Dell's "Keyboard Condoms" Are No Problem For Stupid Shipping Gang

Consumerist Forums reader Sixtwo sent us some photos from his recent scrape with Dell and the stupid shipping gang. He ordered a pair of “keyboard condoms” which tip the scales at a few grams, but received a giant box and paid $16 for shipping. His letter and photos, inside…

Long time reader; first time submitter. Going for greenlight! ;D

We ordered a pair of keyboard covers ‘condoms’ for one of our CNC machine PCs. The CNC has a habit of throwing aluminum strips around and getting stuck in the keyboard at the workstation next to it.

While Dell made with fast shipping from Texas in 2 days, they made the glaring mistake of excessively overpackaging the 2 items that weigh less than a few grams.

It bothers me to think of how many other items could have been shipped via Plane/UPS truck. With gas and the economy the way it is now, this is really over the top and quite unnecessary.

Edit: Items were 14.99 per – The shipping cost $16.00?!

Bravo Dell


The stupid shipping gang triumphs once again! Is there no stopping this wasteful bunch? Will common sense ever catch up to the stupid shipping gang? Stay tuned for more exciting episodes.

Stupid Shipping Gang: New Dell Version 7-10-08 [Consumerist Forums]

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