Charity Founded To Help People In Remote Areas Obtain Basic Medical Care Sets Up Shop In The United States

Getting your basic health care from a charity organization isn’t just for people in remote areas anymore, according to 60 Minutes. Meet RAM — Remote Area Medical — a charity founded to bring basic health care: vision, dental, and mammograms, for example, to remote parts of the world. What remote areas are they working in now? Try Knoxville, Tenn.

So, who comes to RAM? The uninsured, yes, but the underinsured are in line as well. Like Marty Tankersley. He drove 200 miles to have a tooth pulled because he’d been in pain for weeks and couldn’t afford to see the dentist. Marty has also had two heart attacks and no follow-up care, because it’s just too expensive.

The Tankersleys live in Dalton, Ga., and fall into the underinsured category. Marty’s a truck driver and has major medical insurance through his employer. But the deductible is $500, really unaffordable. And the dental insurance costs too much.

No one really knows how many Americans are underinsured like the Tankersleys.

“He’s the lucky one he could drive the 200 miles. He’s the lucky one who got to see people today and get hooked in. There are tens of hundreds of thousands of people like him,” Isaacs [a volunteer and an internal medicine specialist at the University of Virginia] said.

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