make employees work 16-20 hour shifts. “

    I don’t see any unfair labor practices complaints, so doesn’t that mean beaucoup overtime? I could be wrong, but I think California overtime starts when you pass 8 consecutive hours in a day. Dumb decision on Fry’s part not to hire help, but someone could really clean up working 16-20 hour shifts.

    “34) Fry’s hires the weirdest employees” and “68) Not Properly trained management.”

    Is that something he really wants to admit to?

    “94) Fry’s credit card can not be used anywhere but Fry’s limiting its use.”

    For real?

    I’ve only had one problem shopping at Fry’s. The cashier swiped my credit card and said it didn’t go through. I was extremely surprised at that because I had more than enough room for the computer I was buying. So I whip out my cell phone and start dialing the credit card company to find out why it was declined. While I was sitting on hold, I asked the cashier what it said when he swiped it. He said “it just didn’t go through.” I asked him “So, was it declined or what?” He said “no, it just didn’t go through.” I asked him “So it didn’t read the card?” He said “yeah.” I got off the phone and told him to type it in or to get someone that could. It was just a little surreal being in an electronics store having a cashier that didn’t know how the POS system worked. What did he think I was gonna do on the phone, have the credit card issuer teleport a new card to me? This ordeal only took a minute or two and I figured I had just gotten a bad apple.

  13. revmatty says:

    I miss Fry’s. I grew up in CA and Fry’s was a kick ass place to find everything you needed for whatever electronics project you were cooking up. They went downhill when they started doing appliances.

    The employees have always been more useless than Tower employees.

  14. krom says:

    Sometimes I just want a brick and mortar. Makes it easier to comparison shop to actually see the item, examine what it looks like on the back and sides, etc. When I bought my last desktop I had the saleschode open the floor model’s case for me so I could see the innards for myself (slots, etc.) Can’t do that online.

    Easier to browse in a brick and mortar in some cases too. I doubt I will ever give up on record stores, though I also happily buy hard copies or downloads online — but that’s when I know precisely what I want. Sometimes I don’t know what I want, and it’s then that online tends to be less useful.

    Oh, and B&M’s have cheaper shipping i.e. none. And at a B&M you can look, buy, and have now, instead of 6-12 days from now after paying $10 or so for shipping.

  15. mzs says:

    Wow that is a bad list but yeah I have had two scammy things happen to me at Frys.

    One time I went to buy a CF card for a camera. First I called about price and availability. When I got there they did the bait and switch trying to sell me a different slower card for the price. They did have the one I wanted but for a much larger price. With some haggling I was able to get the card I wanted for a decent but not great price. I think one of them just went and checked to see what it costed at Amazon and came back with a price at the next even $10 price up.

    I bought a “DVR” that was a combo DVD player and VCR. It only recorded to the VHS tape. The sign specifically said DVR and misleadingly said compatible with DVD+-R. They would not accept the return telling me that the DVD was the digital part of DVR and the VCR was the video recorder part. My wife had no problems returning it the next week.

    But with Frys you just know it is like this and that you need to be careful. I got a great deal on a TV from them once for example, but yeah sometimes buying things there is a lot like buying a car. Unlike Best Buy where the employees can’t seem to do anything about price and Circuit City where the employees seem to be able to do a bit with things like open box items, Frys can get really creative when buying big ticket items. For example with the TV purchase they used the ‘closer’ technique.

  16. krom says:

    I like Fry’s enough, they have a broad selection and I can go there for a couple of things I needwant all at one place.

    I’ve learned that pretty much the people working at big box electronics stores shouldn’t really be listened to. Chuck and Morgan are what we call allegories and simply don’t seem to exist in the real world much. So I don’t necessarily trust what they tell me or try to sell me.

    The only thing I hate about Fry’s is “cage” items (kept in a metal caged storage room behind the checkout counter). Seems like the least useful or effective employee is assigned to man the cage. Universally when I get a cage item, they either tell me its on the floor, or they don’t have it, or they hand out the wrong thing. It’s always, never fail, a pain dealing with cage items… when you’re getting a cage item, prepare to dig your heels in and play end-zone defense at the checkout desk.

  17. @madanthony: How long ago were you in the Indy Fry’s? It’s become a standing joke between me and my wife that that particular store is becoming the Wal-Mart of electronics stores. The place is always a mess, the bathrooms usually closed and there’s an ever growing section of the floor that is bubbling, like a pipe is about to erupt or a monster is going to rear it’s head. The floor thing is really the kicker, as it’s been growing for a while and all they do is keep putting caution tape around it.

  18. PDX909 says:

    Cashier: Good morning, how are you today?
    Me: Fine thanks, how are you?
    Cashier: Great thank you, did you find everything you were looking for today?
    Me: Well, almost.
    Cashier: Almost? What was it you were looking for?
    Me: Experience and Expertise.
    Cashier: Oh, I’m sorry I can call someone over if you like; maybe they could help you find those items?
    Me: No, its okay I’ll try to find them elsewhere.

    Hand on heart, that exchange happened at Fry’s several weeks ago. It’s an awful store, with unhelpful and indifferent sales staff. They might have what you’re looking for but you’d better know the layout of the store because no-one will help you find the goods.

    Oh, and they are one of those places that insists on checking your receipt and bag contents too.

  19. Raving Rabbid says:

    We have one here that is a former Incredible Universe.

    Parts of the store were just cavernous, particularly the appliance department (poorly lit).

    It’s a wonder I survived.

  20. dantsea says:

    Every time I go to Best Buy, I usually storm out muttering “I should have just gone to Fry’s” — not for the customer service experience, but because they simply have what I want at decent prices.

    The things this former supervisor writes about are hardly surprises to anyone who shops at Fry’s regularly. I don’t go there for the employees or the environment. I go there because they have what I want and are competent at separating me from my cash and sending me on my way asap.

  21. theblackdog says:

    I have found that when Frys takes over an old electronics store chain, the store that they remodel sucks, but if they build their own store, it’s much better.

    The perfect example is in the Phoenix area. They took over some chain called Incredible Universe, and their location in Mesa is basically a toilet. I would only go there if none of the other Fry’s had what I wanted in stock.

    Their newer store over on Thunderbird Road? Love going there. It’s cleaner and I can find what I want within minutes.

  22. @theblackdog: True, but the incredible universe location (in Tempe) has more stuff. And it’s so much fun to get lost in it because of the horrendous layout. (Also known as “even the employees don’t know where anything is”.)

    However, the Temple of Stuff on Thunderbird as it’s own appeal. Sometimes I wonder where they’re hiding the sacrificial alter.

  23. @RavingRabbid: Parts of the [former Incredible Universe] store were just cavernous, particularly the appliance department (poorly lit). It’s a wonder I survived.

    Yeah! That’s what I’m talking about. See? It’s fun! I moved to Texas and there are no Fry’s here, forcing me to do my window shopping at Best Buy (which is about 50% less fun). I miss that ugly but lovable store.