Costco Saves Christmas… In July

Thanks to Costco, Jen Sanderford’s family was joyfully reunited with a box full of presents that had been stolen from their porch last Christmas.

Here’s what happened: Sue Schriener shipped a Novaform mattress topper box full of gifts to her friend Jen via FedEx. FedEx left the gifts on Jen’s porch, where they were snatched by the Grinch’s little helpers, who returned the box to Costco for $170. Costco recently sold the box to a customer who was startled to find Christmas gifts instead of a Novaform mattress cover. The customer returned the box, and Costco was able to piece together what happened.

“We were able to track down through our system where it was purchased,” Lokken said of the box.

Schriener, the Sanderfords’ longtime friend and giver of the purloined presents, effusively praised Costco and the Gig Harbor store manager for their diligence in the escapade.

The store and its employees “did such a nice thing,” she said. “They could’ve just thrown it (the gifts) in the garbage.” The manager, she said, offered to expedite shipping the gifts back to her at Costco’s cost.

“Six months goes by and then our family friend called from Vancouver,” Jen Sanderford said. “She said, ‘You’re not going to believe this.’”

The Sanderfords – 32-year-old Jen, 35-year-old Corey, toddler Evan and 2-month-old Emily – were on vacation in Texas when they got the news.

This time, Costco’s legendary return policy had a reverse twist. The huge corporation headquartered in Issaquah was the party making the return.

“We went over there (to the Gig Harbor store) as soon as we got off the airplane,” Jen Sanderford said.

“I’m not sure how it happened, but Costco did an amazing job in tracking it down.”

Great work, Costco!

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